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Back-to-School Deals: Teachers and homeschoolers have a limit of 25 at Staples; price-matching at Walmart

I’ve posted the Staples back-t0-school deals the past two weeks and failed to tell you an important piece of information. A reader wrote in with the following and I wanted to post it in case some of the rest of you didn’t know:

Please feel free to remind  your readers that if they are a teacher and show their faculty I.D. they can get increased limits on all 1-cent and some 25-cent sale items at Staples. For example, the 1-cent folders had a limit of 5, but teachers can get 25. Glue had limit of 2, but teachers can get 25.

Does anyone know if this is also true at other stores?

Also, if you want to keep things simple, don’t forget that you can price-match any of the back-to-school deals at your local stores at Walmart. Just bring in the competitor’s  ads and Walmart will price-match any advertised price.

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        • Joy says

          @Rebecca, Exactly what Rebecca said. Just sign up for a Teacher’s Reward Card. I asked the manager last year and he said absolutely. Just write “Your last name Homeschool” when it asks for the name of the school. I also called their 800 corporate # to make sure and they were fine w/ homeschool teachers as well.

  1. Carrie says

    I just checked Walmart’s price match policy and it says they do not honor from outside their local trade territory. What is local trade territory? Our nearest target is about 25 miles away, will they price match them?

    • Amanda says

      @Carrie, I doubt it. Usually Wal-Mart consider their competitors to be stores in a very near area to them. Maybe 5-10 miles, depending on the number of stores in the area. The actual mileage varies from store to store.

    • AKelly says

      @Carrie, Ask them. I say this because we are terribly rural here. We have a Food Lion and a WalMart. That’s it. When I tried to price match one night, the cashier was so helpful. She told me, “oh, yeah, we price match Food Lion…” and named off every other store that we get sales papers for in our “big city” Sunday paper subscription. No buy one, get ones or % off or Kroger Mega Event deals, but regular sale prices work.

  2. says

    Office Max will double the number of the special items. For example, this week the rulers had a limit of 6, so my husband who is a teacher could buy 12.

  3. WilliamB says

    Even if your store doesn’t have higher limits for teachers, ask the manager nicely anyway. It’s amazing what you can get just for asking nicely.

    A few years ago I was buying $100 worth of school supplies for needy children in the Caribbean ($100 being the country’s limit on importation). The sales clerk asked about all the stuff I was buying. We got to talking, he told the manager what I was doing, and the manager gave me a nice discount – allowing me to get a lot more for my $100.

  4. Natalie says

    This also applies at our Staples in Illinois. Usually, my husband and I check with a salesperson to find out the limits for teachers (often either 10 or 25 of a certain item), and then just show our teacher’s reward cards at the register.

  5. says

    okay so I haven’t tried to price match at walmart before so how do I do price match??!! Do I bring the ad to the cash register and tell them that I want to price match or do I bring my items to customer service?!

    • says

      Yes. Bring the ads (they have to be current) up to the register with you. Wal-Mart cashiers are used to this. I price-match grocery ads there, so I don’t have to shop all over town. The comparison must be apples to apples. So if Elmer’s glue sticks are on ad sale at Staples (I don’t know if they are, just an example), you can’t expect Wal-mart to price match for RoseArt glue sticks.
      To make it easier for you and the cashier, group all of the ad match stuff at the beginning or end of the conveyor.

      • says

        And I always circle the item on the ad and write it again at the top of the ad, so I know what from which store I’m price-matching. Makes checkout less stressful and confusing when you’re doing ad matches AND coupons.

  6. kathy2579 says

    Staples is great for teachers they do up to 25
    Office max doubles

    Walmart is a pain about price match and up to 25 with staples or double with office max… We have all 3 with in 5 miles of each other.

    I hear some Kmarts are good with teacher stuff talk to the manager

    Ask CVS is they will.. I live 5 min from the CVS headquarters in RI.. they are very teacher friendly here

  7. Jennifer says

    Please remember that many teachers are forced to stock their classrooms out of pocket. They do not have to do this, but they do it out of the goodness of their hearts for those students who can not afford to purchase supplies. If you do not need 25 folders, I would strongly urge you not to stock up on them, but rather leave them for someone who does.

  8. Mary says

    I have never had a problem price matching anything at Walmart in fact I usually just tell them the price and they type it in without even seeing my ads! But I always bring the ads just case!

  9. Jennifer D says

    Walgreens does this too. I usually just let them know that I am a teacher, have my ID ready if they ask, and they allow me to go over the limit quantity. :)
    Staples is usually a great place to get the 25 items. I didn’t like that they put a $5.00 min. purchase on them this year though. :(

    • Crissy S. says

      @Jennifer D,
      Fortunately, it was a $5 limit before rebate so buying the ream of paper counted. Otherwise, I would have been frustrated. It stopped us from going store to store to store though. (I have 3 in my area).

  10. Corissa says

    My experience with Staples this year has been that they will only do the teacher quantity (25) for the “Extreme Deals” — the penny items that require a $5 minimum purchase. This week I wanted to buy 25 of the 25 cent sliding pencil cases and two different stores were adamant that the teacher quantities only applied to the penny items. :(

  11. Maria says

    Thank you posting. I’ve been homeschooling for years and had no idea that homeschool teachers qualify for the teachers rewards program. Thanks alot. ….

  12. says

    If you sign up for a staples teacher’s rewards card, this should always work. Homeschooling parents can sign up as teachers as well. This rewards card also gives you 2% cash back on purchases.

  13. Becky says

    I went to a Staples in California today and went straight to the manager to find out the limit for teachers on the 25 cent specials. He was on the phone helping another teacher with the same question and corporate told him that teachers can get 10 each of the 25 cent items. There wasn’t a code at the register, so the sales associate had to manually enter the price.

  14. Mary says

    re: Jennifers comment about teachers buying their own supplies and if you don’t need them, etc.
    I always buy the penny and 25 cent deals even if we don’t need them to donate to my children’s classrooms. My mom taught for 35 years and she spent her paycheck on her kids so any bit I can do to help the teachers and schools I’m doing. They are always VERY appreciative.

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