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Today’s Walmart Price-Matching Shopping Trip

Walmart Shopping Trip

4 plums — price-matched to Aldi price of $0.25 each

4 nectarines — price-matched to Aldi price of $0.25 each

4 cantaloupe — price-matched to Aldi price $0.99 each

4 cartons of strawberries — price-matched to Aldi price of $0.99 each

4 peaches — price-matched to Aldi price of $0.25 each

5 pounds of bananas — price-match to a local store’s Thursday $0.18/lb. sale

The total after tax was $11.51.

I’m so thankful to be well-stocked up fruit again — at least for a few days. My children have been eating through fruit at a crazy rate here recently, but I’m not going to do anything to discourage it since I’m thrilled that they are asking to have fruit for snack.

Now if we could just get them to start asking for zucchini and spinach for snack, I’d really feel like a good mom. But I don’t think that’s going to be happening anytime soon! :)

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  1. LindaAnne says

    Today when I tried to have our Walmart (Chattanooga, Brainerd Road) price match the Aldi’s fruit prices they refused. After speaking with the Assistant Manager on duty the issue seems to be that each store can decide if they will match Aldi’s prices on fresh fruit or not. As he put it “it is a gray area”. At least he was cordial. He offered to let me buy the fruit I had picked out for Aldi’s price but I had already been through the line and did not want to wait in a big line again. I’m confused as to why there would not be a corporate policy in place to deal with the situation. When I asked about this he replied with the “gray area” comment. Any suggestions?

  2. Nicola says

    I just bought 2 peaches for $2.50 a pound from Shoppers! My 10 month old is eating purely finger foods now so we buy alot more fruit & veg, I have been getting swindled!

    I am assuming you guys price match with Walmart because they have better quality fruits/veg? I have never price matched.

  3. Rose says

    I always pricematch at Walmart, been doing it for a long time… never have a problem if I have the ad with me. And sometimes WM has better produce, and sometimes Aldi does….depends on the day…

  4. Lorie says

    You know, I’m often surprised by what my children might eat for a snack. You might try a few raw veggies with some sort of dip. My kids will often eat raw carrots, celery, and green peppers especially if I offer a dip of some sort. I recently discovered that my 16mo DS, who does not like many veggies, will eat most any veggie as long as it’s covered in hummus. Maybe keep experimenting with veggies and dips until you find the right combination.

  5. Keri Always says

    I have had good results PMing at Walmart until this week. They matched prices for dozen eggs @ $.99 from Walgreens and the $.99/lb on strawberries from Aldi’s. I had a dozen nectarines and was going to price match them at the Aldi’s price of $.25 each. The cashier said that they can’t PM when it’s priced at a different rate – per item vs. per pound.

    She weighed 4 of the nectarines and it would have been $3ish. She called her CSM over and had the “policy” repeated to me.

    I thanked her and said I understood what she was telling me, that the policy had never been published or explained before and that I had no intention of spending triple on Walmart fruit because they have changed their policy without notice. She was understanding, saying she wouldn’t pay it either – at the same time, she was eyeing the strawberries I had scored for 2/3 off their price.

    Live and learn. It seems that Wal-mart is adjusting this price matching policy as they go.

  6. Kathryn says

    I don’t know if this is true for all Walmart stores, but I encountered the same surly attitude as some of the other commenters when I first began price matching. The cashier actually raised his voice to me and berated me for “messing up” his productivity rating. Apparently, at our Walmart and perhaps others, cashiers are evaluated based on how quickly they move their line/# of items.

    I’ve since become more savvy and separate my cart into store circulars so I can unload quickly and keep same store specials together. I then show the cashier the ad, the expiration date, and the price per item…it moves pretty quickly after that. Oh, and since Walmart honors ads from as far as 35 miles away (as the crow flies), I’ve also asked stores in neighboring cities to add me to their customer list. Every week I get circulars in the mail from stores known for their low/discount prices but are too far away to be economical for me to hit.

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