Do-It-Yourself: Homemade Hair Detangler

Jess from A New Leaf: Living Our Best Lives shows you how to make homemade hair detangler.

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  1. Leighann says

    Ooooo I am going to try this!! My 2 yr old has the most beautiful head of curls. She looks just like Shirley Temple. But, those beautiful curls wind up as horrible tangles every morning when she gets up. We have to fight to get them detangled. Thanks for sharing!!

    • says

      My four year old has hair like that too. I’ve found that the best solution for her has been 1. switching to using conditioner to wash her hair instead of shampoo, and 2. a good detangler spray when combing. I prefer a boughten one over this homemade version, but even the homemade is much better than just water.

      Try googling ‘curly girl’ for more tips! I’ve read the book, and I know they have a website too.

    • Belinda says

      My daughter uses this spray and also she only sleeps on a satin pillowcase. It keeps her hair from tangling in the night

  2. says

    I do this exact thing for my daughter’s curly hair. It’s the best solution to control the frizz factor, and it holds up really well through the day.

  3. says

    I do this with my hair, and it works wonderfully. I have wavy/curly hair and it can be a pain first thing in the morning when trying to brush it.

  4. Becky R says

    I’ve been doing this for awhile on my 8 year old’s thick hair and it works great. You can increase or decrease the amount of conditioner as needed. I just use an old detangler spray bottle.

  5. Kerry says

    Moms of curly girls and curly girls, please look into Deva Curl and read Lorraine Massey’s book. It changed my life! I get loads of compliments on my beautiful curly hair that is super long. I do not use shampoo (use Deva No Poo), condition well, and only comb my hair with my fingers when I have conditioner in it. I have no tangles and zero frizz. I make nothing by endorsing Deva. I just love to pass it along, especially so little curly-haired girls don’t ensure the pain of getting their curls combed.

  6. Heidi Back says

    Another good reason to do something like this(especially for elementary and daycare children) is that it will help keep away head lice. My daughter’s pediatrician recommended any type of de-tangler, hair spray or gel–pretty much any hair product that adds a little extra smell to the hair. I guess the little critters prefer hair that is product free and can’t cling to hair that is treated as easily so when you wash it in the evenings, if one does happen to chance in there they wash out with the product! That time was the only time that my daughter had that problem and my son(I use a little bit of gel in his hair every morning) has never had them. So I guess it does work(see me knocking on wood here)

  7. says

    We’ve been doing something similar for years. My daughter doesn’t have curly hair but has super thick hair and I mix a “leave in” hair conditioner and water – about 2/3 water and 1/3 conditioner. Works like a charm.

  8. Crista says

    My daughter has very curly hair. I’ve never tried this particular homemade detangler, but I love the one I make and use. I fill the spray bottle up with warm tap water and then add one teaspoon of my favorite fabric softener! The comb glides through and smells great!

  9. Bonnie says

    I love using my many conditioner samples to do this. It always seems ridiculous to me to take those things into the shower, so I started using them to make detangler for my girls when I started couponing and getting samples in the mail.

  10. sarah says

    Another thing I do is just leave some conditioner in my daughter’s hair after washing it. Same thin, but I’m not rinsing out conditioner just to spay more in :)

  11. Dani says

    My daughter’s hair has curls in it and I have never done this. Her hair becomes such a mess so easy though. I would be afraid that the conditioner would leave her hair greasy…. does it not?

    • Kari says

      My hair is curly and I have always had to use some sort of detangler/leave in cond. My mom used detangler on me when I was growing up and I never have had a problem with my hair looking/feeling greasy with it in.

    • sarah says

      Actually, curly hair naturally absorbs more moisture than straight hair, which is why it’s also more prone to frizz. Leaving conditioner in is actually good for it. I rarely use shampoo on my or my daughter’s hair for that reason and neither of us have problems with grease.

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