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Walmart: Set of 5 Composition Notebooks for $0.40 (free in-store pick-up)

Walmart has a set of five 100-page Composition Notebooks for $0.40total. Choose to pick it up in-store and shipping is free!

It looks like you can order up to 60 Composition Notebooks at this price.

Thanks, One Frugal Chick!

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

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  1. Kim says

    I ordered mine yesterday, got an email saying it would be ready for pick up in 2 hrs. rec’d another email saying that my order had been cancelled. No reason listed. Placed order at another store, same scenario. Oh well, good price, but have gotten them at this price once school items start going on clearance.

  2. Cyndi Marti says

    I got busy yesterday and didn’t order. Today the offer is off the website, just says price varies by store. Darn. Thanks anyway for letting us know of this great deal.

  3. Sarah says

    Ordered last night. Cancelled this AM. Reason was that there weren’t enough in the store to fulfill my order. Go figure. I’m okay. The only WM close to me is kinda sleazy and I don’t like going there. But I figured I’d try to order them anyway. alas

  4. Dena says

    I ordered 25 packs to donate to the missionary that our family supports. My Walmart had 25 notebooks waiting on me when I got there. I had printed my email and showed them that it said 5 pc. They honored it and asked if they could keep a copy of my email (blacked out personal info) because they knew that there was a glitch in the system and they were going to call to get it fixed. Someone else had come in last night and didn’t have his email so they did not give him his order. So, if you are going to try it, just be sure to print and take in your email!

    Thanks for posting! My Zambian families are going to enjoy 125 notebooks that I got for only $10!! :)

  5. Shey says

    Wow, this was a great deal for a big hassel!! I ordered ten packs yesterday afternoon. I got the email that my order was ready, so I packed up the kids and drove to the Walmart that was not near my home it was 15 minutes in the other direction. I had printed my paperwork and when picking up my order they tried to hand me ten books. I told the clerk that he owed me 40 more so then we had to get a manager. The manager was very rude about the order and my paperwork stated that it was ten 5packs so 50 total. They looked it up on line and it does say 5pc for 40 cents. After about 45minutes my wonderful husband stepped in and told the manager in spanish what the deal was and that they had to honor it. The manager then changed his tune and told the clerk to give me the books. Funny thing my husband went to look at the movies with my kids and the manager started again telling me that it was wrong. My husband came to load the basket and then my order was right again. lol
    My sister placed the same order and they fought her and would not honor her order. She was at a different store in a different city.

    Just a thought after I got home :
    Everyone who reads this post remember Walmarts just came out and said they would match any price and you did not have to have the ad or anything. So, just go in strong and tell them that you saw them for 8 cents and they should have to honor it. Right? Just tell them “MATCH IT” Good luck all :)

  6. Abigail says

    I just went to pick up my books, (a 1/2 hr from my house) and when I got there, they said that walmart.com screwed up and they don’t sell the 5 packs…..so they told me that I would have to get my money back… I am not happy about this

  7. melanie says

    I have had such a hard time with this. I ordered 12 5packs which in total should have been 60 notebooks…had it sent to my local walmart…when there to pick it up and was given 12 individual notebooks. The lady behind the counter refused to see that they were 5 packs. When she called the manager over he said that the store doesn’t even sell the 5 packs so he doesn’t know why that would be online. They refused to do anything to help. I have emailed the Walmart corporate office for help for which I keep getting automated responses that answer questions I don’t ask. I’ve tried called the 800 number that the email gave me and after going through a maze of options the automated phone system continues to discontinue me. There is no getting this resolved at this point.

  8. melanie says

    Update: I just spoke to the local Walmart that refused to give me my entire order (see above) and I told her that I thought it was interesting how Walmart would honor competitors coupons and ads but they don’t seem to honor their own website. She said she also thinks that is interesting however, their policy states that the local stores do NOT honor their own website ads and prices. How does that make any sense? She tried to tell me that since I received 12 notebooks in order to recieve the remaining 48 that I ordered I will have to go back online and reorder them. I explained that if I did that then I would have to pay again and I already paid. She literally did not believe me when I told her that the ad stated 5 books for $0.40 and told me that I misread it. I told her to go online herself and look it up. Right now she has called her manager over and they are looking it up themselves. At this point, I don’t even want the notebooks anymore. I’m torn between just getting my money back and fighting till the end to make a point! I am so disappointed in Walmart for not backing their own site!

    • Jennifer Smith says

      I’m sending them all these messages-esp the missionary one, how awesome is that!- of the great Walmart stores that are actually honoring the ad for some of you all…I debated on just getting a refund too, but I’m going to keep at them…even asking them to get the remainder of my order ready for pu while I’m in the delivery room, haha!

  9. Amanda C. says

    I ordered 1o pks last night and got my email this morning that they were ready. I had already read about the problems that people were having and was contemplating just canceling my order because I didn’t want to deal with the hassel. I had to go to Walmart anyways, so I decided to just see what would happen. I give the lady my slip and she brings me out 10. I said there should be 50 and she looks at the paper and says, you are right. So she called the manager over and he went and got me 40 more and I was on my way. :) I was honestly shocked because this Walmart isn’t usually very friendly, but today they surprised me.

  10. Julie says

    The same thing as Melanie happened to me. I went in this morning and they had 6 notebooks set aside rather than 6 sets of notebooks. The woman behind the deskdid not understand what I was trying to explain so I came back this afternoon with the a copy of the website page that showed the offer plus my confirmation email/order pickup email. I talked to a different woman this time and she kept saying that they must have meant 5 individual notebooks and not a set. I tried to point out a couple of times the wording said a set of notebooks and that it showed that I ordered six sets of notebooks but she said there was nothing she could do. I didn’t call for a manager, but I thought about it. I just got my money back.

  11. Christina says

    I ordered 24 five packs last night. Loaded up the three kids (4, 2, & 1) and headed out. The first associate pulled up my order, scanned my barcode off my iPhone from my email and we were off or so I thought. They brought in the bin and there was only 24 books. Im not one to give up so I showed them the email and my paypal receipt. They still gave me a hassle. Then they asked foe ID and make a big deal that my name was spelled different on the email. They were trying everything to make me go away. Then with by this point three cranky kids they asked me to pull uP my Walmart account so they could see the actual order. Still not convinced after seeing proof they called in another manager. This big dude comes walking up looks at me and the three now crying kids and says “just give ’em to her!” but he did add they don’t have to honor online ads. The one assistant manager was totally rude and told me I could of hacked the system. She actually had the nerve to accuse me of hacking! Really?! Oh momma thank God my kids were with me cause I believe my redheaded pms self would not of smiled kindly. I hate Walmart with a passion but a good deal is a good deal. Now I remember why I try to avoid shopping there. I did get my book! All 120 of them and you can bet I laughed my butt off loading them in the truck! Kids have claimed theirs and we are sharing with those in need. Yeppy!

  12. Debbie says

    Just got back from walmart. Brought my email confirmation. Ordered 5 sets but only 5 books were in the basket. I said would they be willing to price match… And he agreed. 8 cents per book.

  13. Deborah says

    I ordered 12 of these and had a bad experience, too. The store manager said they don’t have 5 packs, that I could either have the 12 singles for .40 a piece or they could refund my money. The asscociate gave me the number to Walmart.com and the lady I spoke to there said they are aware of the problem, but they won’t honor the advertised price because they have an affadavit listed on the site saying that there may be errors. I did let her know that I thought it was very poor customer service and that I was unhappy that the item description had not changed for other people who may order.

  14. amanda says

    i tried ordering online & having sent to my walmart i couldnt find the option to order online. anyone have that problem?ive ordered from walmart.com before and had no issue

  15. Nikki says

    I ordered 10 packs yesterday and was concerned after reading comments about how difficult others’ experiences had been. I printed the ad and my confirmation email and went to pick them up today at my local store in Augusta, GA. I was given 10 books only and after I mentioned that I should have 50 total, the woman consulted her manager and I was able to get all 50 for the price posted online. I had no problems whatsoever. The women who helped me were very nice. I’m so glad everything went so smoothly.

  16. sean says

    Ordered 12 of the 5 packs and went to pick up. They tried to give me 12 singles and I showed them that the receipt and website clearly says 5pc per order. Spent the next half hour arguing with her that 5pc does not mean 5 color choices (which she was ready to defend to the death that it was what the advertisement meant). They refused to even look at all the websites advertising this deal, and called in 3 more employees to swarm me and make me look like an idiot, so I just took a refund and left.

  17. Bethany says

    I got 60! I ordered and paid ahead. When I got there, they had only 12 in a box. Luckily, I had printed the page that showed that the price said 5 for .40, and after a little squabbling, they produced them. Individuals, not in packages. I was proud.

  18. Jennifer Smith says

    I had the exact same problem just now-ordered online, thinking what a GREAT deal. Went to pick up my 60 count and she brings out 12 total…said that the 5 meant 5 new colors?!! I went ahead and got them, because the 40cent per notebook is still a great deal, but after reading your responses, I am going to contact my Walmart-Sanford, Florida, and ask that they honor the offer. Thanks all!

  19. Sharon says

    The problem with this deal is that the UPC codes are the EXACT same for the 5 pack and the individual books. I found some info from a Walmart employee about this and wanted to share it with you. It all boils down to someone at their website making a huge mistake. Here are her words…..
    I am a Walmart employee and I deal with dotcom orders. I processed one of these orders early this morning. When we get the notification our system shows that the customer ordered a single composition book. The only conclusion we could come to was that the single composition book and the 5 pack of books have the same UPC since our system will not allow any item other than the exact UPC the customer ordered to be checked in for PuT (pick up today) Also, the 5 packs are not sold in my store and thus shouldn’t even be available for store pickup.

    This means that if you ordered four 5 packs we would check in 4 notebooks, not 20. This also means that if you demanded 20 notebooks and we gave them to you, our store count would be off by 16. When our store count is off, the website will allow customers to continue ordering even though we are completely out of stock.

    Most stores are not honoring this because it reflects as a huge loss for that individual store, especially if the had a large stock. Mistakes do happen. I suggest we all let it go. If you don’t pick up the order, they will just refund the money. Extend a measure of grace to the store who in other instance has treated you well. In light of the above information, an employee who was so rude to you had every reason to believe that he was right because his system did indeed tell him it was for individual books. He certainly handled it inappropriately, but, in a sense, you were both right based on the information that you each had.

    When an occasional deal goes south, it’s good to remember ~ as much money as we save, one lost deal is not that big of a deal.

    • Jennifer Smith says

      Disagree totally.. .especially #1 with how Walmart has the coupon matching & is majorly not suffering like us little folks raising families are in this economy. You’d think if they can handle being being a multimillion dollar company-they can honor an error-or atleast get it together with their online orders & instore inventory.
      Don’t buy it, and I shouldn’t have to.

  20. says

    I ordered 15 5-packs on Wednesday and was able to pick up all 75 books this morning. The associate originally brought out only 15 individual ones but didn’t seem to have any problem giving me the rest once I explained the offer read packs of 5. They even went so far as to ask if it was ok to substitute the black and white books when they ran out of the colored ones for the last 18!

  21. Kaidi says

    My Walmart was incredibly nice and helpful about this matter. They said the same thing about the UPC code but went to find my books that were listed in my email (they actually had to go and find them on the floor).

    I was really curious, so, I asked them how come the email said that they were ready to pick up if they had hardly any in stock. That I was in no hurry but the confirmation email came within an hour after I had placed the order that it was ready. They said that some loads hadn’t even come in and some pallet filled with merchandise was lost somewhere. They said that they have hardly any in stock that those sell like hotcakes and it’s the Labor Day weekend so it’s crazy.

    They were so polite, so I felt horrible that they had to run around to find my order.

  22. says

    I got all 75 of mine (I had ordered 15 5-packs) with no problem. The associate initially brought out only 15 books but when I explained it was supposed to be 15 packs of 5, she called for help and they took the rest from the floor. They even asked if I minded if they substituted black and white books for the last 18 books becauses they ran out of the colored ones! I was prepared for the whole thing to be a hassle b/c of others’ experiences, but was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was.

  23. Betsy says

    I had the same problem with my Wal-Mart. I ordered 24 5-packs but only received 24 notebooks. I pointed out that the ad (which I had with me) said 5 packs but she said the UPC code was for the single notebooks. I didn’t argue as I was already running late for school. Just puts teeth in the old adage “Buyer Beware!”

  24. Nikki says

    Ok, so even after calling to verify that my order of 60 composition books were ready to be picked up, I went to the Aberdeen, MD store and was given 12. I told the gentleman that I was getting 60 and he said that his screen showed 12. I showed him that my paper said I was getting 12 x 5 for 60. IMMEDIATELY his response was that they could be returned. I let them know that I had called and had been told that there were 60 books ready for me. He said that they didn’t even have enough at that point to fill the order and went back to refunding my money. I told him it was shame since it was for charity and that who ever I spoke with the day before around 6 pm really needed to be spoken with.

    I did not have it in me to fight and argue and considering that he wasn’t the one I spoke with and could really only go by what was on his screen, I didn’t think there was a point in trying to hash it out. I just know for next year to keep an eye out and stock up on the items that are leftover on the shelves.

  25. Erica says

    I ordered 6 packs the other night and today went to get them. Was left standing at the “service” desk for a half hour with no communication before they tried to tell me it wasn’t really for 5, that there were just 5 possible colors, and when I didn’t accept that explanation they changed their story to that it should have been a bundled 5 pack and not 5 individual notebooks, and that they do not sell bundled packs at that store. I had them refund my money and then asked them to do a price override for 8 cents a piece for 30 books and she reluctantly agreed. I was polite about it but said that I felt it was poor customer service for them to not honor the offer I had purchased and to leave me standing there with no communication for a half hour. I felt like I was able to give my 4 boys there with me a good example of how to handle a customer service issue with grace, but goodness gracious, I would not bother with it in the future. All in all it took an hour to resolve! Not worth it.

  26. Holly says

    Had the same situation happen as everyone else but with some persistance I got my full order of 60 books- Really appreciate the Walmart in Jamestown ,Tennessee honoring the online price. This is an AWESOME store.

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