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Do-It-Yourself: Make Your Own Homemade Marshmallows

photo credit: Make and Takes

Carrie from Springs Bargains just launched a brand-new additional site for those of you in Denver, called Denver Bargains. She shared an in-depth video blog yesterday on how to make homemade marshmallows.

The girls and I sat spell-bound around the computer watching her video. And now the girls are begging if we can make our own homemade marshmallows!

And if you want to add a little extra zest, you can make Homemade Chocolate-Dipped Mashmallows.

Do you have a fun and frugal DIY idea to share? I’d love to hear about it! Read the submission guidelines and submit it here.

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  1. Trinity says

    This is so awesome! I cant wait to make these. We are having a Christmas service at church with hot cocoa and these will be perfect for that!

  2. Celena says

    Wonderful! We just completely got rid of everything with HFCS in it, and of course marshmallows are practically made up of the stuff. My 21 month old loves them though, so now she won’t have to go without forever! :) These will make a wonderful ‘special’ treat for her!

  3. says

    I had decided to do chocolate-dipped pretzels for teacher gifts this year — but now I am thinking about this! However I might need to get my head examined if I undertake this. That definitely looks like it could go in the disaster-waiting-to-happen category of my recipe book!

  4. Megan says

    This will be perfect in my super-simple “real” hot chocolate:
    2 cups milk
    1 T cocoa powder
    1 T sugar
    – Mix and heat to desired temperature. Serves two. Yum!

  5. Lois says

    This is what we did when we lived overseas decades ago and I wanted a treat for holidays. There were no marshmallows to buy. I’d color and flavor them and cut out with cookie cutter shapes. Like pink hearts for valentine’s day, etc. I’m not sure I even had corn syrup then– I do remember I let my stand mixer just go on and on forever while I did other stuff. :)

  6. brookeb says

    If you don’t quite feel like making this is doable, there are several sellers on etsy who make them for purchase. It would make a very unique gift for people who love sweets.

  7. Robin says

    I made marshmallows last year using this recipe:


    They tasted really great, and were fun, but were STICKY. Sugar and sugary goop got everywhere. My kitchen had a fine layer of powdered sugar coating everything. So be prepared to have fun cleaning, and to take a shower when you’re done, especially if you have 2 young girls involved, lol.

    It is possible I’m just extraordinarily messy, lol.

    Also, homemade marshmallows do not work well for rice krispie treats. I think it’s becuase the moisture content is higher than the store bought ones.

  8. Doreen says

    I made them this morning and they are awesome. I just made the plain one’s because I did not have the peppermint extract. So easy and they taste incredible!

  9. Corina says

    These look wonderful. Thank You so much for sharing this. Now I don’t have to run down to the grocery store for marshmellows I can make them at home.

  10. robin c says

    I’ve made them before using Martha Stewart’s recipe and we ate them right from the pan or with the hot chocolate. Didn’t last long enough to use for smores :) Hope to make some this year also.

  11. Jennifer says

    I made these a few years ago as gifts. I’m sure the linked website probably mentions this, but a good mixer is a must for this — hand mixer isn’t sufficient and would ruin the motor. The finished product is indeed very good!

  12. says

    I have made my own marshmallows. They are delicious, but be sure to take some plastic wrap and wrap your mixer as well as the wall behind it. I taped up a big garbage bag. Cleaning a jillion flecks of marshmallow off your wall and mixer is NOT FUN.

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