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Walmart: Shirts and pajama sets for only $1!

I headed into Walmart today to use some coupons which are expiring tomorrow (I’ll share pictures and details of what I got in a separate post) and was so excited to find four huge displays which said “All Holiday Apparel $1”.

There were hats, gloves, socks, jewelry, baby onesies, slippers, sweatpants and racks of shirts and pajamas — all for just $1. Yes, some were very much Christmas-y stuff, but lots of the items weren’t, they were just packaged for Christmas (i.e. see the red ribbon around the pajamas above?).

I was especially excited to find ladies’ pajama sets for $1. They were originally $12 and marked down to $6, but I took them up to the register and they rang up as $1! If I weren’t a minimalist, I probably would have snatched up a dozen of them at that price!

I also found these cute tops for the girls for, yes, just $1. They were so excited about them, and I was thrilled at the price.

Have you found any amazing after-Christmas bargains?

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  1. Kassandra Wood says

    Way to Go!!!!!! I’ve found a lot of clearance merchandise and similar deals at the Wal-Mart in South Carolina! On a side note, I’d like to say the thrift stores are ROCKING this time of the year with everyone “decluttering” for the new year! So, if there is something you are in need of for cheap, now is a good time to do your thrift shopping, too!

  2. crystal says

    hey if anyone is in the fort worth area I have a ton of huggies 1.00 off coupons for free that expire tomorrow!!

  3. Char says

    Found some Glade Winter Collection candles and room sprays for $1.16. I sweetened the deal by using Glade coupon $3 off 3, so 16 cents a piece. Yay, Christmas presents for next year.

    • Gail says

      @Char, Char, I picked up the room spray and a couple of the plug ins in the purple color. These aren’t a such a holiday fragrance. Kroger had them yesterday, along with $3/3 coupons on the display @$1.24 and $1.49 respectively. not bad at .24 and .49 each after coupons. The candles would also be nice to have on hand for gifts. Take the candle out of the box, and wrap in nylon net, or, add to a gift basket you can make up with freebies like lotions, skin care, and/or dollar store bath stuff etc. Nice little pick me up for someone under the weather.

  4. Holle says

    What a great deal! I was at Walmart today but was really sticking to my list. I should have wandered a bit more. Oh, and I LOVE seeing pics of your kiddos. I was just thinking the other day that it’s been a while since I’ve seen any of them helping you out in the kitchen, etc. (Maybe there’s been some, but I’ve missed them.) Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  5. lise says

    No I haven’t except to find some gift tags marked down to $1.04. :)
    Your daughters are just adorable in their new shirts. :)

  6. Laura says

    I went to WM a couple days before Xmas & found a bunch of Danskin TShirts on clearance for $3. I was so happy & bought a bunch! My regular bunch of around-the-house T shirts gets replaced annually for $1-3. I will have to check out the Christmas clearance!

  7. says

    Great find! Thanks. Most of my finds were online – $1.99 Macy’s Jeans, $.80 Kohl’s tween bra, $.88 kids fleece wear, $12 The Limited party dress, and the one I’m most excited about today – $1 girls sandals and toddler slippers shipped!

  8. says

    I don’t know how you do it, but I’d love some pointers. I would be inclined to buy up a bunch to have for family, donations, myself, etc. However, I’d like to turn over a new leaf and start being more of a minimalist. What do you suggest? It’s going to be quite a turn, if I can do it.

  9. Sarah says

    Most of our Walmart stores are only at 50% off right now — I was just in four (yes, 4!!) different stores today, all to find the fleece holiday pajama pants for the entire family. I’m a sucker for matching Christmas pj’s — so next Christmas Eve my mom, dad, brother, sister, sister-in-law, neice, myself, my husband and our 2 children will be sporting matching (not in color, but in design) pajama pants. :)
    That said – ONE store my mom happened to stop in had Christmas stuff at 50% off, EXCEPT for the plastic containers used for cookies & such. We are HUGE cookie bakers (baked 102 dozen this Christmas) and give away a majority of those to friends/family/neighbors/police & fire departments/etc. They had the 2 & 3 packs of containers for only 25-CENTS. :) AWESOME!!!!!

  10. Michelle says

    Thanks for the heads up! Went to WM tonight but the pj sets were $9…but found a sweatshirt for my daughter for $4! YAY! Love to save :)

  11. Denise says

    I wish I’d found these at Walmart! I would have snatched up a bunch at $1.00 each .. would have gotten some for the whole family! As it is, I did enough damage at Target’s 75% off Christmas items sale today! Did anybody else get 75% off wine gift baskets???

  12. Courtney says

    My best bargains were found at Hyvee. Their big bags of bows and gift tags were marked down to .50 apiece, and their candy was super-cheap, too. Much better sale prices than either Target or Walmart!

  13. Rae says

    Went today after seeing your facebook post but unfortunately the cheapest thing I found (besides some cute Halloween $1 shirts that I got) were $2.50 Christmas pj’s that were only in size 12M :( The Christmas clothing was only 50% off here. And yes I had my husband scan a TON of pj’s just to be sure lol. But I am so happy for you that you got them and thank you for posting pics :) I think I probably would have bought a bunch of the adult ones at that price to use as gifts next year as well as donating.

  14. says

    Wow! Awesome deals! PJs at 50% off is fantastic! I got one for my niece at Kohl’s.com the other day for $2.60 I think, but $1 sure is a fabulous price.

    I went to Target this morning, and they had just marked all the holiday stuff at 75% off. I got $100 worth for $3 out of pocket. I am very excited about all of my deals. You can find my Target clearance deals here.

  15. Lacey says

    I just called my walmart to see what they were and they said everything is still 50% and they don’t have much. I don’t live close to stores, well 15 minutes but thats still a ways if I’m going to look for things that I’m not sure will be there. I’m happy for those of you that did find those deals.

    • Lisa says

      Our WM is the same. It appears that, except for a few decorative items, most remaining Christmas items (including clothing, candy, lights, etc.) were put away for next year. What a bummer! On a good note, my husband went to Home Depot today and they have 75% off of all Christmas (North Central Florida). Happy New Year everyone!

  16. Allison Johnson says

    Went to Walmart tonight. They had the exact pj set you have in your pic on top…but it was ringing up $9 at my store :( Didn’t get any great deals..

  17. Wendy says

    The PJ’s and other stuff is only 50% off at our WalMart….still got myself 2 sets of PJ’s for $6 a piece which is a good price for plus size. Will keep on checking since I know they HAVE to go down in price soon! Your girls look so cute.

  18. Jenni says

    I was able to take a rare longer trip to Target today (my husband is a teacher and has this week off) and found some really cute things marked to 75% off in the dollar section. Normally, I zoom right by there, but today, they had some things that I thought my son would enjoy as he starts to do “school,” like a Cars Dry erase board for $0.25 or a little Cars bucket to hold his markers. I also got several two-packs of little popcorn holders for $0.25 each. I may have to check out Walmart tomorrow, though.

    • Gail says

      @Jenni, Thanks Jenni! These are perfect items to stock up on for next year’s Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. My Daughter, Granddaughter and I really enjoyed participating in this worthwhile charity this year. My daughter got the shoeboxes, we both spent time together filling them with goodies, and my Granddaughter composed a letter to include to each child receiving the boxes. We all then said a prayer over each box to bless the recipient.

      • Laura says


        I love this idea. I would like to know more about it. I always pick up things throughout the year just to have on hand and this would be a perfect donation for me to get involved in.

  19. Shantique says

    I know you’re a minimalist, but you should have picked up that dozen!! You could have saved them for gifts for next Christmas or donated them!!

  20. Caryn says

    I went to Old Navy with some gift cards I got for Christmas and only stuck to clearance items and ended up with 12 items for $28. Mainly just vneck and scoop neck plain colored shirts but some of them ended up ringing up 47 cents!

  21. Trinity says

    You got lucky my store was only 50%off but did get some cute pj bottoms for my kids for $4 each. They love the soft fuzzy ones. Maybe they will get marked down more.

  22. Dessie says

    Well, my deals weren’t in the pennies-$10 range, but still really good for what I bought – I went to two of our local Kroger stores Wednesday and yesterday and the first time I caught an LG Blu-Ray player with network connections for $64 (regular price $125.99, and I got it cheaper than the Black Friday prices!), and yesterday found the Arkansas Razorback Snuggie that our oldest son wanted so badly for $9 (regular price $25). Kind of bizarre things to find at Kroger, but I was a happy camper!

  23. cdarrow26 says

    I went to WM this morning after calling and verifying they were at 75% off Christmas. I didn’t see those PJ’s but I did find fleece PJ pants for $2. I was there for 3 hours, filled one cart and went back in for round 2. My biggest deal was Limited Edition Holiday Keurig k-cups, 48 count. They were with all the Xmas clearance, but were ringing up $20. Not sure what the regular price on them was/is, cuz I’ve just started looking at them for my Keurig I ordered myself on Christmas. The manager told them to take 75% off so I got them for $5 each! Now, that’s a deal! I know the 18 pks sell for around $10 so this was a smokin’ deal!!

  24. Sarah says

    I happened to be at wm today, so I checked, and those jammies are still $9!! Yikes! The kids’ shirts and stuff were $3.50+. Bummer. BUT, they did have some good deals on toys, which I’m saving for birthday gifts :)

  25. Emily says

    Pajamas were $9 at my store, too. BUT, all Christmas stuff was 75% off. My big find — I got two matching sets of twin comforters and shams from the Better Homes and Garden line for $5.88 each. Woot! Apparently, it was “holiday themed” bedding, so that’s why it was thrown in with the Christmas stuff. But really, the pattern on my quilts is just a basic granny-flower pattern that happens to have some red and green in it. I’m going to use these when we upgrade our boys to bunk beds in the spring. So excited!

  26. Julie Saylor says

    Was at Walmart in NoVA today…found a few things at 50% off and some at 75% off…nothing as good as $1.00 on all holiday apparal though :(
    They still had some cute holiday t-shirts and PJs, but they were only marked down to $5.00 – $7.00…ugh. Needless to say, I passed them by.

  27. says

    Went to my WM here in Sout Carolina and the PJ’s you got for $1 were ringing up $9 here. So, I kept on looking and found a PJ set (Top and bottoms) on clearance rack for $5 went to the checkout and they rang up $3. Thanks!

  28. Laura says

    Walmart here was $2.50 for most clothing and they didn’t have much at the store I was at. I might head to the other one tomorrow just to check it out. I always go to each department I might be intersted in because they don’t always put all the Christmas items in the Christmas clearance area. I scored on a couple super soft throws for $1.25. They did have some bedding for $5.88 but nothing I really needed. I also got the cutest cupcake pan for a gift next year for $2.00. Also got a couple gift sets of crackers and sausage, and a Beer Mug set with some peanuts and beer nuts for $4.00. Then a few small .25 cent items for when kids come over, and then some clearance candy, Russel Stover assorted chocolates ended up being .25 cents after my coupon. All in all it was a cheap trip because I also got a cheap DVD player and I only spent $50.00 total. WalMart is always one of my after Christmas stops every year. Some great finds!

  29. Michele says

    I was at Bed Bath & Beyond today and stumbled across an amazing deal. Christmas items were 50% off, so I picked up a beautiful Lenox candle votive (classic off-white china, came in three diff’t Christmas patterns and included votive candle). The votives were originally $20, but when I got to the register I found they were marked down to $2.51! I immediately went back and gathered up the remaining votives (14!) knowing I could use them as teacher gifts, etc. next year. I had a purseful of BB&B 20% coupons, so I handed them over. After the discount, the Lenox china candle votives came to $2.00 each. I also picked up some Yankee Candle scented candles to fit in the votives for $1 each!

    Definitely worth checking out if you have a BB&B in your town!

  30. Kristin says

    This is just another reason for me to move south… they are $9 here and I have snow drifts taller than me in my yard! The worst part of all is there is not a good couponing store within 4 hours from here! (And what bad grammar I have!) Best part: I keep searching for good deals!

  31. annette says

    I was at walmart today and didnt look. These are perfect to donate to foster system, those kids usually leave with nothing or very little. I hope I can find them at our walmart, a dozen or so would help out so much.

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