Free admission to botanical gardens nationwide (May 6, 2011)

Better Homes and Gardens is teaming up with botanical gardens across the nation to offer free admission to dozens of botanical gardens on May 6, 2011. Check and see if there’s a garden near you participating and sign up for a free admission pass.

It appears you can admit as many as 10 people per admission pass.

Thanks, Nichole!

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  1. Ilka says

    Great, thanks so much! I signed up for 7 people and the give you one pass which is good for 2 people and you just print as many as you need. Not sure if kids need one as well. Well…I just print them like 5 times. :-)

  2. Michelle B. says

    What I found said only 2 per pass, but I didn’t manage to use your link because every time I tried to go there McAfee asked me if I really wanted to do that because the website was trying to exploit a weakness in my browser, just thought you might want to know.

    • says

      Same here! McAfee said not to open it. What link should I go to to view it? We would really enjoy going. Thanks! ~Miranda

  3. Carrie says

    Said the file was corrupt when i went to print. So i cpuldnt print any. :( does it say the name of the garden on the pass.?

    • says

      Still isn’t working right….website must be dealing with a virus so I’ll have to try again later. Thanks! ~Miranda

  4. jennifer says

    I had no problem going to the site or printing my passes.

    @ Carrie-it is 2 pages with all the states/locations participating. The pass is on the first page so I just printed that.

  5. Mandy says

    I tried both this morning and this afternoon, and McAfee gave me a huge warning each time. Since this is exactly why I have security software, I will just wait for Better Homes and Garden’s to fix the problem in the next several days, and they try it again. I did, however, go to our local Botanical Garden’s website, and they listed that they are participating, so I was glad.