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Buy One, Get One Free Crush Soda Printable coupon

Okay, so I can barely stomach posting about an orange drink which isn’t orange juice, but since some of you wrote in all excited about this coupon, I think I may be in the minority here. :)

So, for those of you who are interested, print a Buy One, Get One Free Crush Soda coupon here.

Thanks, Jen!

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  1. jen says

    I sent this in to you, but I am with you. Soda seems to be a “gotta have it” or a “no never” purchase, no riding on the fence for most people.

    I did see a recipe for using this to make a slush.

    Strawberry Slush~~~
    2 cups frozen strawberries
    1/3- 1/2 cup sugar (or Splenda )
    1 cup ice
    2 cups Strawberry Soda

    Love you site and appreciate all you work.

  2. Dani says

    I don’t drink pop on a regular basis, but every now and then I will want one! I have two twelve packs of pop thats been in my pantry for 3 months now lol Orange pop is great with some vanilla ice cream! Great summer treat!

  3. Keiva says

    This coupon is a hot item! I usually never get there fast enough! I got it this time though! Thanks! I don’t drink soda unless I can get it with a coupon and that is not very often. With 5 kids soda is not on the menu too often.

  4. Lee says

    we use it as a treat. We don’t keep it stocked in the house, but when the boys have birthday parties our families drink it. So I will be buying since we have a birthday next month!

  5. Kim says

    Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the occasional soft drink. Orange drinks are not my thing at all, but I love an ice cold Dr Pepper once in awhile. If you ever see a coupon for those, post it ASAP. haha!

  6. Charity says

    I agree with you Crystal, but I have to admit that I *always* crave this drink somehting awful when I am pregnant. I know that’s awful, but what is worse is that I want to drink it while I eat a fried bologna sandwhich!! Oh, those cravings are so tough to fight!! Fried bologna, mayo, white sandwhch bread, sugary orange drink…no nutrients for growing baby…ick! :)

    • says

      Okay, you gave me a good laugh today. Those sound like the ultimate in pregnancy cravings! Isn’t it crazy what you ravenously crave when growing a baby?? It never ceases to crack me up!

  7. chelsea says

    I am SO with you! I agree with DH, who says orange soda tastes like medicine. I totally agree with him.

    Now coke on the other hand…give me some of that any day!

  8. Mary says

    We got a snowcone maker (shaves ice) for a wedding gift —– The shaved ice with diet orange is a nice treat after mowing the lawn on 103 degree 90 percent humidity nebraska summer days!

  9. Tovah Certain says

    This particular soda was my #1 craving during my last pregnancy!!! Too bad i didn’t have the coupon then…..my craving was anything orange colored!!! Navel oranges, orange kool-aid, and orange crush soda. haha

  10. cwaltz says

    After an icky glucola test years ago I lost my cravings for orange soda. Like many have said though Crush comes in other flavors(grape and strawberry I believe). The kids will be thrilled because soda is an occassional treat and usually they have to spend their allowance to get it.


  11. says

    Who loves orange soda? I love orange soda! I do I do I do I do I do-ew!
    That’s from Keenan and Kel, some years ago. Can you tell I have kids?
    I read the ingredients one time, and ever since then I haven’t wanted any, thankyouverymuch. But others in my house do enjoy anything cold & wet.

  12. Julie says

    You won’t find this in our house! I don’t think my kids have had a full can of pop ever! (At least not that I am aware of!) I’m with you on this one! They don’t need it, there is no nutritional value and it is just an added cost. If we give them any special drink it is a juice box every now and then. And believe it or not they prefer iced tea most of the time that we make almost daily.

    • Trish says

      My children love this drink.
      Their PaPa(my husbands father) died when he was 87. He was too old to get out and play baseball or ride bikes. My kids were only 6 and 4 when he past away but they both remember the times when they sat in the porch swing and shared an orange crush and some great stories of times when he was a child. Great memories.

  13. says

    Ever make a purple cow? Or black cow, or orange cow….

    Basically a black cow is vanilla ice cream scooped into a tall glass, with root beer – you know where this is going right? For a purple cow, pour grape soda… for orange, use orange soda… YUMMERS!! as a special summer treat, of course!!

    But vanilla ice cream is really good with orange juice too if you really can’t stand soda even as a treat.

  14. says

    I agree, I totally don’t care for orange soda normally, BUT, that being said, most of our 11 kids DO like this with ice cream! Just pour it in with vanilla ice cream, just as you would make a root beer float = orange dream bars. :) YUM!

  15. says

    This is one of the super unhealthy items we buy a few times during the summer. My husband’s favorite desert is Orange Crush Sherbet.

    1 2L orange crush
    1 small can crushed pineapple
    1 can sweetened condensed milk

    Add in that order to ice cream maker and run according to manufacturers directions.

    I’ve never used the cans or 20 oz size but will if it is cheaper.

    At some point, I am going to use fresh pineapple, see if Whole Foods has orange soda that is a bit healthier (still not healthy), but don’t know how to replace the sweetened milk. I am sure someone has figured out a homemade version.

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