Ask the Readers: Legitimate Coupon Trading Sites?

Does anyone have suggestions for good, legitimate coupon trading sites? -Debbie

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  1. says

    I was an admin at afullcup since it’s beginning and it is good for trading, but it has gotten so huge that it’s crazy! I started a site a few months back, my vision is for it to keep the “hometown” feel instead of a corporate feel..our trading forums are not “hopping” by any means, but we welcome good honest traders :)
    Love your blog, we follow on Twitter and enjoy it very much! Feel free to stop by and post a link to it, we have a forum for bloggers to do just that

    • Jill says

      @Kelly,, right? So weird that I read this post today, because I just found your site a couple of days ago. I’m in the middle of a trade right now actually….I found someone who can actually use expired RRs!

      • Robyn in ATX says

        @Jill, I just joined Have Coupons, Will Travel!! It looks so much easier to use than Hot Coupon World does (it just seemed too complicated for me). Thanks for the suggestion!! I am looking forward to making some trades, and to meeting some reliable coupon-friends, too!!
        -Robyn in ATX

  2. nicole says

    I have traded some on AFC. I have had great trades and I’ve gotten burned which really comes down to the person you are trading with and not the website. Whatever site you choose you will need to spend some time building up a “trading rep” so keep that in mind.

    • says

      You sign up, and you can search for coupons people are “in search of” if you have coupons you don’t use that you’d like to trade, or you can search thru diff. categories of q’s that people list if you are looking for a certain q.


  3. Kara says

    I have been trading with other couponers on and haven’t had any problems. I just put 3 trades in my mailbox tonight. I was trading for Welch’s juice coupons.

    my understanding of trades is that you do an ISO (in search of), a trade, or FSOT (for sale or trade) post saying what coupons you are looking for. Someone will either PM (private message) you or respond to your post. From there you kinda “barter” for what you want and what the other person is looking for. For example, one of my trades is for 15 welch’s coupons (we go through a lot of juice). She let me know what she was looking for; I emailed her back with what I had. She emailed me back that those were ok. Traded addresses and I should get them Saturday (fingers crossed). When I do get them I will go under that person’s profile and give them a trade rating and they should do the same for me. This way when you go into a trade you can look at the other person’s history of trades and see how well others think they did.
    I hope this helps. Its a lot of fun. I’m doing my first coupon train starting this weekend.

      • Kara says

        just like a train, there is a “conductor” and the riders. The conductor will post a master list each week of who sends who an envelope (envie). For example kara->moontwins (one of the other riders). It has to be out by a certain date and with so many coupons (in this case 40min). I post when I send it out, she posts when she recieves it. Each week I’ll get an envie and I’ll send one out to a different rider.
        For more detailed information follow the link.

      • Krysten says

        A coupon train is an envelope of coupons that gets mailed along a “route.” When it comes to you, you take out all of the coupons that you want, put in all of your coupons that you don’t want, and send it along to the next person.
        I started one recently with a few friends and it’s a lot of fun!

  4. Shelley says

    I’d like to suggest MySavings:

    The folks there are really friendly. The entire community there is like family! I’ve been trading there for years now and it’s been great – not only a huge saving, but you make great friends too! The best part about it is that once you get to know the people, they remember you and will even start putting ones they know you use aside just for you! It’s been a blessing in more ways than one! Check it out! (and don’t take my word for it – check out the reviews of all the traders!)

  5. Sandy says

    I used to trade a fair amount, but I have found purchasing coupons via coupon clipping services to be better for me. I watch future sales and buy according to my needs/wants. I have even gotten together with another person or two, ordered enough for all 3, sometimes trading. The thing with trades is you really need to know the traders.

      • Shelley says


        How is the cost of a stamp any different than a clipping service? Either way, you’re still paying for shipping. When you trade, in most instances you are trading more than a single coupon. And in my opinion an envelope full for $.44 is a lot less than what I’ve seen with the clipping fee/shipping and sometimes membership of a clipping service. Anyway the point is that it’s not necessarily more economical……

        • says

          I’ve never traded many q’s at a time, so maybe that’s why I find it more economical to use the clipping service, if I need some q’s. I find that trading things that require no stamp, such as pamper points/coke codes/pop tart codes are easier at the forums, since it doesn’t require a stamp on my part. Plus I usually only go to the clipping service once a month-ish & get what I need. Although ebay’s a great tool too. =)

      • cheryl says

        @Cheryl, also I have used ebay. You usually have to order several from coupons from coupon clippers, they can be different coupons though, and ebay sellers typically sell in lots of 20 for one coupon, sometimes less.

  6. Joy Shepard says

    I love There is a whole group that swaps coupons on a regular basis. I have been a member (and trader (:) for years!

  7. Ana Maria S. says

    I joined (free) and I have traded numerous coupons with ladies all over the country.(Coupon Swap group)…After you see the various discussions/posts. or in search of (ISO) lists you come to an agreement on who and what you are trading and then you just private message each other through the site, exchange addresses, and for the cost of a stamp you get coupons you really need or want and they get ones they really want or need. It’s great :)

  8. Anna says

    I have to recommend It is a full service match up site, but the community section is very active and people are trading coupons all the time. Very friendly folks. Savings Angel does charge a fee to use it’s services, but I have never seen a site so organized and thorough. If you check it out please consider using my referral code 30082.

  9. Angie says

    This isn’t about coupon trading sites but about the grocery coupons on the reward site “”…does anyone know if they stopped their grocery coupon program? I can’t find the grocery coupon link on thier site at all this morning.

    • Betsy says

      @Angie, I downloaded coupons off MyPoints just a couple days ago, but I looked this morning and it’s not there anymore on mine either. It seems they are making alot of changes this year.

      • Darcy says

        @Loscardos, Yes, now “Online Coupons.” You ladies scared me for a minute – coupons are the main reason I use MyPoints! I would very sad if they stopped the coupon program!

        • Angie says

          @Darcy, Yes, the Grocery coupons were always under the ‘Deals’ tab, but now there is only “Online Coupons”. And from what I can tell…they no longer have the or coupons on there. I haven’t been able to find it. These coupons are the main reason why I use the site too, and now it looks as if they might be gone. I sent them a question asking about it this morning but have not heard from them yet.

      • Angie says

        @Loscardos, They were always under the ‘Deals’ tab but they are now gone. There is only ‘Online Coupons’ listed there and those seem to be just for ordering items online. No more or that I can find.

    • Darcy says

      @Angie, Wow. I see your point! I had a little more time here at work to check, and I don’t see them either. I sure hope they didn’t get rid of them! Let us know what they say!

    • Angie says

      @Angie, I got this respons from ‘MyPoints’:

      Dear Angela,

      Thank you for contacting MyPoints Member Services.

      Unfortunately, Grocery Coupons is not a current participant on the MyPoints
      site. Offers on the MyPoints site may change from time-to-time, and we apologize
      for any inconvenience. Please be sure to check the site to see great offers that
      are currently available. Thank you for your valued membership.


      Robinson K
      MyPoints Member Service

      • Darcy says

        @Angie, How strange. They still sent me an email newsletter on Jan 6th about new grocery coupons, and the link works! I haven’t tried to actually print coupons yet from it – out of ink – but that’s really sad it’s been removed from the site! I hope it’s only temporary!!

  10. Julie says

    I trade on Hot Coupon World and I’ve had no problems.
    Before you begin trading there, though, you have to complete a trader training program. I was so intimidated at first that I signed up for the training program and didn’t even try to make a trade for almost a year. Once I did, though, I discovered it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought.
    One thing I’ve noticed on Hot Coupon World — many of the traders prefer to deal in large quantities. For example, they want 20 of the same coupon. If you’re looking to trade one or two each of several different coupons, it’s a little harder to find a trade.

  11. says I never trade because we are stationed overseas, but a few of them are nice enough to mail me their expired Q’s so my friends and I can use them.

  12. Lynne says

    I suggest if you use A Full Cup (AFC) that you build up a trader rating and then do a “coupon train”. This is a set group that has a host/organizer and each person in there is responsible for what they send out, they email when it’s sent and received. It rotates who sends coupons to who, and each person is supposed to look at their recipient’s wish list of coupons before sending. Also there’s a set schedule (every week, every 2 weeks, etc) which is nice to plan with. There’s more accountability and rules here, and people will get removed if they consistently don’t send coupons. I never did search by product and try and get coupons that way, because there was no way of knowing if anyone would want to trade with you and it takes a lot of email back and forth.

  13. Christy says

    How do you guys get papers in bulk so that you have large amounts to trade? I now have access to three computers for IP’s and buy 4 each sunday, but would need more to trade many times?

  14. Kara says

    I usually get about 4papers a week as well. 2 from the bigger city and 2 local (usually have some different ones). For me once I’m out of particular coupon, I’m out and I let people know when I do a trade. For example, in the trades I just did, I straight out said I was out of Electrasol/finish, pantene and bestlife butter. They let me know what they were looking for and I emailed them back with what I had and how many.
    Many libraries now have coupon corners. For me 2 of my local community centers have them.

  15. Jill says is another good one. The homepage is very misleading and full of junk ads. Look in the top left hand corner for the names of the various forums they have.

  16. Laura says

    I used to use but I was constantly getting flaked sad part was they had high trader rating now I’m with or ebay to get coupons

  17. kimme says

    I use Everyone is so friendly there and very helpful. You’ll need to create a profile (username) which is super quick and easy, then use the forum to trade coupons. The website has “Target” in the name but the coupons can be used anywhere.

  18. Samantha says

    I just jump on coupon trains. Its really a fun, simple way to circulate coupons with lots of people from around the country. Trains vary from wishlist, potlucks, non-food, food, etc… if you make a wishlist then people can send you RAOK’s (or random acts of kindness). I usually get lots of doubles for the coups im looking for. Plus you can post if you are looking for a certain item(s) coups and willing to trade coupons for them. Its also a great way to give others the coupons you don’t use and find others that can use your expired coup’s (instead of recycling all those useful coups why not give them to people who can use them.)

    There are several groups on yahoo you can join. But i am a member of :

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