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Free download: The Complete Chronicles of Narnia Audiobooks

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  1. says

    I keep having to reload the page, but I’m up to download #14 now! This may be the next series we read after we finish the Little House books (we’re only on Farmer Boy, so it’ll be awhile).
    Thanks so much for posting this deal!

  2. Melissa P says

    The site is not loading for me, either. I sure hope things slow down and it works later!! Thanks for the link!

  3. Suzanne Butler says

    Be careful to double check your downloads…mine keep starting and saying they’re done before the full file is downloaded, probably from the server being so busy (says the first one is 12.7 MB and I’m on my 3rd try now, first only got up to 1.6 then 1.2 before saying it was done). Anyone else having this problem?

    • Julie says

      yes…mine say it’s all downloaded, but when i look on my computer, it really only downloaded about a minute of a chapter. Frustrating!

  4. Melissa says

    Did anyone find a way to download the entire series without having to individually download all 110 seperate files? Thanks! :)

      • Scott says

        There is an iTunes link on the site. I haven’t tried it since I’m at work, but you should be able to download everything through iTunes and not click each file individually.

          • Rachel says

            I just clicked on the iTunes link myself and let the podcast download into my iTunes podcast folder. After it downloads, click on the podcast folder, double click on the ‘under the grapevine’ picture and there should be a “Get all” button. Click on that and iTunes will download all of the files automatically in a matter of ten minutes. Sure beats 1hr!

        • Kristen says

          I got to iTunes, but it only had Horse and His Boy, the Last Battle, and The Magician’s Nephew. Only 3 of the 7 books. Did anyone else find all of them on iTunes?

    • Kyallee says

      There’s a plugin for Firefox called “DownThemAll” — I added the links for each book into a queue, downloading to a directory for that book. So you still have to click all of the download links, but then you can walk away and trust it’ll be downloaded the way you want as the server is available.

      • Suzanne says

        Kyallee, thank you! DownThemAll is making it sooooo much easier…my windows manager wasn’t even recognizing that the files were in complete, while this one sees the error and retries when it is able. Love it!

        • Suzanne says

          Oh, and in case anyone else wants to try this, you don’t have to click each link. Just go to the DownThemAll manager, then for the download URL type in [001:104] in the part that says 001 (or whatever numbers you still need)…it will automatically put all 104 files in your download queue. Thanks again!

      • Becky says

        Thank you! I got them all in no time! My five year old is into the Chronicles big time, so we will be using these for quiet hour this year.

      • Casey says

        Thank you so much for sharing this. It works like a charm to download all in no time!! My daughter will love it, she’s currently on her second book.

  5. says

    DONE! 104 downloads, 1.5 hrs of my time. But I’ve been wanting to purchase these books for my family, and Amazon is selling the complete audio set (in a really nice looking case, of course) for $47.25, so the 1.5 hours was well worth my time!

    We will likely check the books out from the library for my 6 year old to follow along as she listens. Thanks again for the link!

  6. Rebecca says

    The link that Homeschool Freebie takes you to is Ancient Faith Radio. On the right hand side of the Ancient Faith Radio screen is a link to subscribe to these podcasts in iTunes. For those who are having problems downloading on the Ancient Faith Radio site because the site is getting slammed, you might consider iTunes.

  7. Lindsey M. says

    I was having trouble with the Ancient Faith Radio site so I went directly to the iTunes Podcast and subscribed. I was only able to get The Magician’s Nephew, The Horse and His Boy, and The Last Battle… does anyone know if I can get the other 4 audio books via iTunes without having to download from the radio’s website? Thanks!

  8. Suzanne says

    Has this permanently crashed, or what? I was getting them a little at a time, but now every file has a 404 error. Anyone else having more luck right now?

    • Rae says

      that’s what I was wondering. I had gotten all of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and up through ch 6 of Prince Caspian before I went to my parents house. Now when I try I am getting that error which is completely different than the issues I was having earlier :(

  9. Rose says

    Yea! Foxfire is the only thing that seems to be working for me, much easier then downloading them one by one…

    • Rae says

      lol I feel so silly for not seeing that before. Thanks for pointing it out. I finally had given up trying to download it and did the itunes thing instead (I like things better on my computer than itunes but it’s better than nothing right? :) ). I guess now I can go back later when its not so swamped to do the real downloads 😀

  10. ym says

    i tried to download, but it wouldn’t let me. it only lets me listen directly from the ancient faith radio page. anyone else finding this?

  11. melissa says

    Aw, shucks… was only able to get the first 7 (which isn’t even a complete book). Now the links don’t work. *sigh*

    • Suzanne says

      Kacie, I just tried itunes and it only downloaded one podcast from the last book. How exactly do you get it to download all of them? Thanks, I’m not very familiar wit this.

      • says

        Double click on that podcast. This should take you to the entire list of podcasts. Then at the top of the list there should be a “Get All” button. Click that and all the podcasts will be downloaded. It took less than 1o minutes to download for me with decently fast internet.

        • Suzanne says

          Oh, I love you. LOL Thanks, this worked like a charm. Couldn’t find the “Get All” button, possibly because I’m using an older version of itunes, but it only took a minute to click them all and they are actually downloading (and fast!) unlike the 404 errors I’m getting through the webpage. Thanks again! :)

  12. Kristen says

    Never mind, I found them under one consolidated pod cast unit from 2/11/2011 titled “The Chronicles of Narnia” and had all 80+ readings from all the books. Don’t ask me how I found it…but I did.

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