1. says

    you are so finding all the projects i’ve already found and want to do. we must have similar taste and you must be on a home decor mission!

  2. Beth says

    This is super cute! We just moved and when I was unpacking I found out that I have 400 coffee filters from when my MIL was staying with us… she said she kept forgetting where she put them and would buy more… now I have plenty to make a couple wreaths!

  3. mareeska says

    I have made a wreath like this before and I used toothpick to secure waterballoons to the wreath. Very cute for a childs bedroom door.

  4. Ashley B says

    This is such an ADORABLE idea! I saw this and instantly wanted to make this! I’m running to the store now to buy the items. :)

  5. Charity says

    This is so stinkin cute! Who’da thunk it? Have you seen how to make the most adorable pumpkins ever from a roll of tissue paper? (Of course my first thought was…uh, but what if we ran out of TP…then I’d be undoing my decor to tote to a “mooommy! I’m doooone!” call from one of my tots on the potty. ;) )

  6. Heidi says

    Such a great idea. I am on a crafting spree, so we made one this afternoon after a quick trip to the Dollar Tree! :)

  7. Heather N says

    For those of you that didn’t understand….the filters are already brown when you purchase them. I made one today and it’s so cute. I don’t even drink coffee! LOL!