Free Neti-Pot from NeilMed (Facebook offer)

Click on the “Like” button on the NeilMed Facebook Page and you can sign up for a free Neti-Pot.

This offer is limited and likely won’t last long.

Thanks, Frugal Mommy of Four!

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  1. Janet says

    They sure do make you work for it! Can’t wait to use this next time I am congested. Thank you!!!

  2. nanasewn says

    Just wanted to say that after drs recommendation, I have been using a nasal wash (Neilmed squeeze bottle) daily and respitory problems, colds, allergies have been reduced.

  3. Jenny =) says

    You’ve helped us save so much money that we cannot tell you how grateful we are for you. The Neti Pot is instrumental for my allergies. Thanks a lot Crystal!

  4. C.B. says

    Just want to say thanks for posting this. I’ve used the NeilMed squeeze bottle and it really does help me…also very good for when I have a bad head cold.

  5. Nancy says

    I heard this is good for congested and colds. I would like to try this out and for my kds. I hope I get one. Thanks for this post.

  6. K. says

    I got one of these last year and every time I use it, I get very bad
    sinus headaches for a day and then the next day I feel better. Sometimes
    it makes my congestion worse.