Swagbucks: 70 bonus points for new sign-ups

If you’ve been considering signing up for Swagbucks, this is the week to do it because you’ll get 70 bonus Swagbucks when you sign up – as opposed to the usual 30 bonus points. Just sign up and use code BackToSchool to get 70 bonus points added to your account.

This code is valid through August 15, 2010.

New to Swagbucks? Read how to earn free gift cards and more.

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  1. Nancy says

    I can’t get this to work. I’m plugging it in where it says “Enter your swag code”. Am I doing something wrong? I keep getting the message “Please enter a valid promotion code”. Thanks!

    • Jennifer says

      Me either! I tried it exactly like it was written above, all capitalized, & all lowercase, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas on why this isn’t working?

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says

      @Nancy, This code only works for people signing up for a new account. It’s not a traditional swag code.

  2. AshleyLanea says

    I had trouble with the promotion code, too. I tried it several times and it wouldn’t go through, then I tried making my password just a bit shorter (I used a total of 11 characters), and then it worked. I’m not sure if that’s what did it or not, but if you’re having trouble, it might be worth a try.

    Thanks, Crystal, for the heads-up about this awesome promotion! I was thinking of signing up for Swagbucks the other week, but I’m glad I waited. Thanks again! :)

  3. Krista White says

    I’m not sure if this will get an answer under this posting, but I was wondering if anyone who uses swagbucks has noticed malware or spyware on their machine? I’ve been hesitant to try Swagbucks because I can’t stand all that junk that gets added from certain sites.

    • Sherri says

      @Krista White, I have not had any problems, either. You just have to make sure you don’t do the “free” special offers that are downloading games, etc. That’s where the bad stuff lurks.

  4. Nancy says

    I signed up for a new account yesterday. Tried this code several times. Couldn’t get it to work. Suggestions??

  5. NancyP says

    I tried multiple times also. My password was only 8 but I tried shortening it and it worked! Worth a try for the extra SwagBucks, now I have to figure out what they are =))

  6. Kathie Toluba says

    I left a space after the code and it didn’t work, but when I deleted the space, it was fine.