Package of 52 Pull-Ups for $10 shipped!

Amazon currently has a great deal on Huggies Pull-Ups right now. And, if you have the latest issue of Parents or Parenting the Early Years magazine, you’ll be able to get an additional 20% off! Here’s how to get a big package of 52 Huggies Pull-Ups for around $10 shipped:

::Make sure you are signed up for the free Amazon Mom program (this will give you 30% off select baby items plus free 2-day shipping).

::Add the Huggies Pull-Ups to your cart via the Subscribe & Save option. (The price should drop to around $13.15 after you add them to your cart.)

::Add the 20% coupon code from the November issue of Parents and Parenting the Early Years magazine to get another 20% off making your total around $10 for a package of diapers.

::Once your order ships, just go into your Amazon account and cancel your subscription and you won’t be billed or receive another shipment.

Thanks, Laurel!

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  1. amanda cooper says

    I can’t figure out how to sign up for the free amazon mom program. Every time I click on your link it says the page isn’t found. If you could help that would be great!! Thanks!

  2. Julia says

    I get parenting magazine but I have the October one. I have not gotten the November magazine. Do I have a code inside my October magazine also?

  3. Jennifer says

    If anyone has a code they won’t be using it, could you email it to me please? My last issue of The Early Years just came last month:(

    avalismommy at hotmail . com


  4. Shelly N. says

    If anyone has an extra code, I’d love to have one! I thought I was subscribed to one of these mags, but haven’t seen them in the mail yet . . . I’ll have to check on that!


    philandshelly at epix dot net

  5. Rosanna says

    This looks like a great deal, however I have not received my Nov. Issue of Parents magazine, and I don’t know why. If anyone has a code you do not need, if you would please email it to me, I would really appreciate that. Thanks!

    • Sylvia says

      @Rosanna, I haven’t recieved mine either! I e-mailed the company and they say they have a staggered delivery because it’s nationwide so it should be coming in any day now. I went ahead and ordered mine in case they sold out of my son’s size. It’s a better deal than the stores even if I didn’t get the discount code! I’m getting my neighbor to sign up and order for me when I do get my code if they still have his size when I get it. One more thing is it might be worth it to buy a parents mag at the store. You may be able to find a printable coupon for the mag too! Good luck!!

  6. Melanie says

    I’m super duper excited for this deal. We’ve just started to get serious about potty training today, so thank you so much Money Saving Mom!!!
    Does anyone have an extra code they could pass my way, please and thank you????

    m dot kania at verizon dot net

  7. Emily Snapp says

    Not accepting the code from Parenting:The Early Years. The code card says DIAPERS, so I’m assuming thats why? Still a good deal w/out the 20%.

  8. Stefani says

    Is it true if you used these codes in the past, you can’t use anymore in the same account even if you got the latest code?

  9. Britt says

    Anyone have a code? My magazine hasn’t come yet, and we desperately need some pull ups. I’ll post my code when it comes in… seems like I’m never getting my magazines on time anymore. My email is blhb21@yahoo dot com


  10. Tessa says

    i did this last week with the amazon prime “mom” code i had for 10% off. unfortunately they don’t ship for like 4 weeks after the order. patiently waiting!

  11. Deanna says

    I keep getting this message when I try to use the code for Pull-Ups:

    Important Message
    We’re sorry, but the promotional code you entered cannot be applied to this purchase. Please refer to your promotional coupon for information about item or store restrictions.

    Any ideas? Thank you, daycare told me he HAS to be potty trained by Dec, so I really need to work on it! (He’s only two now)

    • Sylvia says

      @Deanna, They want him to be potty trained at 2?!? I hope all goes well, but please talk to someone about how to go about it. My friend is a Phd in child psych and I had this problem with my son and his preschool. He’s a very smart, sensitive little guy and he had anxiety issues about going #2 and we finally got him into a great preschool that didn’t require this. We took the relaxed approach (no pants in the house) and bribed him with candy and one day he decided (all by himself, privately) to go. He didn’t want fanfare and we continued to give him candy for a couple of weeks. Now he’s great with it and he doesn’t even pee the bed! I’m not overly permissive with my children, but potty training is a very sensitive area for children. They’re learning to control one of the most intimate of functions. If you research it, it’ll be a lot easier for the two of you. Good luck and I hope you get your code s0oon!

  12. Cathy says

    Their shipping is awesome, too! I ordered diapers last week through the subscribe and save feature…I ordered them Wednesday afternoon and got them at 1 PM on Thursday!

  13. kay l says

    I could really use a code if someone has an extra one have a toddler in diapers and another one on the way soon! Thanks so much! :)

    kaylisowski @ yahoo . com

  14. J says

    I know its a long shot, but if there are any available codes I would love one as well!!! jtmkcm at yahoo dot com


  15. Betsy says

    I’d love a code too, if there are any left! I haven’t received my November issue of Parenting yet… I’ll be happy to pass my code along as soon as I receive it. tbzimmerman at live dot com


  16. Betty says

    Anyone have anymore codes from Parents, I haven’t gotten mine yet, but have gotten the early years? If so please send it to kyrela @ hotmail dot come

  17. says

    I went and bought Parent’s magazine at Target specifically to use the coupon on diapers. I got ready to place my big order and someone has STOLEN my code. :( I cannot believe this. Who does that? My guess is they wrote it down at target. I have contacted amazon and they said I should hear back in 24 hours. I am just worried that the deals I had in my cart will be gone. Boo.

  18. says

    Hello, I have been looking in my magazine for the pull ups coupon and just realized it said the parenting early years.. am I right to assume that these same codes do not come in the parenting school years magazine and that is why I cant find them.. After all this searching I finally realized that must be the difference but if someone knows for sure I would appreciate finding out so I know for the future..thanks:)

  19. Julie says

    I’d LOVE to have a code if anyone has one that they don’t need. I have three children in diapers/pullups right now! Thank you SO much!

    joule7776 at hotmail dot com

    Oh, but also, I’m not seeing the pullups on the ‘subscribe and save’ section….anybody know if they sold out or something? If I go to your link and add them to my cart, they still stay 18.xx and I don’t get the 30% off even though I am a member of Amazon Mom. Then I looked and they aren’t in that subscribe section…maybe they sold out of the promotional ones?

  20. Stefani says

    For those of you who doesn’t get the magazine, try your local library and doctors’ office. That’s where I get mine, although someone beat me to the one at my library.:)

  21. Maria Cobb says

    Did I wait too long? I don’t have the code, but I figured I’d still get them for the $13.15. However the price did not drop from the $18 something after I put it in the cart?

  22. Blaire Ruch says

    that was awesome!
    just got 58 2T-3T pullups for $10.36 with tax and 504 Pampers wipes for $10.67 with tax, but had $25 from Swagbucks, so totally free!

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