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World’s Easiest Christmas Candy Recipe

We have a yearly tradition of making this Christmas Candy. It’s the easiest stuff ever to make, it is inexpensive and it’s addicting!

I originally found the recipe in the book Queen of the Castle: 52 Weeks of Encouragement for the Uninspired, Domestically Challenged or Just Plain Tired Homemaker. It was called “Crookies” in there, but we’ve re-named it “World’s Easiest Christmas Candy.”

All you need is brown sugar, saltines, butter and chocolate chips.

Lay one sleeve of Saltines out on a cookie sheet (you might want to spray or grease the pan first, though I’ve not had trouble with it sticking, but some mentioned in the comments they’d recommend this).

Melt one cup brown sugar and one stick of butter in a saucepan on the stove over medium heat until a gooey mixture forms. Pour this mixture over the saltines and spread around with a spatula to generously coat them.

Stick the pan in the oven on 350 degrees for around five minutes until the brown sugar mixture is bubbling on the crackers.

Pull out of the oven and pour two cups of chocolate chips over the crackers and let them sit for a few minutes until they are starting to melt.

Spread the melted chocolate chips evenly over the crackers and then stick in the freezer for around an hour (until chocolate hardens).

Once chocolate is hardened, lift off the cookie sheet with a metal spatula and break into pieces.

Put into gift baggies and store in the freezer until ready to give as gifts.

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  1. jeanie says

    This stuff is so good! I got the recipe off the back of a box of Kroger brand saltines. It’s also good with chopped pecans or peanuts on top.

  2. Rosie T says

    my family calls this Cracker Toffee… someone I grew up with calls them Brittle Cookies. Doesn’t matter what its called… its YUMMY! This is my favorite christmas candy too

  3. says

    We make something similar to this, only using club crackers (which are a bit more spendy) and melting peanut butter and chocolate chips for the top layer. Soooooo yummy!

  4. Joy says

    I’ve had this at my friend’s house with chopped up pretzels and M&M candies on top. It was amazing! I never go the recipe, so I’m excited to try this. I am a little worried about the addictive factor, though. :)

  5. val says

    After my failed attempt at a homemade gingerbread house just now…this is just the kind of recipe I need to redeem myself. This is now next on my list. :) Thanks!

    • says

      @val, haha we just made one today too and it is the ugliest thing you ever saw. I poured red kool aid on top to made it look “festive” or something and it just looks like a haunted house oozing blood. It is scary looking man. I’m so making these easy cracker candy things… do they have a name?

      • val says


        At least you have a HOUSE. I had a front, half of two side walls, barely a back and no roof! It just totally fell apart! I think we need to post our pics somewhere and compare. If nothing else maybe I won’t feel so bad after seeing friends’ houses on facebook who used the kits for the first time. LOL And seriously, this was ALL I freaking did today.

  6. Amy says

    I wish I had some saltines in the house. There is ice all over the roads so I can’t get out. Will do this another day though. We also like this with Heath Toffee chips on top.

  7. Amanda Davis says

    We do this with the Club crackers too which make them even more buttery. I’ve also added some chopped pecans on top. YUM!

    • val says

      @Amanda Davis,

      Hmm….I have multigrain Club crackers….think those would work? They don’t taste as “healthy” as they sound. I hate to waste all those chocolate chips if it’s not gonna turn out though….

      • Nicola says


        I love that you are more concerned with wasting the chocolate chips than the “healthy” crackers! lol You are my kind of girl! :)


        • val says


          LOL yeah that sounds funny doesn’t it! I do have a good reason though. I buy the expensive chocolate chips – Guittard or Ghiradelli. I started because my son can’t have dairy and those have none added and that was it, I got hooked. Wayyyy better than Nestle or Hersheys! So yeah, waste the crackers, who cares but not those dang chocolate chips! I have been known to eat them on a spoon full of peanut butter after a long crappy day too. :)

  8. Jessica says

    I just made these Sunday with my 3 yr old. We call it Christmas crack since you have to crack it up and because it’s addicting lol

  9. Jennifer says

    Boil butter and brown sugar for 3 minutes. We have always lined the cookie sheet with foil, greasing slightly with the butter wrapper. This recipe has been in our family for many years as well…. I actually tried to make it last night, but didn’t have enough saltines.

  10. Courtney says

    These are wonderful made with graham crackers as well! And topping with pecans before adding chocolate is awesome too!


  11. Kristin says

    We love this too! We call it Almond Roca…because that’s what it tastes like to us. It’s great with chopped nuts on top.

  12. Summer says

    Thanks- just made this w/ my 5 year old! It looks similar to my MIL’s english toffee recipe, which I’ve been dying to make but haven’t wanted to spend the money on all the walnuts her recipe calls for. Using my (free) saltines instead will save me a bunch of money, and I’m sure it will be delicious! Can’t wait for it to come out of the freezer.

  13. says

    We LOVE this! My mom makes it every year and it is SO good! I might have to make my own this year. Thanks for the recipe- my mom’s is slightly lacking in details and measurements!

  14. Annette says

    We make this every year, sometimes with saltines, but we like it better with club crackers or the Big Cheeze its! (thats the best!) We make it in the Pampered Chef large bar pan so we make 1 1/2 the recipe. My 14 yr old daughter now makes this, it is so easy

  15. Ellie W. says

    This is what Christmas tastes like to me! lol My grandmother & mother used to make it every year. :) I could eat the whole batch practically! (Not that I should!) We call it “Georgia PineBark” because we got the recipe from my Aunt who lives in Georgia & it looks like bark! lol

  16. alexi says

    If you cut with a knife the crackers and chocolate before you put it in the fridge to harden then it’s super easy to break once they are finished. They crack into squares instead of pieces and there’s a nice “seam” to bend it.

  17. Jennifer M. says

    We have made this many times, and it is always a hit with the family. I got the recipe off a saltines box years ago. This wasn’t on my list of treats for this holiday season, but I’ve just added it after seeing your post. Merry Christmas!

  18. Jessica says

    We make this as well but we call it CRACKER CANDY!! Instead of saltines we use club crackers :) We’re making some tomorrow to take to a family Christmas. I love the stuff, it’s so addicting…

  19. says

    My almost-70-year-old mother has made these FOREVER and she got the recipe from HER mother, so the idea has been around for a while. We have always called them Cracker Cookies. My grandmother made a slightly different kind by using Graham crackers as the base – also very yummy!

  20. bakenbekah02@juno.com says

    My mom used to make this for us when we were little. It’s SO good!!!!!! We used regular sugar instead of brown sugar but I bet brown sugar would be really good in it!!!!

  21. says

    can the butter be margarine? if so, i could make these dairy-free. i tried margarine for another toffee recipe and it was a flop…and a waste of expensive dairy free chocolate. dare i experiment again???

  22. says

    I first had this when I worked for a Jewish couple 20 years ago as their nanny. They use matzo. I always pick up several boxes after passover for this recipe. We even like it without the chocolate.

  23. Natalie says

    I was given this by a friend… is was kinda icky! Was it suppose to be soft? It sounds like I might have got a bad batch of it. Others seem to love it.

    • says

      @Natalie, Stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours and let it harden up – when it’s soft, it’s not real great. Try it when it’s cold and you might change your mind – or you might not! :-)

    • Amy W says

      Did you use margarine?

      I have used margarine before and it didnt harden up right.

      I could see the margarine separate into the water/oil. It was disgusting.

      We call them homemade heath bars or toffee bars.
      Have always used brown sugar and saltines.
      Just sent hubby to the store and grabbed the list to add chocolate chips so I could make this! LOL

  24. Kristan says

    we made this over the weekend and passed out to our neighbors – we made it more “christmasy” by sprinkling with crushed candy canes. it was delicious – even my husband liked it and he doesn’t like the regular kind.

  25. Christina says

    My mother makes these every year at Christmas! She calls them English Toffee Bars. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them :-)

  26. Courtney says

    We make this with Big CheezIts and sprinkle toasted chopped pecans on top. Just made a pan of it a couple days ago and it is almost gone :)

  27. Jennifer says

    Would this work with Reeses pieces on top? I was thinking, chopping them up and using them in place of the chocolate chips.

    • Alicia says

      @Jennifer, I don’t think you would get much melting action in order to spread and create the third layer (first being cracker, second being toffee though those two sort of combine).

  28. Alicia says

    This is my favorite Christmas cookie recipe. Only difference is I like to cut the hardened cookies into squares following the size of the saltines. And, it’s awesome with bittersweet chocolate!

  29. says

    I made this last year, but the recipe was called “Poor Man’s Toffee” and you use cheeze it crackers (the big ones) instead of saltines. I never would have guessed the ingredients – so rich and scrumptious!

  30. Michelle says

    I just followed made this, following your recipe. I wish I had sprayed the pan with Pam first, because it stuck to the pan really badly. I’ll know next time! Still yummy, though.

  31. Lee says

    Reminds me of a poor man’s version of the Skor candy bar… Had them for the first time at our church’s Christmas fellowship on Sunday. All I can say is… WON-DER-FUL!

  32. Brooke says

    Wow, I managed to mess up the World’s Easiest Christmas Candy. I decided to try it, and thought I could remember the ingredients without printing it out (I mean it is the world’s easiest, right?) I used 1 cup of butter, not 1 stick. Whoops, thought it looked a little runny. Good thing I got some free Nabisco saltine’s at my local store last week :)

  33. Casey says

    My uncle always made this and it is truly one of my favorite parts of christmas. He passed away last christmas, but now I have the recipe and can carry on the tradition. thanks!

  34. Anitra says

    I have a friend who brings something like this to every party. We call them “Death Cookies” because they are SOOO good and so addictive!

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