1. Emily Jo says

    I think this is more relevant to last weeks post, but my local library also has newspapers and the librarian is very sweet about actually pulling the inserts out and giving them to me.

    • Beth says has lots of freebies, but you have to sift thru the off-the-wall ones. The “Free Stuff” forums on are good, too. But most of the time I find that Crystal’s site has the best and most useful/relevent deals and freebies posted.

  2. says

    Great tip! I am always surprised when I get a freebie in the mail that does not come with at least one coupon for a future product purchase.

  3. T says

    Thank you for suggesting to not use your primary email account for the freebies and coupons. I hadn’t thought of that before!

  4. Deirdre says

    Hi! I have been viewing you blog for six months. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into your blogs. My daugter is pregnant and the baby is expected to be delivered in July. I am a divorce, with two children, my daugter will be a single mother for a while. We do the best we can by budgeting and looking for deal on groceries. Do you have any advice for me regarding how to stock pile on pampers and baby wipes, also direct me to a list of stuff the will baby need in the first three month. The reason Why Iam asking this question is because, in August I will losing some of my income, due to fact; I have to do my student teaching in the Fall, this is a small sacrifice, however; at the end it will be a big reward for me and my family. My daughter is also in college and currently unemployed. So our income will take a drastic hit, we need help….any advice will be useful.



      • Deirdre says

        Thank You! I called Huggies and put her name on the mailing list. I’m sorry to say we have no CV’S in our small town.

    • Robyn says

      Diedre, I am echoing something mentioned in Crystal’s baby on a budget posts but shopping Walgreens/CVS or rite aid is worth learning. Hopefully you have one in you area. I know shopping Walgreens sales that give you Register Rewards would help you to get cheap diapers coupled with a coupon. But, for us learning how to shop CVS has been a huge lifesaver. While I was in my third trimester with my daughter I began to coupon. I shop at CVS usually once a week and if an item is 1. On sale, 2. has a coupon, 3. has Extra Care Bucks and 4. we would absolutely use it, then I buy it out of pocket out of a small budget. Then roll all of my ECBs together for the month and buy free diapers with coupons. Pampers and Huggies go on sale there at least once a month. I know it is not the usual way to to CVS cheap, but we have gained a small stockpile of toiletries that would last us about 6 months at this point and more importantly, in 8 months we have NEVER paid for diapers.

    • Angie says

      Don’t be afraid to call the number on the back of the package for free samples/coupons. We did this for diapers, formula, baby foods, whatever we used often. We got several full size canisters of formula for free, and also lots of high value coupons. I now suggest to my formula using friends to do this– it saves so much money, if breastfeeding is not an option, or even as a supplement. We also received lots of high value Huggies coupons, Pampers coupons, etc. Ask to be on their mailing lists.

    • Tracy says

      I also became pregnant when I was attending college with no income of my own. What I did to help defry costs was to first realize you do not need all of the fancy things for the baby. Also many local sheriff departments hold baby safety seat checks at these the usually offer car seats at a large discount and sometimes free, all you need is proof of income. Also many diaper and formula websites allow you to sign up and they send samples and coupons.

  5. Anne says

    After visiting the freebies and coupon sites, I have a lot of trouble with spyware. Can anyone share with me how they manage this? Thank you! Anne

    • Tammy :) says

      I am having the same problems with spyware/malware on lots of freebie sites. :( Just wanted you to know that you’re not alone Anne.

  6. BB says

    You can also email companies asking for coupons. I’ve done that to get natural/organic coupons because grocery stores in my area don’t accept internet coupons.

    • Beth says

      I did that with an organic cereal company after my husband broke a tooth eating a super hard dried out raisin from the cereal. It cost us $500 to get his tooth fixed. They sent me a ton of free product coupons in addition to a form for us to file a claim. We didn’t go forward with anything like that, but I was glad to get a ton of free cereal out of the situation.
      I also did this with Vidal Sassoon. A hairdryer I had just died out of the blue after I only had it a month or so, so I started using an older one that was hidden in a drawer, and that one sucked in my hair and ripped out a chunk. I took pictures and sent them a letter simply voicing my concern about the safety and quality of their product. I didn’t ask for anything and was very polite. About a month later, a brand new hairdryer showed up at my door! It was awesome.
      I started to write SaraLee a letter after finding a piece of twine baked right in the center of a loaf of bread, but…I got too busy and forgot about it. Could’ve gotten a lot of free bread tho… ;)

  7. says

    Thanks for the tips! I belong to Vocalpoint and Bzz Agent and often get loads of coupons when I receive free products. I keep a few for me but I pass on the others, I feel sort of greedy if I kept them all :)

  8. Tyra says

    Ok I am just starting the whole coupon thing. What I don’t understand is how do you know when you can use double coupons and what stores allow this. Almost every coupon I print off of online says not valid with other coupons? I am a little confused right now. I appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks so much.

  9. Tyra says

    Can you print double coupons online and use them both, if it does not say not valid with other coupons? Or does the bar code only allow one use of that coupon? Sorry but I am completely new at this :)

    • says

      You can only use one coupon per item, except for in the case of a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon. A “doubled” coupon is when the store automatically doubles the face value of the coupon through their computers at checkout. So, if the store doubles coupons, a $0.50/1 coupon will ring up as $1 off.

      • Tyra says

        How do you know when they will double a coupon? Do they advertise for that?

  10. Krysten says

    Just thought I’d let you know that I could hear you just great, and my volume was on the middle of it’s range. I’ve never had a problem hearing your videos. Thanks for all of the time and work you put into these, Crystal!