The diaper deal just got hotter: You can stack the magazine codes!!

Okay, so I’m pretty sure that you all are well aware of the great diaper deals available on right now. But I just found out that they are a whole lot hotter than we originally thought because you can stack the 20% off codes in the Parents and Parenting the Early Years August and September issues.

The thought never occurred to me to try this, so a huge shout-out to Baby Cheapskate for discovering this and passing it on! Here’ how it works:

::Go to the Baby section on Amazon and click on the “Special Offer” link at the top to see all products which qualify for the 30% off discount. (Be sure to check the Amazon Coupons Page here and refresh a few times to see if there’s any applicable coupons. They have $2/1 Pampers coupons and more.)

::Choose the diapers you’d like to purchase.

::Add them to your cart using the Subscribe & Save feature and they should show up at 30% off plus free shipping.

::Add the 20% off coupon codes from the August or September 2010 Parents or Parenting the Early Years magazines to the coupon code box. It looks like you may be able to use at least three different codes in one order!

::Once you receive your diapers, don’t forget to log in and cancel your subscription — unless you’d like to continue receiving diapers at the discounted rate.

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  1. Jen says

    Thanks for the hot tip on this amazing deal. I just purchased 176 size 4 Pampers Baby Dry diapers for a grand total of $2.44. I was able to stack 3 of the 20% off codes from Parents and Parenting. Can’t beat that deal!

  2. Sarah says

    This seems to be over. I did it yesterday, and today it has not let me stack. I even tried opening a new account, and it is not working. Bummer!

  3. Tami says

    So I just got my huggies pull-ups ordered. I got a big box of 68 for only $16.97. I only had one magazine code, but I was able to refresh the coupons until I found a $1.50 off one! Nice, considering these are usually way over $20 in the store.

  4. rodwins says

    I have W or A codes to trade for a Z code if anyone’s interested. If you email me the Z code, I will email you one W or A code (let me know which one) back. Thanks!

    • Robin Lindsay says

      I’M not sure what the difference is between an A, Z, and W code is? I have my codes but it will only allow me to use one of them. Is it because they all start with W?

      • rodwins says

        @Robin Lindsay, That was my best guess. It’s letting me use a “A” and a “W” code, but no more than one of either. That may be the issue. My guess is that if you want to use three, you need an A, W and Z. Just a theory :)

  5. J.C. says

    If you need more codes, it would be worth buying another magazine or visit your local library and they will probably have a back issue or a newer issue. Just an idea

  6. melissa says

    Hey guys! I would love codes if anyone would like to share :)

    Have a great weekend either way!

  7. Andrea says

    Quick question- i have a code that starts with an X and would be willing to trade it for one that starts with something else if anyone wants to try switching email me at You are welcome to this code. thanks!

  8. Caroline says

    I have W and X codes to trade for any of the other letter codes. My email is

      • Caroline says

        @Jen, I found it in ‘Parenting, the young years’ but unfortunately someone used my X code without completing their part of the trade :(

        • Jen says

          @Caroline, WOW! I had one other person warn me of someone on another blog that did that to them. It is ashamed that people would do that. We all are just trying to save a little money. I’m sorry that happened to you.

  9. Shannon says

    I have W & A codes but need an X code. Email me if you have X and I will give you either W or A. I have two kids under 2 so I would really appreciate it!

  10. brooke says

    Hello, I have a random request. I have 2 codes, and somehow they did not end up working. I have spoken to amazon and they have said that if I can give them an order # showing the multiple codes used, or an email address of someone’s account that it worked for they can help me out. This had been a nightmare for me! Does anyone mind emailing me either of those things? I used an A and a W code.

    • Ashley says

      It won’t work for me either…Amazon was NO help to me neither. I gave this website and the Promotions department looked at it, so they said. They sent me an email saying that I did not meet the requirments for this promotion. I emailed back and they never said anything any more. Now the 3 coupon codes I gave them are not working at all!
      PS Last month they allowed two coupon codes per email address. This time around they will only allow one per person. Bummer
      So I feel your pain.

  11. Jennifer says

    BUMMER!! I was on vacation and haven’t received my copies of Parenting:The Early Years for August or September yet. I checked my subscription and it doesn’t end until Nov. Has anyone else not received their September issue yet? If anyone has any extra codes to spare it would be greatly appreciated! I have 2 in diapers, too.

    • Sarah says

      @Jennifer, I haven’t gotten my September parenting mag either. They said I should receive it on the first (too late to stack with the august code, dang it!)

  12. Rae says

    I have 2 W codes if anyone wants to trade for either an A or X or Z code! I would give both of them for 1 code.

  13. Allison says

    Woot! Just got a 204 count box of Pampers for $2.78, which I paid with my Swagbucks Amazon cards! Completely free, and stocked up just in time to rejoin the workforce and leave hubby at home changing diapers!

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