Free $20 credit is another site offering private brand sales on a weekly basis and you can get a free $20 credit when you signed up right now. The credit comes via email within a day or two.

I wasn’t going to post this offer because I thought that Ruelala was so overpriced and shipping was so steep that even a $20 credit wouldn’t make for a good deal. However, in the last two days they’ve had deals which have been really good after the $20 credit. So, I’m going to encourage you to sign up for the free $20 credit from and then I’ll let you know if a great deal comes available.

Thanks, Ann!

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  1. Desi says

    @Katie, yeap, i think its flat rate, but if you get the $20 credit for signing up, and you get one of the $35 PUMA shoes or the $25 PUMA “Campus” bag, its only $15-$25 including shipping. In the store its a lot more! =)

  2. Mary @ 4our2cents says

    If I want to share this deal with my friends, will they get the $20 credit too using my unique referral link? Or is this a offer that you got sent to you specifically?

  3. cara says

    thanks for passing this along crystal, and hope you’re having fun at the conference. i cannot figure out how to get the $20 credit. can crystal or anyone reading this help??

    thanks in advance

  4. margaret says

    I got a nice cusinart popcorn popper for 5 dollars + shipping what a deal… thanks msm you rock…

  5. Maggie says

    All I received was an email saying thanks for signing up and refer your friends, get $10. No $20 credit???

  6. Kelsey says

    The website says I have to be invited or wait for space to open up. Is there someone’s email I can put in to sign up??

  7. Laura says

    Can Canadians not sign up? Postal codes don’t fit/aren’t valid and you can’t sign up or browse without logging in…