Heads Up: Walgreens Diapers for only $2.49 per pack starting February 13, 2011

Did you find the Infant Care coupon booklet at your local Walgreens? If so, you can use the $2/1 W Brand Diaper coupon in it to get diapers for just $2.49 per pack beginning on February 13, 2011. Here’s how:

Buy 2 packages of W Brand diapers at 2 for $8.99
Use $2/1 W Brand Diapers coupon from the Walgreens Infant Care coupon booklet (will subtract $4)
$2.49 per pack after the Buy One, Get One Sale and coupon

Thanks, Save the Coupons!

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  1. ali says

    Yesterday I went to cvs to pick up diapers because we were completely out. They had their store brand diapers in our size (3) on clearance, and it was a 60 count pack! I got 3 packs and used 5 ecbs and only spent $467 OOP! I was so happy! 180 diapers for that! I’ll take it :)

  2. Sarah says

    Where at in Walgreens, would the booklets be located? Has anyone found the in the Cincy area? I went tonight and didn’t see them.

      • Katrina says

        I didn’t find them at 1 walgreens and teh manager didn’t know. SO I went to another and found them on the counter at the cosmetics register. 1 coupon takes $2 off of each pack. So it is a great deal if you can find the coupon.

    • Jennifer Brown says

      I went to 3 different Walgreens yesterday, 1 had none, the next one they were located on the pharmacy counter, and the 3rd was in the brochure spot ON the blood pressure machine.

      Also be on the lookout for the wipes tubs (that are also bogo) I found 2 that had $2 off diapers wyb the wipes.

    • Whitney A says

      I totally agree. Wish I had found these sooner than a few months ago for my 16 month-old son. Have not had a leak yet- even overnight!

    • Shelly says

      This is a generic brand that several stores use (our Albertson’s carried them too) and I love them as well! For us, they run a little bit big, too, so I can buy one size smaller than I do for the major brands. It saves a little more money!

        • Tyree says

          the coupon only worked on the diapers, but I bought size 5 for my daughter that’s potty training sometimes switching back to diapers makes them want to train so they can get out of diapers (I had to do this with my oldest-she liked the pull-ups and even though she was keeping them mostly clean would not switch to panties til we switched to diapers.lol)

  3. Elizabeth says

    Has anyone else had problems with Walgreens taking 2 coupons on a B1G1 sale? The haven’t let me do it in the past.

      • says

        I did exactly that and it only took off $2 for the packs that were not free. I let the store manager know that the day before at another wags the coupon took $2 off for each pack and he still wouldn’t fix it. I even showed him my receipts. Then I went to another wags and the coupon took off $2 for each pack again. Should I ask for a refund from the packages I purchased that didn’t get the $2 off?

    • says

      Lisa I was at the Walgreens in Shawnee at 75th and Quivira and they had the coupon book! I asked the cashier, she paged the manager, and he found a bunch of them in a box. I don’t know where in KC you are, but for this price I think it’s worth the trek (but I’d call before you head out just in case).

      • Lisa says

        I went to Lenexa, 87th & Lackman, it’s on my way home from work. A co-worker knew I was looking for the booklet and got me one from an Indepenedence, MO store. Lenexe did not have them though. Something to look for is on the wipes, there’s a pealie (it says it’s manufacture even though it’s Walgreens so you can stack it with the baby booklet coupon)for $2 off Walgreens diapers or training pants with the purchase of the wipes. Wipes are buy one get one free this week. I only found 1 peelie though. Anyway so I paid $6 something for 2 packs of diapers and 2 wipes boxes. Check your reciept though, the manufacture coupon rang up $1, but says $2 so the manager had to swipe something for a $1 and then refunded that back to my credit card.

    • Tammy says

      Does anyone know if they have to keep the coupon? Or is it like the monthly book that they have and we can keep it for future use?

      • Jenna says

        It depends on your cashier- I think they are supposed to keep the coupon but if you find one that doesn’t know what they are doing they’ll scan it out of the book for you. I would try it. I’ve had both happen to me- one time I tried really hard to keep the coupon and the lady told me no and then got the manager to come tell me no. If you do find the book, I would at least grab a few in case they do take your coupons.

    • amy says

      It states “limit one coupon per customer per offer”.
      This coupon book came to me in the mail with other offers from “American baby” – which I think is a magazine, and I don’t have a subscription. So, how they got my info – I am not sure.
      But maybe check your mailbox this next week?

  4. Mandy says

    I went to 1 store and the manager didn’t know anything about the coupon booklet; then I went to a 2nd store and had to ask and they had the booklets actually on the shelf in the baby aisle near the baby formula. I would totally have missed it if I hadn’t asked…so def. double check and ask around! Can’t wait to get my diapers tomorrow, with 2 in diapers, I love stocking up! :):)

  5. Emma K says

    I found the booklets at the register in Health & Beauty. I had checked the normal places (front of the store, pharmacy, baby, even the coloring book sections) before I looked at the register.

  6. jennifer says

    Havent found them in 1 walgreens yet. This week Im gonna hit up every Walgreens within a 30 mile radius:) I have 2 in diapers, wanna stock up:)

  7. Susanna says

    I called last night and asked about the coupon book. It took two people to find it, but then they offered to hold some of the coupon books for me. Went in today and got 8 packs of diapers (retail $71.92) for $19.96 – that’s my kind of deal!!! I was planning to have each of my 3 kids make one of the purchases, if need be, but the cashier just rang everything up and used one coupon (which he offered me to keep :) for the whole batch.

  8. says

    Thanks for sharing this great diaper deal Crystal!
    For some reason at my store the size 2 jumbo pack diapers rang up at $6.99 each, so with the buy one get one free sale and the coupon for $2 discount per jumbo pack, I ended up only paying $2.99 before tax for two jumbo packs of size 2 diapers. Awesome deal…. less than $0.04 per diaper!

  9. Emily says

    Asked mgmt about the book and they had no clue. Finally spotted it tucked behind the makeup/perfume counter and was able to grab one. The cashier was ecstatic that I was able to get such a great deal. I bought tons of diapers to donate and it took $2 off each pack. GREAT price on diapers.

  10. Mandy says

    Thank you, thank you for the heads up on this deal! I just got the best deal EVER on diapers! I have a receipt that reads, $2.68 TOTAL for 4 packs of Wal-greens diapers! To be completely exact, I did pay more out of pocket on other items to get this great deal…but still got amazing deals today!

    Transaction #1: Spent $6.69 oop, w/$4.00 RR back for Gillete Fusion Proglide Razor

    Transaction #2: Same as above

    Transaction # 3: 4 packs Walgreens diapers @ B1G1 for $8.99 = $17.98; used my $8.00 in RR’s from above deals, then used the store $2.00 off coupon for each pack of diapers = another $8.00 off, final total = $1.98 + tax = $2.63 oop for the diapers.

    So…all in all, I paid $16.01 oop for 2 razors and 4 packs diapers; this makes each item $2.67 each! I LOVE coupons and I LOVE you blog, thank you, thank you, thank you!! =) =)

  11. Emily says

    In what part of the country are you finding this coupon book? I’m in Texas and I called 2 stores. They didn’t know what it was. Does someone want to mail it to me? Should this be available nationwide?

  12. enely says

    I would like to exchange 2 $5 Similac coupons(checks good toward any infant formula from Similac) for 3 Walgreens Infant Care coupon booklets. My store wants to see the actual coupon.

  13. Nicole says

    I’ve already called 5 different WalGreens here in Louisville KY and no one has the booklet that Im talking about. :( I am going to keep trying!!

  14. vicky says

    My husband went yesterday to local walgreens in Mississippi and asked three people including a manager for the booklet. Nobody knew what he was talking about. He went ahead and got two packs of diapers cause things here tend to run out fast if good deal. I went today and they still had some left. I found the booklet on the pharmacy counter within a few minutes of entering the store. Anyway, just because they say they don’t have it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t. Make like Easter and hunt :-) Thanks for letting us know about this – helped alot.

  15. carol says

    I asked at Walgreen’s and 2 employees had no idea about a baby care coupon book….anybody have luck in the Pittsburgh area? Thank you

  16. Kelly says

    After talking to 4 employees, a manager finally found some of the booklets in a box. He let me have one, but said they aren’t supposed to be handing them out. (Why Not???) It made for a fantastic diaper deal, but FYI it will not work on the training pants. I live in MI.

  17. Elizabeth says

    I couldn’t find the booklet in my nearest walgreens either. Has anyone in Greenville, SC found them? The manager said she knew what I was talking about because she had received an email about them but that her store had not yet received them and neither had the other branches in town.

  18. jen says

    thank you!!!! i did find the book at the 2nd walgreens i went to. i say save yourself some time and call all the walgreens and ask to speak to a manager. then ask if they have the booklet. none of the employees really know (they don’t really care either)
    i’m in austin, tx and they have them here!
    i bought 4 jumbo dipes and it took $8 off (i think that’s a mistake??). will try again a few times this week! gotta stock up for #2

  19. says

    I went today and did this deal. I live south of Springfield MO and I had to ask someone to look for the coupons and she found them in a box in the back. The manager rung it up and said that it states on the coupon that it is only $2 off of 1 pack..so I did the buy 1 get 1 free (8.99) – $2 which made it $6.99. He said he couldn’t over ride it since it said it was for 1 pack and 1 coupon per customer. I was hoping for the $2.49 each price but still $3.50 for each thing of diapers isn’t bad! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Lindsay says

    I am in MN and the diapers here are only $6.99 before the BOGO. I have been to a couple of stores and they have a ton of the coupons on the counter in the makeup section. The coupon makes them only $1.49 a pack! Awesome deal with four kids in diapers!

    • Melinda Columbus says

      I live in MN also, and I did not know that the diapers here were only 6.99. Where I used to live they were 8.99, so this was a great surprise!

  21. Nicole says

    Ok Ladies here is my BIG update. It took me calling 5 Walgreens stores before I found one that actually had them. Apparently the manager are sent monthly FUN packets and this is one of them. They just recieved them last week is what I was told so the managers may have to go and look for them for you.

    Now with that said after I had my coupons I went and bought out 2 Walgreens stores diaper section b/c Im preggo. LOL. We ended up buying 52 packs of diapers and spent around $140.00 after tax. Our total savings was $313.00. The cashiers and other customers were as excited as I was about the savings!!! :o) Definately a rush!!

    I only ended up using 2 coupons 1 at each store b/c it took off $2.00 from each pack automatically!! If you cant find this booklet start calling and talking to managers until you find one!!! They dont expire until 12/31/11 and Walgreens has the BOGO frequently through out the year so save your coupons and you might get to hit this deal up later on in the year too!! :o)

  22. Jennifer Brown says

    I would like to add…. since Sunday I have hit up 5 different Walgreens in 3 COUNTIES. Yesterday I went to 3 different ones in gainesville, fl and it FINALLY paid off. At 1 store I couldnt find them, at the 2nd they were on the pharmacy counter, and the 3rd was in the brochure slot attached to the blood pressure machine. I actually got 2 packs of these the diapers the other week when they were $6 each and have to say I LOVE them. I tell everyone about them. I was ecstatic to find out that they dont expire until the end of 2011.


  23. Elizabeth says

    Update for Greenville, sc. I finally found the booklets at the location on Wade hampton/Buncombe intersection. They said that they had just received them.

  24. Melinda Columbus says

    I had to ask a cashier and she told me to ask the lady at the cosmetic counter for one. As far as I could tell they had none laying out where you could just grab them. The lady only gave me one booklet and I had to ask her for more. This deal was great! I was able to get 2 packs of diapers and 2 packs of wipes for 5.50. If the diapers go on sale again before these coupons expire I will definitely get more. Does anyone know if you buy more than 2 packs of the diapers will the walgreens coupon take the 2.00 amount off of each?

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