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This Week’s Menu

Making Homemade Uncrustables for the freezer last week

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am that it finally is starting to feel like autumn around here. We’ve had our windows open in the morning and evenings (and sometimes in the afternoons!) for the past few days and it just feels amazing–especially after weeks of triple-digit temperatures.

I’ve been itching to bake more, so even though we have a fairly busy week ahead, I’m going to fit in at least a little bit of baking to celebrate cooler temperatures and the coming of Fall.

Here’s our menu plan:


Pick-Me-Up Smoothies, toasted bagels
Pumpkin Pancakes, scrambled eggs
Oatmeal, fruit
Blueberry Muffins, fried eggs, fruit
Orange Cream Smoothies, cinnamon raisin toast, scrambled eggs
Breakfast at hotel x 2


Salad with baked chicken and Homemade Croutons
Homemade Uncrustables, carrots, peaches
Egg Salad Sandwiches, nectarines
Alphabet Soup, Honey Rolls
Cheese Ravioli, frozen peas, peaches
Snack-y lunch
Lunch out


Granola bars
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie


Dinner with extended family
Hamburgers, Au Gratin Potatoes, salad, cantaloupe
Macaroni and Beef with Cheese, frozen vegetables, fruit salad, Honey Rolls
Grilled Gyros (I’m substituting lamb instead of the beef), fruit
Lasagna Casserole, Bread Machine Buttery Rolls, frozen veggies, fruit salad
Rehearsal dinner
Dinner at wedding

Freezer Cooking in an Hour

Pumpkin Pancakes
Honey Rolls
Oven-Baked Chicken

What’s on your menu this week? Share details and/or your link to your menu plan in the comments.

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      • Wendy says

        I was thinking…..in the time it took to make the uncrustables, clean up the mess, freeze and later unthaw them, wouldn’t it have been easier just to make a pb& j when you were ready to eat it? Just wondering………

        • says

          As I mentioned in the post, I don’t think it was a timesaver. In the future, I’ll probably just stick with making PB&J up and freezing them whole like I have in the past, instead of messing with cutting the crusts off (especially since my children eat the crusts without an issue).

          But it was fun to experiment with, anyway. :)

          • says

            Yes, my husband was concerned that by doing this we’d teach our kids to NOT eat the crust! I made some and used the crusts with the PB&J to make a breakfast casserole with frozen blueberries, cinnamon, vanilla, eggs and milk. It wasn’t the best ever, but it was good enough. :)

    • Mona says

      I hope your daughter’s surgery goes well. Good idea trying to stock up on freezer meals. That will be less stress during a trying time.

  1. Lilianne says

    Bummed you aren’t making the pumpkin scones! I was looking forward to seeing how they turned out before I attempted them, LOL. Pumpkin Pancakes sound good though.

    Positive vibes for your daughter @ Michelle.

    • amy says

      I tried the scones and did a double batch (my nephews where here for breakfast too and even with smoothies, they didn’t make it till lunch time when my husband was here for lunch and wanted another one. The glaze is a bit sweet, so I might go lighter on that the next time. Yummy!

  2. rachael says

    I just made the uncrustables for first time last night….they were sooooo easy and I now have a freezer stocked! I also decided to do my own “lunchables” since my kids want them from the store for lunches and I refuse to buy them:)
    I used my small round cutter and cut turkey rounds and cheese rounds, added some ritz crackers and presto….it’s a lunchable! Ziploc even makes a container that looks like a lunchable box.
    My kiddo was thrilled to have a “lunchable” for his first day of school :)

    • Amy says

      That is a great idea. I refuse to buy the lunchables, but would be willing to make them with better quality ingredients. You can throw the extra turkey / cheese parts on top of a salad at lunch so you dont feel bad about the scraps :)

  3. kj says

    We got 40lbs of blueberries a month ago, so I made a blueberry tart yesterday. It turned out well considering I didn’t use a recipe! We also had sweet and sour kabobs (chicken, pineapple and green peppers with a sauce). This week I made taco stuffed pasta. Really good as well. I also made homemade granola and Power Muffins. My fall contributions: I’m going to make/can homemade applesauce, and freeze pie filling. I’m guessing the pumpkin latte you listed will be a hit with my husband. I will have to make it this week. :-)

    • says

      Is he allergic to all nuts? Could you try almond butter or sunflower butter? My son has allergies too, unfortunately, we are completely nut free, so none of the alternatives work for us! He actually didn’t test positive for peanuts, but tested positive to others, so we were told to avoid peanuts as well just in case.

      • says

        Peanuts are the only nut he seems to be allergic too, but he reacted so severely to them that he is scared and unwilling to try other “butters.” He’s five now and it’s been a while since I offered almond butter, so maybe I’ll try again!

  4. says

    So honored to be on your menu planner this week! Thank you so much for sharing the links to the recipes, Crystal, you truly made my day! xo

  5. Holly Cole says

    When you make the honey rolls do you use your bread machine? Do you freeze them before or after you bake them? They sound amazing! Can’t wait to try them!!! Thanks!

  6. saskia says

    Crystal we are so with you on welcoming weather that at 92 feels like fall after scorching heat!!! We are making banana nut bread with the bananas marked down for quick sale, and enjoyed making a big batch of enchiladas, some for now/some for later :-) thanks for all the great tips and information.

  7. mary c says

    Regarding pumpking pancakes (which I can’t wait to make 😀 ), how many does the recipe make?

    What am I doing wrong with freezing pancakes? Mine are tough . How should the pancakes be thawed and heated.

    Thanks so much!

  8. Angie says

    I’ve been reading this blog since May and have gradually been cutting my grocery costs. I’m hardly ever paying for toiletry items now since I started Wellness + at Rite Aid. Now, I’m trying to tackle more actual food costs. I don’t have as good of luck with coupons on actual food items.

    In reading through Crystal, and others’ menu plans, it seems cold cereals are not usually included for breakfast. As a working mom, I usually buy cold cereal, pop tarts, etc. (on sale with coupons) for my kids’ weekday breakfasts. I’m starting to think maybe a larger portion of my food budget than I realize is being spent on weekday breakfasts.

    I haven’t done the math, but are hot cereals cheaper? If so, any quick recipes to feed my kids breakfast and still get them out the door quickly in the mornings?

    I love reading the blog and all the comments! :)

    • Diane says

      It depends on what sales you get, all our cereal we got for free (sale with coupons) but in general, hot cereals and muffins and pancakes are cheaper per serving. The Tightwad Gazette (book), Amy Dacyzyn breaks all the prices down but you’d have to figure it out with what you pay for ingredients.

  9. Diane says

    Crystal has a baked oatmeal recipe that’s really good you can search for, we make big batches of pancakes and freeze them and just pull out what we want in the morning and microwave them…

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