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LivingSocial: Two movie tickets for $9 (plus free popcorn!)

On a whim, my husband and I went to a movie for our monthly date night not too long ago. It’d been almost three years since we’d been to the movie theater, so I about croaked when it was $18 for two movie tickets! I had no idea movie tickets could cost so much!

I decided then and there that I’d pay attention to any deals that became available in the future — especially since we want to see Courageous as a family when it comes out in theaters in September.

So I was excited to see that Living Social is offering two movie tickets from Fandango for $9 today. Of course, I found out that it doesn’t work for theaters in our area, but hopefully it works for your area!

If you’re interested in this Fandango deal, here’s how to get it:

::Check to make sure Fandango.com offers online ticketing to theaters in your area. Unfortunately, not all areas offer the option to purchase tickets through Fandango.

::Sign up for a Living Social account or login to your account.

::Go here and the deal should show up (you may not be able to find this deal by searching, only through this direct link since this is an online only deal).

::Purchase the deal.

::After your voucher shows up (you should receive an email when it is available), you can then redeem your Living Social voucher on the Fandango site to buy tickets to the movie you’d like to go to at a nearby theater.

It’s a limit of one purchase per customer, both tickets must be used for the same movie/time. This voucher expires September 9, 2011.

By the way, if you have a SmartPhone, you can also get free popcorn all Summer long at any Regal Cinema.

Thanks, Kathy!

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  1. Hannah says

    We live in a high cost of living area and movie tickets here are usually about $12 each. That’s $24 for two people just for a movie! Fandango doesn’t contract with the very nice theater in town (figures) but there are some other movie theaters nearby that’ll work.

  2. says

    After you buy this deal at Living Social and are ready to buy your tickets on Fandango, use Shop at Home to get an extra $2 cashback! Making it $7 for 2 movie tickets. Plus, new Shop at Home members get a $5 credit in their Shop at Home account.

  3. lise says

    Thank you, MSM! My hubby and I both purchased this deal! We have never taken our daughters to a theater since we moved here 4 years ago! My youngest has never been to a movie theater and she is 3 and our 2nd is 6 and has only been to a theater 1 time I believe and she may quite possibly have never been to a theater either!!! Thank you again!

  4. says

    $18–that sounds like a matinee price to me! :)

    Some people in my town buy tickets in packs at Costco. They are less money per ticket, though I don’t know the exact price.

    I saw the preview for Courageous recently, and it looks excellent!

    • says

      I was thinking the same thing, but I would still be paying $25 for 2! $18 sounds like a dream :)

      Crystal do you have a Regal? Their rewards program is amazing-free movie tickets, popcorn, drinks and more :)

      • says

        We have no Regal theaters. :( But we do have a $2.50 theater and a dollar theater. However, we usually just get movies at home with free Redbox codes. Going to a theater is a once-in-every-few-years thing for us!

  5. Crystal says

    If you are interested in Courageous, watch for some pre-screenings in your area. I know that they have been showing it in numerous places so that people can spread the word and get people to the theater to see it. Personally, I saw it about a month ago and it’s great! I encourage all of you to spend the money when it does come out to see it. The more people who see it, the longer it will stay in the theater.

    • says

      Yes, it’s a movie we want to support in the theaters. We’ve loved their other movies and we’re excited to take our children to the theater for the first time ever in order to support it.

  6. says

    Awesome deal for a Date Night! Also, a lot of the theaters in our area do free or reduced rate ($1) movies during the days in the summer for all the school kids (they usually have a discount drink / snack package too). It nice being able to take the kids to a summer movie for free! Check your local theaters!

  7. Leisha says

    I referred my link to some friends who I know bought this deal – does anyone know when it’ll show up in my account? It still hasn’t even shown up that anyone purchased from my referral link…

  8. says

    Yeah, I too was going to say, $18 isn’t even that bad! When I go see Harry Potter this summer, the tickets will be $11.50 each with the Fandango charge. And that’s not even for 3D or IMAX… Very excited about this deal, thanks for sharing.

  9. says

    Crystal, you might also appreciate this: http://wichitaonthecheap.com/movies-on-the-cheap/

    We don’t have any Regal or AMC theaters in town. In fact, the Warren owns all of them now that Northrock Theaters closed. The Derby movie theater and the Augusta theater are a little bit cheaper, and of course there’s the drive-in, but if you only want to see one movie that’s not a deal right now. (In late summer/early fall, Starlite will go back to $10 per carload pricing, which can be a pretty decent deal.)

    Let me know if I can help you find anything else locally. I love your site and your approach to saving money.


  10. victoria Huizinga says

    To save money on movie tickets, we always do the following.
    1. we go shows before 4pm (saves $2 or more per ticket)
    2. we go on Specials night (here in our town on Tuesday nights tickets are about $2 less than other nights)
    3. I use giftcardgranny.com to snag discounted movie giftcards.
    4. My husband loves to drink coke (not a frugal habit I know but it’s not up to me to break him of it) so I save up mycokereward.com points and cash them in for FREE movie ticket pakages for theatres in my area.
    5. You might also find that your city has a discount, last run theatre, a city near us does and during the day during the week we can see a movie for $2 per person. If you are needing to visit the city for other errands this turns errand shopping into a fun afternoon.
    6. Check out the website for the movie theatre company in your area, sometimes they have “clubs” that you can sign up for and recieve special discounts for certain shows.

  11. Jessica says

    This is awesome, thanks so much for posting! We have a ‘free’ night of babysitting becuase I bartered with my babsitter and made her bridal bouquet for a free night of babysitting. Plus we have another $10 giftcard to our favorite local eatery for filling out an online survey! Also, I was able to use $5 in ‘dealbucks’ and scored these 2 tickets for $4! Between all that AND the free popcorn, we can have a whole night out for under $20!!! Whoo hoo!!!

  12. says

    Pretty good deal. Tickets normally run about 7 a ticket (at one near me, the rest near me are 10 dollars a ticket) so I save 6 dollars plus popcorn!

  13. Katy T. says

    thanks! I followed your steps- theater up the street is on Fandago. Bought the tickets so we husband and I can go see Harry Potter in July!

  14. Heather says

    They had the same deal a few months ago. My husband and I used it a few weeks ago and it let us use the code for a 3D movie. Two tickets to a 3D movie were regularly $23 so we saved $14. I don’t know if it will let you do that again but I’d try it.

  15. Holly says

    Saw a sneak preview of Courageous tonight. It was as wonderful as the other movies they have made. Lots of laughter and tears! Very thought provoking.

  16. Babs says

    Has anyone been able to buy this through swagbucks? I’m not seeing *any* living social deals under the daily deal >> local deals, which is odd because I’ve definitely bought living social deals through swagbucks before.

  17. kay says

    $9 a ticket is cheap! I think it’s $11-12 near me. We buy our movie tickets on WorkingAdvantage.com. We have to be patient and wait for the first two weeks before we go to see movies, but with the silver package it’s only about $6.75 (including shipping) per ticket.

  18. Becky says

    Well tickets where you are are “cheap.” Here they are $11.50 ea. We don’t go to the retail theatre much (only if it’s an important movie, else we go to the dollar theatre but usually watch movies at home using redbox or swapadvd.com) but when we do, my husband picks up vouchers from work for $8.25 (but then I found out Regal sells them for $7.50 – I don’t know if that is a batch). The discount can also be found at Costco.

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