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ThredUp: Box of used children’s clothes for $2 when you join today

ThredUp, a swapping site for gently used children’s clothing, is offering a free $13.95 credit when you sign up through this link today (April 22, 2011). That makes a box of your choice of children’s clothing only $2 shipped to your door.

Thanks, Luv2BeFrugal!

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    • says

      You just sign up, then pick a box (look at the descriptions carefully so that you get something you think will work well) and have it shipped to you. If you’d like, you can also put together a box of clothes and list it. If it’s chosen, you’ll receive a credit for another free box of clothes once it ships.

      • Ann says

        When I did the last time with the free credit, Karen informed me that I would have to put a box up or else I’ll always be owing a box. So it’s not entirely free. Just make sure you’ll need to put the box in exchange.

        • says

          Yes, it will always say you owe a box, but you don’t have to send one (per ThredUp) unless you choose to. Of course, it’s a great thing to consider doing so, so that they’ll be able to continue offering boxes, but it’s not required.

          • Ann says

            This is great idea site and I’m sure people put in a lot of effort in it, I only wish it was clearer. This was the email I got from Karen.
            “Since this is a swap site, we do ask that you send a box for every box you receive. You can take as much time as you need though (you can only trade in clothes as fast as your child outgrows them!). It’s completely free to send boxes to other moms because the “picker” pays the shipping.”

      • Erika says

        Just curious, but do you get a 5.00 credit for the box, or the full 15.95 credit when your box gets picked? I’d list boxes in a heartbeat if I got the full credit, but my biggest issue is that I’d have to list 3 boxes and get them picked before I could work up enough credits to get a box for .95. I know that I could beat a 10.95 box (assuming it’s just a 5.00 credit) at the local thrift stores for prices on kids clothes and I could pick and choose what I wanted.

        I’ve just been leery of listing a box because I didn’t want to pay the full amount they are asking for boxes in return. I know I could do very well just going and selling my kids clothes at a consignment shop, so just looking for more info :).


        • says

          I think that it’s just $5 a box right now. I believe they used to credit you the full amount. You can get extra credit for listing low supply boxes, though.

    • Jenny says

      I would like to know more about this website as well, hopefully someone has had some experience with it. Thanks for the heads up on what appears to be a great site!

    • says

      I’ve not actually used the site–I have a credit that I got from dealpulp a while back, but every time I go on to try to redeem it their selection for my kids’ ages is pathetic (5/6 girl and boy). I saw one today, but by the time I signed in it was gone. There seemed to be more boxes for littler kids.

      • Melodie says

        I agree, which is why I’m hesitant to jump into swapping at this site yet. It needs to get off the ground more with the big kid sizes before it will be worthwhile for me. It’s really tough to find boy’s clothes in those sizes too. Boys seem to wear through things more thoroughly at those ages.

  1. Nicole says

    I just went and looked…super simple. I got a lot for $2.00 and I def have toddler clothes to post! Thanks for your help everyone! Happy Friday!! :)

  2. chelsea says

    I tried this site when I signed up for that free credit you posted awhile back, Crystal. I ended up getting 6 pairs of pants and play shorts for my son, and was very pleased!

  3. Wendy says

    I just went and ordered my first box! I am super picky about their clothes and the site had the brands I wanted! And it is about the same price I would pay for the items at the thrift store! Thanks for the link!!!

  4. Jenny says

    I would only buy from someone that has some positive feedback. I ordered a box last week from a “newbie” and the clothes were awful! Luckily I ordered them with the free code last week. Most of them couldn’t even be salvaged for Goodwill. They looked like they had been washed a hundred times and were very stained. I think out of the 8 pieces of clothing I received, I kept one. The rest went in the trash. I’m sure there are some good sellers out there, but I would be cautious. I had a very disappointing experience.

    • Lindsay says

      I had this happen once and when I let the customer service of ThredUp know, they gave me a free credit for a box (but I did still have to pay shipping).

      • Caroline says

        I had the same thing happen to me and they wouldn’t give me a credit. I told them ASAP that every item was stained and some shirts had holes in the underarms. They told me that 95% of their customers are satisfied and to try again. I was disappointed in their response.

  5. Maya says

    how do you get the credit? I just signed up, but it doesn’t show my credit to be 13.95….do I use any special code?

  6. Kellie says

    This was so fun! I just ordered a box with a TON of baby girl clothes for the little one I’m expecting this fall. Yay! Thanks! I’ve been dying to go rummage sale shopping, but we keep getting these awful spring snow storms! This was just the thing I needed. :)

  7. Becky says

    I’m a bit confused here. Looking over their site, it looks like every time you pick a box you have to pay $15.95, plus give away a box of clothes. It doesn’t seem like that great of a deal to me. $15.95 for ten items is fine, but when you factor in the box you have to give away, it seems like I’m better off watching clearance sales and thrift stores, and keeping the hand-me-downs for my other kids. Am I reading it right?

    • Jill says

      Yes, you’re reading it right. I think for the majority of blackbelt frugalistas, it’s not that good of a deal. But I think Thredup is an excellent option for certain people – rural living with little to no stores nearby, physically handicapped, extremely limited on time, etc. But for me in my current phase of life, I have more time than money, and enjoy spending that time hunting down clothing deals. :)

  8. Nicole says

    I’m kinda confused too. I think the person picking the box pays $15.95 for shipping the box. And then when they receive the box they compile their own box and when someone picks it, they get a $5.00 credit IF they are given 3 or 4 stars. If others have prior experience with this site, please let me know if this is correct.

  9. Vicky says

    I don’t see anything that says the credit has to be used today, but I was wondering if anyone knows for sure. Kind of busy and would like to do it later. Thanks for letting us know about the offer.

  10. Natalie says

    Been wanting to try this, so thanks for posting this offer! I was pleasantly surprised to find some nice stuff for my 11 yo (ahem, “picky” daughter). Got a box with several pr of shorts and a couple tops for $2.00! Also went ahead and listed a box of my boy’s clothes to reciprocate. It was super easy to list – just have to wait for my boxes so I can pack it up. Think I’ll list some girl’s stuff too since they are offering a $5 credit for each box you list today that gets picked and receives a 3-4 star rating by the “picker.” Awesome! ; )

    • Sarah B says

      I saw a space for a promotion code while checking out so I thought it might work but it doesn’t look like they combine :( too bad! 30 recyclebank points wasted – They just give you a link to use, not a code to enter.

  11. Holly says

    oh no! i signed up for this and i am not sure if i can swap out. i went in afterwards and read the fine print in the terms of use and you could be CHARGED $100 for NOT sending out a box!! buyer beware! i’m scared they will charge me. here is what the terms state:
    Receiving members who have agreed to list and send a thredUP box of goods per the terms of the thredUP swap, and who have failed to do so 15 days after receipt of the box of items sent to them, may be charged a box replacement fee not to exceed $100. By agreeing to these terms, you are agreeing to allow thredUP to charge your credit card or account for such amount and to recoup fees due should you fail to comply.

  12. Julia says

    I am an active member on ThredUp. The problem with these deals is that too many sign up for the free or $2 box and never post their own (or post boxes with two stained onesies in them). It’s so disheartening to see that. It is a SWAP and there are tons of mamas who STUFF their boxes with awesome, quality items. I have received terrific boxes and believe in doing the same for other mamas (daddies too are welcome!!!). Be patient, keep an eye out for GREAT boxes, and offer your own too!!!

  13. Kayla says

    Julia, I am an active member on Thred Up as well.. It is an awesome group of people. You can also fan Thred Up on Facebook and post your ISO!! I have received some awesome boxes that there is no way you could thrift shop and get the same amount. The important part is to list a box if you chose a box to be sent!
    Julia, are you on Facebook Thredup>

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