Plum District: $19 for a $40 voucher to Bumkins (cloth diapering products)

Plum District is offering a $40 voucher to Bumkins for just $19 today.

Bumkins offers some cloth diapering products (though it’s a fairly limited selection). If you cloth diaper or are considering it, you might want to check out this deal as you can get $40 worth of products for just $24 shipped ($19 for the voucher plus $5 for shipping).

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  1. jennifer says

    I’ve become a part time cloth diaper fan! I enjoy using them with my toddler and have tried to buy a few good ones for the next baby whenever that is. hope I can grab the clearance ones.
    Anyone ever ordered their seconds?

  2. says

    I am personally not a huge fan of their diapers, but their bibs are awesome! Specifically the sleeved one and the toddler size lap bib!

      • Mrs W says

        What do you not like about the diapers? Just curious, I’d only need them for bedtime diapers.

        I wish they had a Plum deal on SuperUndies (kind of a washable pull-ups).

        • says

          I bought a cover. It leaked and it started falling apart after a few months. The velcro did not last at all!
          I personally would recommend a fitted cloth diaper with a wool cover for night time diapering. You can add extra liners in the fitted if needed. This has worked really well for us.
          I hadn’t heard of the SuperUndies but we are using the Blueberry brand and I have been pleased with it so far.

      • Jennie says

        using the code ‘freebib2011′ on the bumkins website will give you a free bib!!

        So $9 for a $40 voucher from plum district using code ‘winwin’ gets a LOT of stuff!

  3. Lydia Roy says

    I live in AZ and I had to pay for shipping $5.00 and then also for AZ tax $3.55, I also added ‘winwin’ as a code when buying the certificate and it gave me another $5.oo off! which the certificate cost me $9.00 for $40 worth of stuff! all together my total for 5 XL disposable diapers was only $17.55 which for cloth diapers is a steal folks!!! by the way they have cloth diapers on clearance on the site for really a great price so that was why I was able to get 5! no more buying diapers for me cloth is the way to go unless we are out then I might still use the disposable:-)

    • Jennie says

      Actually, I called up Bumkins and asked them why I do i have to pay AZ tax, when i am from texas, and they took off the the tax amount for me.. and also made sure that my account is ALWAYS tax exempt when I login to buy from them again. So make sure to call them and say that you are outside of AZ and should not be paying tax.

    • Jennie says

      OK Duh! Ididnt see you LIVED in AZ… lol
      But for me, even though I lived in texas, I was charged the tax..
      hence, my phone call to them…

  4. sarah says

    Thanks, i got one and am eyeing some of the smocks. We need those now that the tots wanna do more art stuff.

  5. Tammy says

    Yep..$9 for $40 voucher! Use “win-win” promo code at the Plum checkout! Thank you all for sharing the hints!!!

  6. says

    I just tried and the site tells me the deal is “closed.” I guess everyone got the good deals and they are tired of selling them!

  7. Brandi says

    I decided to buy 3 sets of 6 prefold cloth diapers and my total was $6.85, shipped! ($13.95 x 3 = $41.85 – $40.00 = $1.85 + $5.00{shipping} = $6.85) There are tons of free tutorials on the web on how to turn prefold cloth diapers into burp cloths by adding ric-rac, embroidery, ruffles, etc. and these are what I’m going to give as gifts for a few baby showers I have coming up. A lot of the Bumkins bib prints that I liked were out of stock and I have enough cloth diapers to diaper quadruplets so the prefolds for burp cloths seemed like the most logical choice for me.

    • Brandi says

      Oh…and by using the ‘winwin’ code at Plum District my total for the gift certificate came to $14.00. Add that to the $6.85 that I mentioned previously and I still think $22 is a great deal for 18 high-quality prefolds that I will probably divide into 3 baby gifts once they are ‘prettied-up’.

    • Jennie says

      Either use ‘freebib2011′ to get a free bin or use ‘5OFF’ to get 5 dollars off of your total on the bumkins website. You have to be logged in to the bumkins website when you add these codes at checkout.

      If you buy 4 liners box at a time the proce goes down by another $2 dollars each per box!

      Awesome score!

  8. Bobbi says

    scored the bumkins $40 certificate for $9 from Plum District. I wanted to purchase a couple of their all-in-one diapers to give cloth a try but they have none in stock in M. In fact, they don’t have much inventory at all. They state they have new designs coming in August so I guess I’ll just wait until then to use my credit. I hope I can still get the free bib then!

    I’m struggling with my first purchase of cloth — all-in-ones vs. prefolds? I would prefer snaps over velcro but at this deal, I figured I could try theirs out and not be out too much if I didn’t like them.

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