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Super Savings Saturday: My Azure Standard order + a quick health food store shopping trip


So, I’m pretty much in love with Azure Standard [2]. I’d heard about it for a long time from my friend, Laura from Heavenly Homemakers [3]. However, I’m a little chicken when it comes to trying new things–especially things that require forking out a monetary investment.

However, my local friend, Angie, researched out how it all works and what the best deals were, and she held my hand through the whole process. She even let me order with her so that I didn’t have to worry about the $50 minimum (though I actually ending up ordering a little over $50 when it was all said and done). And then we split the 20-pound box of apples.

I am so glad I took the plunge to try something new. Not only was it really quite simple and uncomplicated to order and pick up our order from the delivery truck, but I am so happy with what I ended up buying.

Azure Standard Order

5 lbs. of organic Azure Farm popcorn — $4.95

1 gallon bulk raw clover honey — $30.40

10 pounds organic Akane apples — $9.50

10 pounds organic rolled oats — $4.90 each


I also stopped at the health food store today and bought some organic bananas that were marked down to $0.39 per pound and some eggs that were marked down to $0.99 per dozen.

Earlier this week, Jesse stopped by Dillon’s and Aldi for me and bought lettuce, cilantro, cheese, honey, flour, milk, peanut butter, chocolate chips, tortillas, black beans, and lemons/limes. In the hubbub of preparing for the garage sale, I didn’t get a picture taken. He spent a little over $22 total.


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