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48-Hour Giveaway: L’il Critters Omega-3 Vitamins and a two-night stay at Great Wolf Lodge (1 Winner)

Want to take your family on a vacation this summer? How does a free two-night stay at any Great Wolf Lodge location sound?

Yes, I thought you might be interested in that! :)

If you’re unfamiliar with Great Wolf Lodge, it’s a rustically elegant lodge with locations in 12 states. Best of all, there’s a huge indoor water park at each location. And if you win this giveaway, your family will get a free two-night stay any Great Wolf Lodge (including water park access) sponsored by the generous folks at L’il Critters.

I’m just a wee bit jealous of whoever wins this giveaway seeing as I’ve never stayed at a Great Wolf Lodge before! But we did get to try the Omega-3 Gummy Fish vitamins and our children loved them.

I mean, what’s not to love about vitamins that taste like candy? In fact, I had to ration them out lest my children overdose on Omega-3’s!

What I loved about the L’il Critter Omega-3 Gummy Fish was that they are all natural, right down to only having natural coloring in them. As many of you know, I happen to be pretty militant about not allowing my children to have artificial coloring. (Yes, I know, we moms all have our weird pet peeves, don’t we? :)) So I was thrilled that these only have natural colors and flavors in them!

By the way, if you sign your children up for the Gummy Bear Vitamins Kid’s Club, they’ll get free surprises in the mail all year long. Plus, if you want to up your chances of winning a free Great Wolf Lodge vacation and more, you can stop by the L’il Critters Facebook Page and click on the “Like” button. They give out lots of freebies every week — from vitamins to vacations!

To enter to win a free two-night stay at any Great Wolf Lodge plus a free bottle of L’il Critter Omega-3 Gummy Fish vitamins, just click on the link below and type in your name and email address. One winner will be chosen and posted on Monday. This giveaway ends Saturday, April 2, at 11:59 p.m., CST.

Enter the Giveaway

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  1. karen says

    We just got back from GWL last week and it was really cool! We stayed for 2 nights! If you win..take your own food..or you can hit one of the other FF joints! The food at the lodge is very expensive! We all had a really good time..GL…I have to say..I would love to win this!

  2. Jenny says

    Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! I haven’t one anything yet and maybe that’s because I’m meant to win this one. :) Fingers crossed!

  3. says


    Does this only apply to families with 2 children? I know most giveaways have that limit. I am just wondering how many children this giveaway covers for those of us who have larger families and would need to foot the bill for additional rooms and water park passes if we were to win.

    • says

      I asked and here’s what they said:

      Regarding your question, a gift certificate is for 1 night’s stay in Great Wolf Lodge’s Family Suite that can accomodate more than 4 people but there are only 4 waterpark passes. If the winner(s) go for one day they will receive 4 passes. If they stay for 2 days, Great Wolf Lodge will extend the 4 passes to be active for another day. They could also get 2 rooms and stay 1 night getting all 8 passes at once.

  4. alicia says

    This would be the best thing ever. I actually went on their site to book a night for my daughters 9th b-day and they wanted $457, It was a weekday night in Febuary.. I was shocked.. Needless to say we didn’t go there.

  5. Mandy says

    I LOVE these vitamins! They are pricey, but have really been good for my kids. Two years ago, we just couldn’t stay healthy, so my SIL recommended Cod Liver Oil. I knew my kids would never, ever take it, so I found these as an alternative. Coupled with a multivitamin every morning, we have managed to avoid any major illnesses, even without getting flu shots! (and my son even started Kindergarten this year!)

    Thanks for the link to sign up for the kid’s club – I didn’t know they had that!

  6. Josie says

    Oh how I REALLY REALLY hope we win this. We have not been on a non-medical vacation for over 2 1/2 years. This would be perfect since we live only a few hours away and have never done anything like this! Oh I hope I hope.

  7. Josie says

    Oh how I REALLY REALLY hope we win this. We have not been on a non-medical vacation for over 2 1/2 years. This would be perfect since we live only a few hours away and have never done anything like this! Oh I hope I hope! What an awesome giveaway!

  8. Rhoda says

    If you are concerned about your kids health….you may want to check out the products alittle more. They are made with synthetic vitamins and our bodies can’t digest it, so we aren’t helping our kids by giving them this. (yes I know, I used to use these also.) Shaklee has 100% all natural and 100% real vita’s for kids – they use no synthetic material. Check them out at http://srkindred.myshaklee.com/us/en/category.php?main_cat=Nutrition&sub_cat=ChildrensHealth -You can also sign up as a member and save 15% , add auto ship (you can change it monthy) and save an additional 10% more. Their products are Awesome!

  9. Samantha says

    I would love more than anything to win this! My husband gets a week’s paid vacation this year but we won’t be able to afford an actual vacation with our toddler. This would be awesome!

  10. says

    I think everyone’s going to be jealous of whoever wins this! Between this and the Ipad, I don’t know which is the better giveaway, GWL looks like an awesome place!

  11. Allison says

    I would love a family vacation for my three kids! What a nice looking place to go! Thanks for the chance!! I hope, I hope, I hope!!!

  12. Lisa s says

    Yeah! We’ve been wanting to go for two years. Have money saved for vacation and thought we might go later this year if we had money left after our trip to see my family. I so hope to win. Wish we all could.

  13. says

    I would love to win this! We have GWL within about 1 hour of us, so we could make a day of it….but a 2 night stay would make for a fun stay-cation.

    You have such awesome giveaways!!

  14. S. Novak says

    I would LOVE for our family to go to Great Wolf Lodge. We have family who just went and loved it. Thanks so much for all the money saving tips! What a blessing!

  15. Melissa says

    My dentist says that the gummy vitamins are the absolute worst for kid’s teeth. I feel like a heel posting just to say something negative, but I wish someone had told me that at the beginning of my parenting journey!

  16. Kelly says

    My daughter’s birthday is this saturday april 2nd. This would be awsome to win she wants to go to the great wolf lodge more then anything. Thank you for the chance to win

  17. Rachel says

    Ohhhhh nice! This would be a fabulous little get away for any family. I know mine would LOVE it! 😉

  18. Lana says

    Absolutely in agreement about the artificial colors! One of our children was mentally ill if she got ahold of them and my sister’s little boy was diagnosed as autistic and completely cleared of all the symptoms when she removed colors from his diet. Let’s all hope the FDA does the right thing for our children like the UK did.

    GWL is only 90 minutes from us! That would be awesome!

  19. Ellen says

    What a fantastic giveaway! GWL is an expensive adventure, but a couple of free nights would be fabulous! Crystal, if you are ever blessed with the opportunity to go, your family will love it. My children are about the same ages as yours and we had a blast. We did the picnic thing in the room for all of our meals to save on food costs, and they kids loved it! Lots of smiles.

  20. Julia says

    Crystal, (or anyone), I also am trying my best to keep artificial dyes out of my kids food. Have you found any natural food coloring that works? There are few choices, they are expensive, and they get mixed reviews…any tips would be appreciated!!

      • Julia says

        Maybe not as exciting but safest!! I really want to make the birthday cake he’s dreaming of for my little one and am determined to make one with natural colors! Hoping there is something out there :)

  21. Heather says

    I can’t wait to try these. I also try to keep dyes out of my kids food. It is not hard if you cook or make everything from home which is what we have been doing. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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