48-Hour Giveaway: Green Giant Potato Steamers (and a Kindle!)

Green Giant is giving away some of their brand-new Green Giant Fresh Whole Baby Potato Steamers in Sauce to four winners today. And, one of those winners is going to win a Kindle Reader, too!

Green Giant asked me if I’d do a review along with this giveaway. So I gave them my address and was blown away when a freezer box with 24 bags of Green Giant Fresh Whole Baby Potato Steamers in Sauce showed up at our door! Needless to say, we’ve definitely had our fair share of these over the last few days!

The Green Giant Fresh Whole Baby Potato Steamers in Sauce are mini potatoes packages in microwavable bags. They come in four different flavors: Roasted Garlic Butter, Three Chili, Mesquite Smoked Bacon and Four Cheese. They were designed to make a quick and healthy side dish.

Immediately upon receiving these, I turned the bags over and was fairly impressed with the ingredient list. There wasn’t a whole lot of junk in them and I was happy to discover that even the four cheese variety did not have food coloring in it.

Now, overall, I thought these weren’t as convenient as I was hoping. I found that the 5-6 minutes you were supposed to be able to cook them in wasn’t quite enough time. 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 minutes is really what it took. In addition, there was only 3 servings per bag so if your family is larger, it’s going to take you around 15+ minutes to cook up six servings. In reality, that’s not much less time than it would take to scrub and cook the potatoes from scratch in the microwave.

I thought perhaps it was our microwave, but we took dinner to a family’s house the other night and I made the bags in their microwave and they still took extra long to cook. I ended up dumping the potatoes in a pot on low on the stove after cooking them in the microwave (because I was making five bags of potatoes and wanted to keep them all warm for dinner) and found this worked really well. And that was our favorite batch of these potatoes so far.

So while we weren’t huge fans of the bags of potatoes we cooked straight in the microwave, I am really excited about the recipes you can use these potatoes in. It would definitely speed up preparation time if the potatoes were mostly all done for you.

Would you like to try out these potatoes and have a chance to win a Kindle Reader, too? Just click on the graphic below and enter your name and email address. Four winners will be chosen and posted on Monday.

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  1. elizabeth reisner says

    Oh, pick me! It would make for a wonderful birthday this year if I was the “grand prize” winner! My poor husband wouldn’t have to be so upset about the possibility of NOT getting me a gift this year :-)

  2. Prathee chandar says

    Being an MBA student, Kindle will save me tons of money on buying textbooks. Hope, I’ll get picked!!

  3. Linzi Baruah says

    I love Giant Green Veggies(2 vegetarians at home) and buy them every week(with coupons), so I’d love to win this and lighten my weekly veggie budget. It’d be the icing on the cake to win the Kindle(On my wish list for Santa!)

  4. Jen =) says

    Thanks a LOT for offering these Crystal! I would love to experiment with the potatoes and see what new creations I can invent. The Kindle is the gift of reading and knowledge. With our money situation being so extremely tight, this would be a Godsend!

  5. Dacia says

    Ok, too funny – you just tucking the Kindle in with potatoes. . . That’s a new one on getting people to eat their veggies! LOL

  6. Kim says

    I would love to try these potatoes and the Kindle is something I have been dreaming of for quite a while!! I have to travel a lot to be able to see my husband who is gone from home most of the time and reading with a Kindle would help out greatly!

  7. Kristina says

    What a great giveaway!
    The potatos look really good but the Kindle would be awesome! I’ve been wanting one forever and trying to save my swagbucks!

    Thanks for everything you do and you’re great giveaways!

  8. says

    I love potatoes. I would love to have a Kindle so I can download all these awesome free books you post on here! This giveaway is sheer heaven.

  9. Jennifer says

    I tried to enter through the picture above where it tells you to click and it says this survey is closed…. I surely hope not so I am hopeing that leaving my comment will enter me!!! I would be excited to win both the free potatoes and the kindle!!

  10. Dan Cyr says

    I use wish bone italian dressing and garlic cloves, and extra spices to marriate our chicken. I let it stand in the fridge for about 4 hours, then broil it and it is very moist and tender!