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Free Downloadable Homeschool Planners


I’m so excited because, after many requests from you all, Joy from FiveJs.com [2] put together some free downloadable homeschool planners [1]. You can use these to plan and track your homeschooling lessons and activities.

This free download includes the following homeschool planners, each of which is customizable on your computer:

How to use the homeschool planning pages

  1. Download the homeschool planning pages pack [1] (8 pages, 217K).
  2. You may also want to download the directions for how to use the different planners. [3] (2 pages, 1.8M)
  3. Open the file in a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader [4].
  4. Use your TAB key to tab through the customizable fields of each form. Each form has numerous fields in which you can enter your own information.
  5. Click on the section(s) you’d like to fill in and type in your text.
  6. Print out the document when you’re done typing in your text.
  7. Save your document if you’d like to save your changes. You’ll be able to open the document again to add different text at any time.
  8. If desired, you can save the document several times under different names to use with different subjects.