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Do-It-Yourself: How to cut boy’s hair with clippers

SarahDees from Frugal Fun 4 Boys shows you step-by-step instructions and a video for how to cut your boy’s hair with clippers.

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  1. Joy says

    I’ve been cutting my husband’s and boys hair for 4 years. I have estimated that I have saved our family about well over $1,100 by cutting their hair. Thanks for posting this.

    • says

      Haha! Mine too! I started to cut my toddler’s hair this past year and was able to redeem myself. Last month was the first time I tried to cut my husband’s again and it turned out great. I hope it wasn’t just beginners luck! 😉

    • Megan says

      Heehee…I gave my son a VERY bad bald spot (hey, he was only 2, he didn’t care!) but my husband has made it clear I am NOT to cut it again! haha. It kills me to pay $20 for two small boys’ haircuts!

    • says

      My husband told me that the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is 2 weeks. He said if I cut too much, it would be fine in 2 weeks time!

      I was very afraid to do it, but I just use the attachments. I use 3/4″ on the sides and 1″ on the top foy my husband’s curly hair, and 3/4″ on the sides for my boys. I use scissors for the top of my boys’ hair (they have straight hair).

      The scissors that come with the clippers are never very strong; it is worth it to get a separate pair of haircutting scissors (which are right next to the clippers in Target and Walmart). We use those scissors for the girls’ hair in the family; I recently gave one daughter a bob, and my husband cuts my hair for me. It’s a huge savings!

      • Brooke says

        Ha, ha! I do my boys’ but my husband hasn’t let me touch his yet! Thankfully, I have a friend who went to hair school who will cut his in her kitchen for a small price. It’s one good thing about having boys!

  2. Denise says

    We save tons by me cutting my husbands and the boys hair. I’ve done so well that others ask me to cut their hair, including my mom and dad, and my sister. Thankfully, they have simple cuts:) The results weren’t quite as good when my 4 year old daughter decided to cut her own hair, so make sure you keep all the equipment well out of reach of little fingers lol!

  3. says

    I cut my long hair from time to time. I pull it together on the top of my head and put a rubber band around it. I then hold the end of the pony tail and cut (horizontal from face) a straight line. When you let your hair down from the pony tail, it is layered! My hair is wavy, curly so it looks great! I also cut my three of my four children’s hair, too! My husband shaves his head, so we pay $0 for haircuts in our house!

  4. Nikki says

    I’ve cut my husband’s hair since we were dating in highschool! And now I cut my 1 year old son’s hair..I have to say though, as wiggly as my son is it’s almost worth it to pay somebody! It can take hours of cutting a few pieces, then letting him go play, then cutting a few pieces more until I get it completely done! We paid $9.99 for our clippers at Walmart, and have used them for 3 years now. Talk about saving tons of money!

    • Mrs W says

      have you tried putting on a video/DVD for him to watch? TV/DVDs/etc. are not often viewed in our home, so when it is haircut time they usually sit still for me, IF they aren’t wanting to cooperate, I tell them that the TV will be turned off, unless they let me cut their hair. Once I gave 1 of my boys a 3 Jelly Belly haircut, because I was able to get his hair cut in the time span of 3 Jelly Belly beans (I did space out the treats/beans). The small Tootsie Rolls are also a nice treat/incentive to sit still.

    • Krysten says

      I also cut my 1-year-old son’s hair. The key to my success is to have my husband there holding him still and doling out little treats as necessary. We’ve used Cheerios, Kix, M&M’s – whatever makes it worth it to him at the time! I could never do it without someone holding him still, though. Little boys are just not programmed to sit still for more than about .07 seconds! =)

  5. Lisa says

    I’ve been cutting my husband and son’s hair for the last few years – after my 2nd son was born I now cut his hair too. When my next boy is born, I will be cutting his hair too! I like it because then I don’t feel bad when i splurge and get a few extra spa treatments for myself… :) Although I have to admit that being 35 weeks pregnant I finally went on maternity leave from the hair cutting for the boys so I took them to a hair school instead and got their hair cuts done for only $6 a piece so not so bad.

  6. Courtney says

    I cut my boys’ hair with clippers, too, but the way I do it is even simpler than she describes. My boys love the super-short military look, so I just use the shortest blade and buzz their whole heads with it :)

  7. Kadee says

    Hubby started cutting our 3 sons’ hair with clippers about 3 years ago. Their hair grows fast and is very thick, so we had been going to the salon every 4 weeks. We have saved lots of money this way. I’m hoping they will like their buzz cuts for several more years!

  8. deonna says

    PERFECT timing. I just bought clippers the other day so I can start cutting my husband’s and son’s hair.

  9. says

    I SO want to cut my own boys hair. I’m just so nervous! My toddler’s hair grows FAST. It’s $12 – not including a tip- to get his hair cut. Which, sure, one time isn’t a big deal, but if we keep going a few times a year…. and do the same for my other son when he has more hair, this is really going to add up!

    I keep telling myself, it can’t be THAT hard! :)

    • Krysten says

      It’s really not hard at all! With little ones, I would recommend having someone there to hold him still and hand out snack food to keep him distracted.

      I use clippers for the sides and the top like shown in her post, but I am DANGEROUS when I don’t have a guard on the clippers, so I use sissors for the trimming.

    • Vicki says

      My husband cuts our boys hair. When he was asked by a coworker about getting it right, his reply was that when they are little they don’t mind a ‘bad’ haircut. By the time they are old enough to care, he had it perfected. I would suggest starting now. It will save you lots of money and time in the long run. When they get older it’s an excuse for them to come home. :)

  10. Megan says

    Thanks! I finally convinced (bribed with a new Leapster Explorer game) my 4.5 year old son to let the snip-its stylist use clippers today (with my living social voucher!). I have been using scissors and going back and forth between me cutting and snip-its cutting. His hair is so thick that it needs to be cut once a month. He was TERRIFIED of the clippers but with a little coaxing (ahem, bribing) and letting him play with my husband’s clippers, I finally got him to agree. Hopefully this will help me to be able to continue to cut his hair every other month and send him to snip-its the alternate months to at least having him looking decent half the year!

  11. Bobbi Simmons says

    I use to cut hair for 7 years and now I’m a stay at home mom. I save lots of money cutting hair in our family. When I go home to my parents, I even make myself a little money by cutting theirs! I’m the only one going in to get haircuts…that my once a month break!

  12. says

    We currently have four boys and I have been doing them for five years my oldest is 6,5,3,1….. I used chocolate chips as incentive to sit still while they were little and I now give them a few when we are all done instead of in the middle like the younger ones.

    And Lisa if you read all the way down to here….You CAN DO IT :- ) it is not hard at all…I suggest you start with longer blade to start with say a 1″ and then if you do fine just go shorter…..a 1″ hair cut is still long but nice and trimmed.

  13. Angie says

    I have been cutting my 4 boys’ hair and my husband for 7 years now. I find the key to cutting the boys’ hair is to cut when they are in a good mood. I do reward them with a sucker after each gets his hair cut. We have had tears but they do sit and let me cut their hair. My boys ages are 8, 6, 6, and 4. I do spoil myself and have my hair cut professionally but over the years, my hair dresser shows me the best way to cut boys/men hair. It has helped me!

  14. Amanda C. says

    I started doing this out of necessity. My son hated going to get his haircut. I think he just hated the noise of the trimmers and everything going on. I always felt so bad when it was time to take him. One day I finally just thought…what the heck, I’m gonna try this myself. I watched a few YouTube videos, went to Walmart and bought the trimmer (a much quieter one than the hair cutting place had) and came home and tried it. He sat so good and it didn’t bother him at all. I couldn’t believe I didn’t think to try it sooner. Hubby came home and was impressed! He decided to let me cut his. I was nervous, but it came out great. I still wasn’t completely sure if he was 100% okay with letting me do it…but I got my answer 4 weeks later when he asked me to do it again! :) We haven’t looked back since!

  15. Blythe says

    My husbands mother always cut his hair. So she taught me when we got married. (Just gave him one last night) I have a 7 month old son. He hasn’t needed one yet. But I’m nervous! Any suggestions for little wiggly boys?

  16. says

    I also cute my husband’s hair. His hair grows really fast so we cut it about every 2 months… Sometimes less. At $25 a hair cut plus tip that’s about 168 dollars a year. Half about what we are about to spend fixing the car today :(

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