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Today’s Walmart shopping trip: My first big price-matching attempt (Super Savings Saturday)

So I’ve been price-matching bananas on occasion at Walmart, but I’ve never done any price-matching besides that. However, because so many of you suggested I try it after repeatedly being disappointed in the fruit selection available at Aldi, I finally worked up the courage to try it today.

Guess what? It was easy-peasy! And I’m wondering why I took so many years to try doing this. I’m hooked!

Here’s what I bought:

Walmart Shopping Trip

Suave Professionals — used free coupon

5 packages of strawberries — price-matched to Aldi $0.99 each price

Watermelon — price-matched to Aldi $2.99 price

Gain dish detergent — $0.97, used $1/1 coupon from the P&G Solutions coupon booklet = free

Spic & Span — $0.97 each, used $1/2 coupon from Coupons.com (no longer available) = $0.47 each

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce — $1.42 each, used $1/1 coupons = $0.42 each after coupons

3 packages blueberries — price-matched to Aldi $1.49 each price

3 Sugar & Spice Yarn — $0.50 each (these were in a big clearance bin)

Grapes — bought two pounds and price-matched to Aldi’s price of $0.89/lb.

Just My Size tank — $5, used $5/1 May All You magazine coupon = free

Ivory Soap — $0.97, used $1/1 coupon from the May P&G insert = free

My total after coupons was $19.70.

How I Price-Matched

Walmart says you don’t need to bring in an ad, but I brought the Aldi ad with me just to make things go more smoothly — and so I didn’t have to remember all the different sale prices!

I split my order up on the belt and had the non-price-match items go through first and then handed the cashier the ad and asked her to price-match the remaining items on the belt with the prices listed on the Aldi ad.

It was a very simple process and I have no idea why it made me nervous to try this! Best of all, the produce was better and the selection was leaps better than Aldi.

THANK YOU to each of you who suggested I try this. I can’t believe it’s taken me all these years to figure out how easy this is. I’ll definitely be adding this to my arsenal of money-saving/time-saving things to do!

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  1. birtrightrose says

    Ad match savings or not, I won’t shop at Wal-Mart for moral reasons. They are bad for America, American,s and the other county they mercilessly exploit: China! We live in a rural area and a Wal-Mart is where many people ‘claim’ they ‘have to’ shop, but after 3 years of living here we have not shopped there. We are a family of 5 with one modest state employee income, so each penny counts for us.
    Make a choice and options will open to you. Vote with your dollars!

  2. says

    It’s very encouraging to hear that even you get nervous sometimes! It’s really hard to try something new, so good job for giving it a shot! Price matching isn’t my first choice, but so often Walgreens or Target are out of the deal I went in for, so it really gives us another opportunity to snag a deal we otherwise would have missed out on.

  3. Leigh Anne says

    Do you have to have the same “brand” of fruit to price match at Walmart? The brands off the top of my head are Dole and Chiquita or do they price oranges/apples/etc. fruit/veggies of like quantities? i.e. per pound, 10 count bag, etc?

    • Wendy says

      My Walmart never makes you have the same brand of fruit. I’ve never even seen the store ads here list a brand when fruit goes on sale. The ads just say “blueberries or bananas.”

    • Andrea Q says

      The fruit “brand” baffles me. Our local stores often have two or three different brands of strawberries (and other berries) and tomatoes simultaneously.

  4. Becca says

    I saw your post about pricematching and was so excited. I checked the Aldi website. I had trouble printing the whole ad large enough to be able to read the prices. After multiple prints and much wasted ink, I finally got it though. I got all the produce and was even excited to see the cherries in a 1lb clamshell just like the ad.
    But then, at checkout, the very nice checker said, “We can only price match for the exact items.” meaning brands. She spoke to a manager, and he agreed to do it this time, but not again.
    So sad. I guess I won’t be able to price match unless it specifically states chiquita grapes, or whatever brand the fruit is.
    I know this makes sense for other stuff, I don’t expect an ad to say $.99 soap instead of Dial soap, but I would expect produce to be different because it is so seasonal.
    oh well.
    I still had a wonderful cashier. Most of the cashiers at my store are friendly. They kind of know me well as I am in often because I work across the street.

  5. says

    Has anyone ever price matched showing the ad on their phone? I don’t always get the Aldi’s ad in the snail mail (Iowa) and I’d rather not print it out.

    PS: I asked Fareway if they price match Aldi on their facebook page earlier this year and they said YES! I feel bad doing it on them though because I don’t feel like they have enough buffer to be able to handle it.

  6. Kristen says

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been nervous to try Wal-Mart price matching too. I’m glad you worked up the courage to do it and share with us!

  7. Kristen says

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been nervous to try Wal-Mart price matching too. I’m glad you worked up the courage to do it and share with us!

  8. Amy says

    I had a terrible time this week getting Walmart to match a CVS raincheck. And the price was written right there on the CVS raincheck. Two other cashiers were consulted, a manager was called before they made the decision to honor the CVS sale price. The cashier kept asking me what the Walmart price was (a dollar higher), but I didn’t feel that was really relevant.

    I can’t imagine trying to get them to match my Aldi ad, or going in with no ad at all!

    Luckily, my local Aldi has great produce, so I’ll stick with them. My overall bill comes out much, much cheaper, and I’m not exposing my two-year old to all the marketing junk.

  9. Julie says

    Too funny, I did the same thing this Saturday! I find it easier, if it is a week when many stores have things I want on sale, to bring all the adds it Walmart (instead of going to 4 or more different stores). It takes a while at check out, but saves on gas!

  10. EFisher says

    This week at Wal-Mart I price matched Pepsi 12-packs (4/$11 at our King Soopers) and Nabisco Crackers ($1.99 at KS). I hadn’t planned on getting crackers on my “quick” trip into Wal-Mart until I saw the manager plastering the display with $1 off 2 peelies making them $1.49 instead of $2.50 after coupons and price match! I always take the ads and my binder for just-in-cases like this!

  11. says

    I have to say that I love my local Wal-mart. The cashiers are usually quite friendly and helpful. I’ve only had them refuse coupons once, when I accidentally printed them in Black ink instead of color. I have even had cashiers price match for me on some big savings when I didn’t know about the price match, but they were aware of it. We only have 4 grocery stores here and only one of them ever beats Wal-marts prices on anything.

  12. Caroline says

    I can’t find the Spic and Span spray anywhere in my store :(

    Does anyone know if it is a regional product or where in the cleaning aisles I may find it? I’m in Las Vegas. TIA :)

  13. Leighann says

    I did my first produce price matching at Wal Mart this past Saturday. It went wonderfully, my cashier (my favorite one there, she’s great) didn’t even look at my ads, she just asked me how much each item was. I had all the stuff to price match at the very front, so we took care of all that and then just scanned the rest of the stuff. The cashier said she loves helping me check out because I’m always so organized, it was a nice feeling 😀

  14. Amy Stubblefield says

    I love price matching. I get the weekly flyers for about 8-9 local grocery stores in the mail every week. I use to scan the entire ads to see what was on sale and who had the best price on it, but that got rather time consuming. Now I just look at the produce section specifically for produce I want to buy. I especially like it since there are so many Hispanic grocery stores here in Fort Worth and I can often get avocados for a great price (we love guacamole!) It’s very convenient for me to not have to drive all over town to get the best price on produce.

  15. Sara says

    I have price matched several things before at Wal-Mart using ads from other stores but never with Aldi’s. How does it work? I thought if you were price matching something with an ad from a local competitor the item had to be the exact same brand. Since Aldi has different brands than Wal-Mart I am curious as to how this works. I shop at Aldi for their cheap meat and fruit, but I would love to be able to get those items at Wal-Mart for the same price. Any help/tips would be great!!

  16. Carrie P. says

    Walmart has the worst produce at any of their stores I have ever been to. We have a Meijer and I love that they have organic produce and a huge amount of fresh produce-not weeks old like our Walmart especially. Some may be ok elsewhere…not here:o( I rarely go to Walmart unless I need dry goods that I know are cheaper. I have noticed that they really have been hiking up prices, too. Here, they are only about $.03 cheaper on most items when compared to Target or Meijer-which are just nicer experiences while shopping. It used to be dollar differences! I used to like Walmart because they were lower priced, but we don’t buy many fruits and veggies unless they are organic. That aftertaste on grapes-it’s pesticides. I never knew until I switched to organic. Kinda scary.

  17. Heather says

    You can price match with Aldi’s ad!!??? THANK YOU!! I have to drive about 45 minutes to our nearest Aldi, and while I love that store, I spend more in gas getting there than I save! This is a wonderful idea!!

  18. Erin says

    Hi, I wanted to price match strawberries and blueberries as Crystal did above but don’t see them in this weeks ad…does that mean I can’t price match them? Were those items from last weeks ad? Thanks!

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