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SurveySpot and Synovate: Opportunities to earn money taking surveys

Synovate and SurveySpot are both open for new registrants right now. Both of these have been recommended to me by you all and many of you have said that Synovate is one of your favorite survey companies.

Here’s what Lori from Moms By Heart says:

Synovate sign up is FREE and you’ll get great paying survey and product testing opportunities each month. This one is famous for frequently giving free full size products! Most recently I’ve tested diapers (got a full pack for FREE), baby lotion and toothpaste (got three tubes!).

Also, don’t forget that you can also sign up for the Money Saving Mom® Survey Panel.

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  1. Amy says

    I do this too. I’ve earned $40 cash so far and have tested a full-size Pantene and a St. Ives Facial Scrub. Not bad for a few minutes work.

  2. Erica says

    I recently signed up for Synovate, but they haven’t sent me one survey…does anyone have any tips? I did all of the “profiling” surveys and have checked back several times, but it just says there are no surveys available for me to take… Thanks!

    • Jaime says

      Mine come in emails addressed from Marie Brighton. I’ve only earned about $10 and never had any free products. I often don’t qualify for surveys. It’s OK- nothing terribly exciting though… yet.

  3. whitney says

    I regularly do Synovate surveys and have received many checks for them, but I’ve never once gotten a product to test…what gives??

    • Amy says

      Only email and they pay with a check. You earn points for each survey depending on length, most are several hundred to 2500 points. Once you get at least 5000 points you can redeem for cash in increments of 5000 ($5) points up to 25000 ($25) at a time. Redemption takes a while but the check came.

  4. Carissa says

    I have done lots of surveys for Synovate. You accumulate money and can cash out at specified levels. I think I’ve earned around $40. I haven’t received as many surveys lately. I wish they would send out more. I seem to qualify for more from them than Opinion Outpost. OO has been horrible lately – closing surveys within minutes.

    • lise says

      I agree. OO has gotten worse in the past month. I spent 20+ minutes on a 25 minute survey and then it told me I no longer qualified. Definitely not right or fair. When I contacted customer service they said I would have to wait 6 wks before I could contact them again to see if my points would (magically) appear. I have had to contact them so many times about survey and point issues in the past 2 months. They definitely have become worse.

  5. jonie says

    I also signed up for synovate but haven’t have much surveys to do. So far I only received one from Marie Brighton and I occasionally just signed in and check, but usually no surveys are available.

    I still prefer myview, they give you 125 points if you got screened out.


  6. Suz says

    I got sick of Surveyspot after a while. For 50 points, it’s 10-15 minutes of work. 50 points equals 50 cents, so you are basically getting paid $2-3 an hour. Not quite worth it to me, and I’ve had plenty of instances where I have clicked too fast and gotten kicked off or completed a survey then was told I didn’t qualify. If I spent 10 minutes on a survey, how did I not qualify!
    You do get tons of surveys from them, so if you have the time and don’t mind doing the same ones over and over, it could be worth it.
    Payment was instant through Paypal, which was really nice.
    Oh, and any issues I have had with surveys have been responded to within a reasonable amount of time, and they usually give me the benefit of the doubt, unlike the My Points people.

    • lise says

      I had such a terrible experience with surveyspot, I am no longer a member….and that means my patience was tried incredibly. :) I felt like they rip off their members and don’t try to even make it right with them. So I definitely don’t recommend this survey site.

      I agree with an earlier poster about Synovate taking a long time to mail checks. It took 8 wks for me to receive a $5 check from them. That is all I have earned in the 4+ months I have been a member with them.

  7. Traci says

    Thank you Crystal for letting us know about this. I am a single mom now and work during the day and when my kids are in bed, I do surveys to keep my mind off things. Its what I like to call a money making hobby. EVERY little bit counts.

  8. Amy says

    Wouldn’t you know it. Today I got a survey that was supposed to take 10 minutes. I spent 15 minutes, got 95% of the way done, and then it said I didn’t qualify! So I got 100 points instead of the 500 I could have gotten. I sent Miss Marie Brighton an email. I think they should give you the percentage of the points you earned. If you completed 75% of it you should get 75% of the possible points.

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