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Money Saving Mom® Online Survey Program: New and improved — accepting applications again

Many of you were accepted to participate in the CampusFundraiser Online Survey Program Pilot Program a number of months ago. Some of you had a great experience with it, others of you found it tedious or disappointing.

Based upon your feedback — both negative and positive — Campus Fundraiser has made a number of changes in the hopes that they can make this a better experience for those of you who are interested in participating.

Here are the improvements they’ve made:

  • Panelists can now log in to individual activity screens
  • Panelists can now request earnings via PayPal
  • Panelists may view registration pages to reflect individual panelists versus the normal student group dynamic


Overall, taking surveys through Campus Fundraiser has been a positive experience. I earned my first $25 faster through this program than I have earned through other survey programs in which I have participated. Remembering to do the Daily 5 and the Daily Bonus survey is a big part of that.  -Angela D.

I was skeptical of this program when I first signed up, but as my points quickly added up and my first check came in the mail I have been hooked! I actually enjoy many of the surveys and appreciate being able to give my input on products and experiences that matter to me. The program incentives are even more motivation to check for new surveys daily and having the opportunity to earn extra money in such an easy way has been so helpful during tough times. -Alyssa E

If you are interested in participating in this survey program, they are now opening it up to all my readers this week. You can earn at least a few extra dollars per week and possibly even as much as $15 or more each week. The highest earner has already earned almost $250 using this program!

If you’ve not participated in online survey programs before, please note that the opportunities ebb and flow and you won’t get rich completing surveys. However, you can earn a nice little side extra income from surveys if you’ve willing to stick with it and keep at it.

Here are the details on the program:

Money Saving Mom® Online Survey Program

There are three different survey opportunities which participants will be able to participate in:

Surveys will come the following 3 ways:

Invitation Survey: These will come every couple of days and provide you the opportunity to complete one survey. They will usually be titled “Movie Survey” or “Need Women 25-35” to give participants some understanding of what type of survey may be inside. If you are qualified you move on to participate in the survey and will normally earn 50 market points, which translates to $1 but sometimes quite a bit more. You will be told in the invitation if the survey is of a high value. If you are not qualified (i.e. they are doing a survey on a man’s razor and you you are a female) you will be “screened out” and will earn usually 4-5 market points or $0.08-$0.10 for the attempt.

CF Daily Survey: This will come to your email a few times a week but there is no need to wait for it’s arrival! Copy and paste the link to your desktop and complete up to one survey every day. The survey pool will continue to offer you opportunities until you are able to complete a survey or the opportunities are out. If the latter happens, simply return to the link later in the day. There are no points offered in screening out of a daily survey, and 35 market points ($0.70) are offered for your regular Daily complete.

Daily 5 Survey: This is another opportunity that you can copy and paste to your desktop and complete up to 5 surveys per day! Again, there are no points for a screen out and 35 market points or $0.70 for each of the completed surveys. This opportunity informs you of the time involved in each survey (5 minutes to 35 minutes) so you can easily decide to return later if you don’t have the time.

Taking advantage of all 3 opportunities can earn an individual up to $15 a week or more!

How do you get started?: Click here and register your information to become a part of Money Saving Mom ® Survey Panel. At the end of the registration process you will be given a username and password at the bottom of the last screen. Please save this for your records. You will need this when checking your account activity, which is updated every few days, going forward.

To view your activity, simply go to www.CampusFundraiser.com and click on “View Your Account” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and login into your account.

How do I get paid? Once you have achieved $25 you may make a request for payout on your login page. Panelists can now request earnings via PayPal.  You may request via PayPal for free, or incur a $3 processing fee to be paid via check. If you choose to be paid by check and do not want to incur a processing fee, you may wait until you have reached $50 in earnings to request your payment. Please keep in mind, activity is updated every few days and will not be available live.

Please contact Maura Rijos at mrijos@campusfundraiser.com with any questions or to request a payout, and please refer to the fact you are part of the Money Saving Mom® Survey Panel.

Please note that CampusFundraiser is paying me a small amount for each survey participants complete in exchange for me helping them to find trustworthy participants. If you do not feel comfortable participating based upon this knowledge, I totally understand.

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  1. Esther says

    Tried to go to the register page and it said “The system cannot identify your account. Please call (888) 923 – 3238 for technical support. “

  2. Stephanie says

    Tried to go to the register page and it said “The system cannot identify your account. Please call (888) 923 – 3238 for technical support”

  3. April says

    Will you get a 1099 at the end of the year for the income you make? I know that you don’t with Pinecone Research but you do not make as much as this opportunity.

  4. Amy L says

    I signed up last fall… and it has been great! So far, I have earned a total of $40… I do about 6 surveys a week (that I qualify for). It was nice to get my first payment of $25 right before Christmas. Some days I don’t qualify at all for surveys, some days I get a few. I like that I can now check my balance without having to scroll through an entire list!

  5. Sara says

    Crystal- I just want to thank you for this awesome opportunity. I actually signed up last time you had this posted and in the few months that I have been doing this I earned over $75.00 from Campus Fundraiser. The important thing for anyone taking surveys to know is that you will go through spurts of not qualifying and than there will be days I will qualify for all 5 surveys. Don’t think taking surveys can be a full time job because than you will be disappointed.

    Personally I have been taking any survey money and putting it in my son’s college fund but I know lots of people who save it for christmas shopping or even give it to charity.

  6. Leah says

    Do you have to wait to do a survey, until you get an email, or is there some place you can look on the website to start immediatley?

  7. Rebecca says

    I signed up for this the last time you offered it, and have to say I haven’t been that thrilled with it. It seems that all of these surveys are geared towards a very specific market, and despite clicking on the links and answering every email they send me, I always manage to ‘not qualify’ for bout 95% of them. A ‘not qualify’ is the equivalent of $.02. I do not have kids and my husband and I both have graduate degrees (MA & MS). As soon as I enter these fields, like clockwork, I get kicked the “You do not qualify” page. We are still in school, working on PhDs, so money is still incredibly tight and I thought this would be a great way to earn a little extra. I have yet to reach the $25 pay out mark, despite responding to EVERY email that comes my way for months (I think I’m at about $17). Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but if you’re thinking about doing this and fall into the category that I mentioned, you may want to think again.

    • lyss says

      You are not alone! Kudos to those who actually qualify for surveys, but I somehow never do! Tried these surveys for a couple weeks and never earned a penny.(Okay, I think I had about 15 cents on the account, but that’s more than a few cents short of a payout. lol) Oh, well. Surveys are something that sounded really good, but something that I’ve totally given up on. :)

      • Rebecca says

        Glad to hear I’m not alone lyss! I just rechecked my account and I must have had some serious caffeine vision earlier because it’s actually closer to $7 – not $17. $7 since November…not exactly a great return on my time investment, lol. I have had much better luck qualifying with MyPoints email surveys & emails.

        • Diane says

          I tend to agree with you. It can be very frustrating to try to qualify. Sometimes, after trying I have earned less than $1/hour. Even if I do qualify, if a survey takes 15 minutes and I manage to get them done, 4 surveys = $3/hour. I’m glad some people feel it is worth their time and effort, but most will probably “earn” more money with their couponing.

          • says

            Thanks for the heads-up. I am in a similar demographic. I must’ve signed up for Pinecone at least 10 times by now- they just do not want me! I have had the best luck with Opinion Outpost and pretty good luck with Toluna. I did sign up for this though- always willing to try! I basically use surveys as zone-out down time, so in that respect it’s still worth my time if it can net me $10-20 once in awhile. If you have access to a computer with a FAST connection, Reward TV is worth a try (that is, earn points through surveys and tv quizzes to spend on a ‘shopping spree’ for gift cards.)

        • bec says

          I am in the same boat with not earning very much, i’m just under $7 and have answered many many many surveys. I am married and have one child. So for me it has not been worth the time. But I am happy for those that is has been worth the time.

    • says

      I’m in a similar boat as you. Married with no kids, bachelors degree for me, associates degree for husband, and an above average income. I don’t know which of these things it is, but I tried to qualify for every survey they offered (which is a lot) for a period of 3-4 weeks, and did not even qualify for ONE! All in all I spent hours for no return. I finally gave up trying. I have no idea how people can make $25 a month doing this.

    • Angela says

      I completely agree! I was hoping that I could earn some extra money to supplement my husband’s income from the pastorate, and was very excited about signing up for CF. I figured that I wouldn’t earn $25 a week, but would have been thrilled with $25 every month or two. I didn’t qualify for 95% of the surveys (this is a conservative estimate!). I tried to keep it up so that I could at least get my first $25, but I finally just gave up after about 2 months because it wasn’t worth the time. I love Pinecone Research and MySurvey.com; they are definitely my favorites. I have five homeschooled children and another one on the way, so I really don’t have time to devote to the number of CF surveys that it would take before I finally qualified for them to cut me a check. I never could quite figure out what it was that made me not qualify. So those who are considering signing up: don’t be afraid to try it, but don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t work out.

  8. says

    Since you’ve had mixed feedback, I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying this opportunity. I started during the first invitation, and I have slowly been accumulating a small balance.

    When I first started, I was working full time, and didn’t have as much time to invest. Now, I’m not, and I can see the difference. Also, I have not been very committed to doing all three opportunities every day. So I’m happy that even though I haven’t given it the most attention I could, I’m still approaching my first payment very soon! And that’s motivating me to do more! I’ve never earned this much with any other survey company!

    I LOVE the new individual page, and I love how friendly Campus Fundraiser reps are when you have a question!

    Thanks for providing us with this opportunity! I really appreciate it!

  9. Elaine says

    I signed up for this opportunity when you offered it last fall. I have been pleased with it and earned my first $25 before Christmas. I am approaching my next $50 payout – hopefully in the next couple of weeks! Some days I qualify for more surveys than other days, but I have found the key for me is to consistently try to answer at least a few surveys every day. If a day goes by and I did not have time to check the surveys, I know I’ll have another chance the next day. Thank you for giving this opportunity to your readers. I appreciate the ability to earn a little extra money for our family!

  10. Leah says

    I had terrible luck with these surveys last time. I qualified for basically nothing. My husband joined at the same time I did and he almost always qualified. It is worth a shot. You might get nothing and you might do really well. Just depends on your situation. And maybe get your husband to sign up and try, too

  11. Kathryn says

    My problem with them is that I have never qualified for a survey. It takes a lot of time just to answer the preview questions and then to never qualify and earn money doesn’t seem worth it to me.

  12. Dianna says

    I have done many survey companies and this one is almost the worst for me. I rarely qualify for the surveys and the ones I do qualify for don’t pay well at all. I was one of the first to sign up several months ago and I was just able to finally reach my $25 pay out after many, many, many hours of time spent trying to qualify and complete surveys. I calculated that I made an average of .70 per survey with Campus Fundraiser and most surveys take 20 – 40 minutes to complete. I’m a little confused by how the points translate into money and it takes several days to update your profile. I would not recommend this survey company. Too much time required to make too little money.

    • Sherri says

      I agree. Very hard to figure out how much I actually get for (occasionally) completing a survey. All I know is that I am finally close to the $25 mark. When I hit it, I will cash out and unsubscribe. I have had a much more positive experience with Opinion Outpost.

  13. BarbaraD. says

    I’ve tried every survey program available and this one and Pinecone have been my favorites! I really like the changes they made to the login screens and being able to see my surveys although I do miss seeing how I ranked on the overall list of people doing this. Anytime I have had a question or had a problem with a survey like my computer froze or something, the people at Campus Fundraiser help me out right away and actually respond to my emails. Much different than my experience with other survey companies!
    Like other people have said, there are spurts where it seems I dont qualify for anything and then I can do a bunch of surveys in a row so it seems to even out. I have made almost $100 so far so feel it’s been worth it for me! Just wanted to offer my 2 cents. Thanks!

    • Alisha Kilham says

      Yes, it can take a day or two to be uploaded into the panel and from there you will receive the above mentioned opportunities via email throughout the week. Once you get your first Daily Bonus and CF Daily 5, however, don’t feel like you have to wait for them to be sent you every time. Go ahead and copy and paste it to your desktop or somewhere and return to it everyday.

  14. Gina says

    I was wondering the same thing I signed up but have not recieved and e-mail. Is there something I need to click on when I log in to the page?

  15. TN says

    I’m just a little confused, is this a fundraising website? If so who is benefiting from the funds raised by us taking all these surveys? I guess I feel a bit conflicted with the idea that this is for colleges to make money to help educate people, yet they are allowing a private website to generate an income off it. Are you planning on donating the funds generated to a group in need?

    • Alisha Kilham says

      We are primarily a fundraising company that works with student groups (usually) to raise funds they need for events, trips, apparel, etc. through structured fundraising events. We have begun working with blogs over the last year, trying to test some products and services with their readers. We contacted Crystal and asked her if she would be willing to test opening up a survey program to her readers back in September. It met with very positive results but pushed us to make some changes. We have removed the fundraising dynamic so panelists (you) can “raise” the money for yourselves. In group cases, they all do a bunch of activity and the group gets one big check. In this scenario, you are all your own little mini groups and reap the rewards of your own activity. We have offered Crystal a small amount of earnings if she chose to offer the program for her readers but in no way is it significant nor does it come from any earnings or activity of the panelists.

  16. Stefanie B says

    Thanks for sharing this, I signed up with no problem. And if you get a kickback that is awesome, especially for all you do for us!

  17. Terry says

    Can someone tell me what kinds of personal information that they ask for? In this day and age of identity theft, etc, I’m very leary about giving personal information out to anyone!

    • jessica says

      Name, address, phone, and email…they have a privacy policy, better business bureau seal, and promise no spam. Oh, and birthdate too.

  18. David says

    I joined this during the last opportunity and just wanted to say how pleased I am with the program and the people running it (Thank you). I have recently retired and thought this would be a way to help supplement my “golfing habit”. I have earned a total of $100 so far and even won a daily prize of $25 for a total of $125 and will shortly reach another $50 payout. Anytime that I have had any questions or concerns my emails have been answered promptly. Some days you qualify for surveys and others you don’t…your earnings depend upon that and how diligent YOU are. Just want to say “thanks” again to MSM for offering this program.

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