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48-Hour Giveaway: Looster Booster (5 Winners)

You know how we were just talking about potty-training? Well, here’s a pretty cool potty-training tool–the Looster Booster.

I’ll admit it, when I first saw this thing, I was like, “What on earth is that?!” However, it quickly started to make sense: instead of having to constantly be helping your child up on the toilet, just get one of these and they can easily learn to take care of their bathroom business themselves.

I may be alone in this, but I have “potty-chair phobia”. I once regularly babysat for a family who didn’t clean their potty chair out and it was my duty to clean it out when I came over each week. Ick! Needless to say, I decided that if I were to ever have children, we were not going to have a potty chair. I’d cleaned enough of them for one lifetime. :)

So this is one reason I especially love the Looster Booster concept as it eliminated the need for a potty chair while still keeping things kid-friendly.

We received a Looster Booster to test out and while it was a little bulky for our bathroom, but it was well made and our children all agreed that it made it much easier to use the bathroom.

For more information, visit the Looster Booster website, Facebook Page, or Twitter page.

If you have little ones at your house or are in the middle of potty-training, be sure to enter to win a free Looster Booster. We’re giving away five this week. Just click on the graphic below and type in your name and email address to enter to win. Five winners will be chosen and posted on Monday. This giveaway ends Friday, August 19, at 11:59 pm, CST.

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    • Nichole says

      Sitting backwards is a brilliant idea! I wish I’d have thought of that at the family reunion where we had no stool and nearly every potty trip ended in wet pants b/c the spray came out between the toilet and seat!
      For a little boy who loves to stand. . .teach him to lean forward and hold onto the top of the (open) lid. He has to stand on a stool, of course, because he’s short, but then he’s standing up like a big boy and loves it. And of course, by leaning forward, he’s aiming down into the potty and there are no problems. :)

  1. Lori Gearheart says

    Great idea but white wouldn’t be my color of choice!! I’d have told that grossly disgusting family that they could clean their own potty seat out and quit! Gross!! Sorry for the rant! We hardly used our potty seat tho. I made the kids use a stool to get up to the seat & used the big potty.

  2. Meggan says

    I have 5 kids & I have to say, potty chairs are for first borns 😉 My last few kids REFUSED to go in the potty chair — they wanted to be just like everyone else right away. Kids can EASILY be trained right on the big potty with little or no trouble!! I highly recommend it & no gross potty chairs with which to deal. 😉

  3. says

    I’ve not used potty chairs, either, but a quick way to clean one is to swish it in the bath water after the child is done bathing but before the (warm and soap-y) water is let out. :) If you do that a few times a week (plus, you know, normal maintenance), it’s not too bad. Of course, you probably would have to clean the tub/shower weekly if you didn’t already… :)

    • Emily says

      I second that! I can’t believe she did it! The job must have paid or lot or was desperately needed. I would have refused that chore though. That is something that only parents of those children should have to deal with.

  4. Bethany says

    I have used a potty seat with ALL 3 of my kids. With my third I broke down and bought the baby bjorn one and LOVED it! It had no lid or handles which are the parts that get gross quickly and the front was contoured so there was no possible way for him to aim wrong when sitting. I would highly recommend it.
    On another note I have a curved step stool made by Kandoo that I got at a yard sale. It is not as large and cumbersome as this one and does the same thing. There is NO WAY that huge thing could fit in our 1 (tiny) bathroom house!

    • sherri says

      the baby Bjorn one is totally easy to clean. I think it depends on the child, but the potty chair was a lot less intimidating to my son when he first started using the potty. We used the potty chair for a few weeks and then he was on to the big toilet, but it was a life saver for those few weeks. Now little sister can use the same potty chair and no yucky nooks or crannies on the bjorn! I think it was $20 on amazon, we had the white one that i thought looked very similar too a real toilet.

      We didn’t want one that looked like a toy that the kids wanted to play with, ew! So we kept it pretty basic.

  5. says

    My parents always just made me use a child step-stool they found in the trash. It worked for my brother and myself. I don’t see a reason for a special piece of equipment when a step-stool works just as well, and most kids already have one anyway.

    But, to each his/her own.

    • Whitney says

      I agree. I got several $4 kids step stools – one for each toilet. Okay, so they weren’t from the trash, but if I’d found them there I’m sure they’d have worked just as well!

      Another note – I’m also anti-potty chair, though I’ve gotten some criticism for it. My MIL even intimated several times that a little boy couldn’t learn to use the potty without one. Four days and no disgusting potty chair later, I’m happy to say she was wrong.

    • Christi says

      I used a step stool for both of my kids too. Works just as good as that big contraption, but kudos to the person who “invented” for making a few bucks.

      • Stephanie says

        We also used a step stool but we also used it for the sink since the kids were too short to be able to reach the soap and towel.

    • Angie says

      Ditto. We use a step stool. I think it cost of $2 and takes up less space. Since this is a money saving blog, if you’re looking to save money the step stool may be the way to go. If money’s not an object and you have a large bathroom the larger step up area/foot rest area would be nice.

      • says

        I absolutely agree that a step stool should work just fine, but I went ahead and did this giveaway since I thought some people would love to win one for free–and free is always better than paying for a step stool!

    • beth b says

      My son was scared to sit on the regular toilet, even with the flip down mini-seat, until he was almost four. Since we had to get him potty trained at 3 y/o for school the “special equipment” potty chairs saved our butts. Our younger boy likely won’t have that issue but he’s both more fearless and coordinated. :)

  6. JESSICA says

    I just got rid of our little one because they really do get quite dirty…I’m STILL trying to train my 3.5 yr old so this would be a help!!

  7. Elias says

    My daughter prefers to grab one of the toy bins off the shelf or a towel to go on instead of a potty. Even though she is the most fearless child I know, she is so fearful of sitting on a toilet. I’ll try anything at this point to not have to find puddles in towels and toy bins!

  8. Elizabeth says

    I am totally going to recommend this to all the people I babysit for (it seems that someone is always potty training someone). I agree with the potty chair thing, they totally gross me out, and I feel like it makes it more of a “production” every time they go, which means that at some point you kind of have to re-train them to just go do their business when they need to.

  9. Sarah says

    We just used a little Dora stool I found at Wal-Mart and it worked fine. It was small enough that it could be moved out of the way when one of the other family members needed to use the restroom. It was also light-weight enough for them to move it to the sink so they could reach it to wash their hands. I really don’t see the need for such a bulky specialty item.

  10. says

    I am TOTALLY with you on the gross potty chair thing. I nannied for a family and potty trained their little girl with one. All I can say is YUCK. I finally convinced her that using the regular toilet was much “bigger.” Now that I have a little one–I definitely won’t be using any potty chairs!

  11. Sarah Stoutenburg says

    I would so love this! Such a great idea! I’m currently potty training twins and we tried the potty chair cause they always want to go at the same time! Well that didn’t work cause they both wanted to sit on the big potty cause big sissy who is 3 yrs. older goes on the big potty! I was actualy just going to try to find something like this to help us! :) Thanks for giving us the opportunity to possible get it.

  12. Allison says

    I would love to give this a try. We are going to start potty training in a couple of months! *fingers crossed*

  13. says

    Ok I was glad to read this post and all the comments… my daughter is officially starting potty training Monday (and any pointers are welcome) and as I was researching how to go about this, I was starting to feel like the only person on earth who didn’t want to use a potty chair. I have never been around one in real life, and I never want to be. We got the Dora potty seat for your toilet from Pampers Gifts to Grow points program, and we have been trying that for her to get used to it. I just said to my husband that we needed a little stool for her – this looks perfect so it won’t slide too much!

    • Whitney says

      Shannon – I mentioned in a comment above that I’m also anti-potty chair, and I’ve received some criticism for it. For some reason there are those that are convinced that children can’t be trained without them. I’m happy to say that it is most definitely not the case.

      A stool is essential though (I think) – and one that is sturdy enough that it doesn’t move around. We started with one my grandfather made for us and sometimes it would rock as my son stepped on it – which scared him to death. We bought a Safety 1st stool from Walmart, then realized we needed one for the other bathroom. I didn’t want to spend another $6 each so I checked online – and you can buy a 4-pack from http://www.safety1st.com (with free shipping in August) for $9.96! Now we have two in each bathroom – one in front of the sink and one in front of the potty, so he doesn’t have to move them around.

      Oh – and I highly recommend the straight to underwear or the naked method. At first my son didn’t get the concept that underwear wasn’t a diaper, so we took them off. He went naked from the waist down for 4 days and had zero accidents, so we put the underwear back on. One accident a week for 4 weeks and so far no accidents for the last 10 days. Just a diaper at nap and bed time.

    • Sarah says

      When we started training our daughter (less than 2 yrs old) we kept her in the diaper & took it off to potty. If we noticed she was pooping, we took her to the bathroom. Once her diaper remained dry between trips to the potty we let her pick out a package of “big girl panties” and then added another one to the cart. She was allowed 2 accidents a day & she rarely had one because the big girl panties are so much better! One thing we did was a reward system…for every successfull potty trip, she got a sticker on a homemade chart. Once the chart was full, she got a special surprise….a sundae from McDonalds, an ice cream cookie, a tube of bubbles, etc.

  14. says

    This would be great for my youngest. She’s not yet 3, but potty trained and when she pulls her pants down and then tries to step up on the stool and turn around to scoot her bottom up onto the potty, she sometimes loses her footing and slips off the not-very-wide stool.

  15. TeamBonk says

    This looks like an interesting product.

    With my older 3, if they wanted to use the toilet, I just got a step stool (from IKEA, I think) and that worked well.

    My 4th, however, has CP and wears leg braces and I’m finding the little step stool isn’t big enough for her to step up on and then turn around … this might be just the thing I need for her!

    Thanks! (now let’s just hope they ship to Canada!)


  16. Sonia says

    I agree I prefer not to use the potty chair or pull ups. One item I love is a 2 in one toilet seat. I got this when I was training my daughter and it works great! We have elongated toilets in our house and the removable seats did not work well. After my daughter ended up falling in the toilet I invested in the 2 in one seat!
    I could not find the seat that we bought but here is a link for one that was similar:

    • Patrice says

      SO glad you shared this! We have an elongated seat too and I have been looking for one of these, but had only been able to find the round ones. YAY!!!

  17. Rae says

    I hate potty chairs too! I do get a potty seat (the kind that go on the toilet) because my boys were both too scared to sit on the big toilet without one until at least 3 but I never had any intention of cleaning out a potty chair. I sturdy stool is a must though, and a large and able to turn around on one like this is probably nice to have.

  18. karenmed409 says

    I just run and sit them on the potty.. when I see them do that pee pee dance, I know it is time to rush to help someone up on the stool

  19. Judy says

    We used a small Ikea step stool for this purpose. The kids were able to move it back and forth as they needed. This also reminds me of a little song we would sing when using the step stool.

    Step Up,
    Turn Around,
    Put your bottom down

    Clear directions on what to do when getting up onto the step stool.

  20. Megan says

    ah! I so need like 3 of these, one for each bathroom! I am trying to potty train my 2 year old before I have twins in a month! He is doing ok, but makes SUCH a MESS! We have a potty chair, which I can’t stand, pee goes EVERYWHERE! But he has a hard time using a regular stool to get up and down, and I am not going to be able to help him up and down every time he needs to go once the twins come! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Candy says

    Maybe this will help my 3 year old get back on track. He was doing well at the beginning of the summer, but I got put on bed rest with this baby, and he started having accidents. Now that baby is here he’s not even trying. I don’t know what to do next!

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