Pinecone Research: Accepting applications again

Pinecone Research — one of the best survey companies out there — is accepting applications again. This will likely fill up quickly, so if you’ve been considering signing up for this highly-recommended survey company, now’s the time to do it!

If you’re accepted, you’ll be paid $3 per survey via Paypal or check and payment is always very prompt. You also may have opportunities to try out full-sized products.

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  1. vickie says

    I signed up the last time you posted this and I got my first $3.00 check yesterday. So far I’m really impressed by this company

  2. Julie says

    I assume you can’t make a ton of money on this which is ok… anything extra is good but do you have to report and pay taxes on this because if you do then it’s really not worth it. Don’t you have to report anything over $600.00 earned. I am sure I won’t be making that.

    • Jessica says


      Idoubt you will make that muchin a year. The first month I was with Pinecone I made $50, which is really good for them. But after that I get about 1 survey a week so $12 a month. Plus I’ve been sent 4 different items to try(one item costing over $100 in stores) and then you get a follow up survey for those products which you get paid for also.

    • Shelly says

      @Julie, FYI, according to tax law, you *should* report any income made, whether it’s less than $600 or not. $600 is just the point at which an employer/company is required to report your earnings to you and the IRS via a 1099 form.

  3. Katie Kerr says

    Hi I am wondering if anybody knows whether or not Canadians can do this, or if it is only in the USA?

  4. Emily says

    I signed up a few days ago and never got an email from them, has this happened for anyone else??