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This Week’s Menu Plan

Bread dough and beautiful tulips my husband got for me!


Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Fruit
Strawberry/Banana Smoothies
Cold Cereal, Juice x 2
Lemon Cranberry Scones, Hardboiled Eggs, Fruit
Mango Lassi, English Muffins
Oatmeal with Apple Slices and Walnuts


Leftovers x 2
Spinach Oven Omelet, fruit
Tuna sandwiches, frozen veggies, oranges
Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese, carrots, apple slices
Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches, fruit
Turkey sandwiches, fruit, veggies


Lasagna, Bread Machine French Bread, Frozen Veggies, Fruit
Haystacks (build-your-own Mexican dinner), Green Rice Casserole (from the freezer — recipe coming on Thursday!), Fruit
Steak, Sweet Potatoes, frozen veggies, Toast
Tilapia, Mashed Potatoes, frozen veggies, fruit salad
Chili Burgers, Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges, frozen veggies, fruit
Dinner with Friends
Dinner Out

What’s on your menu this week?

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  1. Courtney says

    YUM! We’ll be having leftover corned beef for lunch all week, plus leftovers Wednesday night. We’re also having hearty mac n cheese, stirfry, and homemade pizza for dinner!

  2. TatersMama says

    I’m curious about your Haystacks…we love Mexican food here. (In fact, my 2 year old’s favorite food is Black Beans!
    Here’s our menu for the week:
    Last night I made your Lasagna Casserole, and loved it! I swapped in ricotta because I’m Italian, and well, enough said!
    Tonight I’m making Minestrone Soup with French Rolls. The rest of the week: Black Beans and Rice (I have an AMAZING crock pot black bean recipe that costs pennies) with Chips and Homemade Guacamole; Black Bean Nachos with Mexican Caesar Salad; Teriyaki Chicken with Brown Rice and Steamed Veggies; Pizza and Salad; and leftovers. I might try to convince hubby we need a date night to cover another day :)

  3. Celia Mayora says

    I heart Crystal’s cinnamon sugar scones! Everyone needs to try them if they like scones. I think the next time I make them, I’m going to add a little orange juice into the glaze concoction and see what happens… mmm, I want one now.

  4. lalalalala says

    Ooh. Mexican haystacks.

    Can you tell the kitchen newb what these entail? lol :) A swagbucks recipe search only revealed cookie/dessert type recipes for “haystacks”.

    • Alicia says

      Our haystacks are basically a taco salad … Corn chips, tortilla chips or rice, topped with ranch-type beans, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, chopped onion, diced black olives, plus salsa, sour cream and/or ranch dressing. You could put browned ground beef or turkey in there if you like, but most people I know who eat “haystacks” are vegetarian.

    • Jenny Maistros says

      The haystacks we make are a house salad on top of fries. We put meat on the salad, like chicken, steak, or Steak Umm meat.

  5. Laura says

    Looked at your Sweet Potato recipe. I make that and add a little more spices, mostly pumpkin pie type spices like Nutmeg and Ginger, in addition to Cinnamon and brown sugar. Costco often has these in a 10lb box for $7.90

  6. Gabby says

    I’m almost ashamed to admit this….

    Tonight was leftover spaghetti and sauce with salad.
    Tuesday is pizza with the stepchildren
    Wednesday is the soup supper at church
    Thursday is going to be whatever one can grab between work and a meeting at church.
    Friday will probably be cheese quesadillas or sloppy lentils
    Saturday probably a chicken casserole
    Sunday probably leftovers from Saturday.

    It’s just one of those weeks….too much going on. Fortunately, it’s just DH and I 90% of the time so I’m not stressing over it.

  7. Honey Smith says

    We are having sloppy joes with pasta salad, turkey bacon/french toast, black beans/yellow rice, grilled chicken/hashbrown casserole, shrimp salsa soup/cheese quesadillas, leftover, and ?. Most meals are served with fruit &/or salad.

  8. nicky says

    I love seeing your menus for ideas. I looked at the link for the french bread, but am confused by the direction that says, “Pinch ends in and shape dough into a rounded shape.” Can you please help this not-so-talented cook?! :-) or, do you have a picture of the dough before going in the oven? Does it just get rolled to look like a baguette? Thanks!!!

    • says

      I haven’t made this particular recipe yet (still on the hunt for a wonderful French Bread recipe!), but if I end up liking it, I’ll try to remember to post it with pictures. :)

  9. hajra says

    Menu looks great,for the baked eggs I sometimes also use sautéed asparagus,never tried spinach will do try it next time ,mango lassi oh you will love it it’s yummy!

  10. kjs says

    I made oatmeal pancakes last week for the first time and they were good! It calls mostly for oatmeal with only a little flour and honey so they were pretty healthy too. I added choco chips to some (okay, that wasn’t the healthiest!) and raisins and cinnamon to others. I enjoy trying new recipes so it is always nice when the family approves!

  11. Julie says

    Crystal, I just want to thank you for posting your meal plans for the week. Many times I get ideas and new recipes. My family has a new favorite meal – your chicken chili and honey cornbread. Awesome!!!

  12. April says

    I always make extra of main courses like Chili, Chicken &Noodles Spaghetti & Italian beef. We have them once in a week and then spread out over the following week. Supper savings! Another great item is turkey burgers my family loves them and they so healthy!

  13. says

    Just found this site and I love reading everyone’s recipes and ideas!! My husband and I just started Financial Peace and I am really motivated to slash my grocery budget – I’ve been a bit slack on smart shopping lately – reading these budget friendly ideas are so helpful – especially the lunches – I dread making lunch but never plan it out like I do dinners – such a small thing but seeing it on this site made me realize it will help prevent chickfila drive thrus!!!

    I just made Beef Tacos from scratch which I believe falls into the “Clean Eating” category – they were yummy and easy!


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