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*Hot!* Free subscription to All You magazine

Head on over and see if you qualify for a free All You magazine subscription!

Thanks, Rose Knows Coupons!

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    • Rae says

      Just because you get through does not mean you will get the mag it just means that you are eligible. They will notify you in 2-6 weeks if you were chosen to get the subscription. I just don’t want you to get your hopes up too much in case you don’t get it.

  1. Julie says

    Saying service unavailable. I have never gotten this magazine and have wanted to try it. I will try again later.

    • Rae says

      There is a “homemaker” option on the first category. I choose “homemaker” then “general management” then “operations” then “general manager”

  2. says

    Thank you. I kept going and opted in at the end for some great $2 yearly subscriptions towards Time (56 issues), Weight Watchers (6 issues), and Budget Travel (10 issues). Only wish there was something for my 8 yr old too but still an amazing deal. Thank you!!

  3. Sarah B says

    I actually qualified!! I also got Oprah News for free too! Don’t really know what all is in the Oprah News, but I thought since it was free I could try it! Thanks for posting I am so excited about getting this magazine!

    • says

      Yeah, that was Opera News. I made that mistake too, thinking it was Oprah News.

      I managed to qualify for the All You, so I hope I get it, but I think chances are pretty low unless it was JUST released or they decide to offer more subscriptions.

    • Sarah B says

      Opps! Guess I was not paying much attenting there! Your right it is Opera not Oprah! I could have sworn it said Oprah not Opera!! Oh well, guess it was free anyways!

  4. Erin says

    I went through all of the steps and it said that I was eligible for the All You e-newsletter, not the actual magazine.

    • Rae says

      The first 500 that qualified will get a magazine but if it is only showing digital now, that means they have already reached their limit (which is not surprising based on how long it was up). Crystal, you should probably update it that it is gone.

  5. Kristina says

    hmmmm I was going to sign up to see if I can get one but I read their privacy policy and it said that they will share your info with third parties.

  6. Amy W says

    Thank you!
    I qualified, but already get it. Wonder if i will get multiples and if they will add it to the end of my subscription if i call.

  7. Kristine says

    Only 1st 500 get All You…but I’m hoping the other 4 mags for $2 per year will come, too. Just need to call to unsubscribe from autorenewal.

  8. starladarcy says

    I got this deal before and it is awesome.I cant wait to get another.Right now i get 10 magazine subs through them

  9. Gwen says

    I like getting the suggestions for the deals each week, but I’m finding more and more that the coupons that are listed from Red Plum and Smartsource with a certain date, do not contain the referenced coupons in my RP or SS in our newspapers. Maybe there are different coupons in different areas, but I’m finding that we’re missing the good deals because of missing coupons. I’ve tried newspapers from up to 45 miles from my area, but they do not contain the coupons referrenced in the deals, either. Can anyone offer any reason why that would be, and any suggestions as to a solution? Thank you!

    • michelle says

      The marketing departments of all the food, personal care, and cleaning products decide which zip codes receive coupons. Sometimes higher cost of living areas will get coupons for a higher dollar amount, too. In the midwest where I live we have lots of coupons that we never receive and instead have ads for collectibles, plants, and ugly clothes from mail order companies. If you can find a more local website it might be helpful for you to see what coupons are actually available in your area. If you see a coupon listed you don’t have, you can always order from a coupon clipping service like thecouponclippers.com (I have had good success with them).

    • says

      I know the coupons in inserts can vary widely by region (I have missed out on several good ones because they weren’t available in my area). Some people get around that by using a coupon clipping service or buying coupons on eBay. I’ve heard good things about such services and some people have great success that way, but it’s not worth the extra hassle/money to me.

    • Rae says

      Coupons vary by region and unfortunately if you have already tried getting other papers, not sure of any alternatives besides buying and/or trading. Unless there is a big city that is more than the 45 minutes but delivers?

    • says

      Coupons are definitely regional–even within the same city. My mom gets the paper but only gets the Smart Source in hers. I know 3 people in other areas of town that get the Red Plum in their paper, and they are in the same city (but not the same zip code–they are just over a zip code). I tried contacting Red Plum and they said that RedPlum doesn’t come to our city (but obviously it does–just not to me).

      In addition, we get some Smart Source coupons in with a newspaper for the local area (that comes for free) on Wednesdays. It doesn’t include all of the Smart Source coupons that my next-door neighbor gets in her Smart Source that comes with the paper; it is about half of that. She does not get the insert that I do because she subscribes to the paper.

      My solution is to primarily use internet printable coupons!

    • Gwen says

      Thanks, everyone! I’ve tried the news stands, the paper dispenser boxes, and a subscription to one paper about 20 miles from me, and another about 45 miles from me. And yes – they’re seriously lacking, and like Michelle said, they’re plants and ugly clothes! :) I haven’t tried the clipping services because I figured they wouldn’t arrive in time to use. I was mainly looking at CVS coupons, although a few other places, too. I’ll check out the coupon clippers – – thanks for the heads up. As it is, it’s just about not worth couponing – but I refuse to give up! Thanks everyone!

  10. Denny says

    Offers like this are really disappointing to those of us who work outside the home. I am a teacher, and by the time I get home and check my emails, the offers are already closed.

    • Mandy Schuchhardt says

      I totally agree. I too am a teacher, and miss a lot of deals while I am at school! Especially the Facebook offers, because we can’t access that site at school.

  11. Beth says

    I just subscrived yesterday through the All You website. It offered a 2 month free trial and if I liked it (didn’t cancel) they would send the other 10 issues and bill me the $19.90. When I got to the next page, I was offered $5 off if paid with a credit card now (and from what I’ve been reading, I was pretty sure I would want to keep it) so I paid $14.90 for 12 issues. I was happy with that :)
    But I did fill out to get the free subscription and figured it I am one of the 500, I can add one onto the back of the other and get 2 years :)
    P.S.- I am new to couponing and this website (about 2 months) and I must say I LOVE MONEYSAVING MOM!!!!

  12. Ginger says

    Thanks so much!! I teach adults at a university part-time, and that allows me to qualify for these deals. So excited- I’ve been wanting to get this magazine for a while now!

  13. says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I directed my readers to your site to see this deal! I LOVE All You Magazine!

    Thanks for all you do! You’ve taught me so much!

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