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CVS: Huggies diapers marked down to 75% off?!?!

If you have a CVS store nearby and you use Huggies diapers, I suggest you run over there ASAP. I mentioned a 50% clearance on the Jumbo Packs, but now readers are reporting finding them clearanced to 75% off — making them only $4.49 after the clearance price. Plus, use some of the $3/1 coupons to get them for $1.49 per package.

Talk about a steal on diapers!!

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  1. Becky says

    My store also has CVS & Pampers baby wipes, Aveeno baby wash, baby formula and lots of other baby stuff clearanced 50% and 75% off.

  2. Melane says

    Grrr…just bought more today, but still only 50% off. Will check more stores tomorrow. FYI…te $3 Huggies coupon was reset today.

  3. Courtney says

    I just checked out 3 local stores…all were cleaned out. : ( One store had Pampers on clearance (newborn sizes) and another had CVS brand diapers marked down to $3.50/mega pack. The mega pack Huggies in my area were marked down 50% still (to $8.99).

  4. susan says

    Only one store had diapers 75% off in my area. Everything was basically cleaned out except for Pampers swaddlers size 1 mega pack and the CVS brand diapers. I bought the pampers as I know 3 women who will give birth in 1-3 months! The other 2 cvs stores I went to had the Huggies for 50% off for the mega packs, but most were cleaned out. I was able to find 1 pack in my son’s size.

  5. says

    Seriously, these deals have helped us stock up on diapers hopefully through the end of the year. I got 5 mega packs for $5.25 (incl. tax) tonight, and these diapers are much better than the ones we normally buy at our warehouse store.

    Thank you so much for posting these tips – our budget is really tight these days, and crossing one major line item off of it (at least for awhile) really helps us.

  6. says

    Yes…we had mega packs on sale for 75% off at our CVS. I also found Huggies Cool Alert Pull ups for 75% off and some CVS brand diapers for 75% off. I was very happy.

    Thanks so much to Money Saving Mom for the heads up here. I would not have known to check out these deals if it wasn’t for this website.

  7. Sarah says

    I got a steal today on diapers at CVS! I went to ours on my way to Kroger to take advantage of the Kroger huggies deal and found mega packs on sAle 75% off, with exception of 2 packs of a different size (they were still 50%off). They were also clearancing the snug & dry’s at 90%-unadvertised (I think it was surely a fluke, but I’m still kicking myself for accidentally leaving my snug & dry coupons at home!!!). All in all, after coupons and a few ECBs I left spending $13.68 on 9 pkgs. of mega sized diapers. If I’d had my snug & dry coupons it would have been $3.00. I have 2 in diapers so this should carry my oldest through potty training–YAY!!!!

  8. Jennifer says

    I found that all the sales were not marked so I price checked everything I thought was on sale and a lot of them are on sale at all the stores they just aren’t marked. Price check the Little Movers Mega Packs ($4.49), Aveeno Baby Wash ($1.49), Huggies Baby Wash ($.97), Similac Organic Formula ($6.99), Pampers 231 count wipes ($1.99) and Johnsons Baby Wash ($1.12)……theses are all the items I have found 75% off but weren’t marked at all the stores (I went to 6 CVS store yesterday). With or without coupons these are great prices. Good Luck!!

    • Julie says

      @Jennifer, There is a 1.00 off coupon for the aveeno baby wash in the msm coupon database, just type in aveeno. I just got back from getting 2 bottles for .42 each +tax! Thanks for the heads up on the discount on these!

    • chante says

      I ran in on my lunch break & I did notice that some other baby items were marked down & I reallty didnt have the time for verification. It sucks that the 2 CVS I went in didnt have a price checker. But I am definetly going to continue my search after work.

  9. chelle says

    is this a regional thing? my cvs here in maine don’t have the huggies on clearance. I even scanned them to make sure that it was just not marked on the shelf but they are sill on regular price of 11.99. ***sigh***

    • AKelly says

      @chelle, It may be regional, I don’t know. But it’s the Huggies Mega packs that are $17.99 that I found at the 75% off. So, maybe it’s only the Mega packs and not the Jumbo $11.99 packs. ???

    • says

      @chelle, From the price you mentioned, it sounds like you may have scanned the jumbo size, not the mega, which is larger. If you get a chance to go there again, scan the mega. I find it crazy that at my CVS, unadvertised, the mega packs are $4.50, while the “big box” size, which is almost 2 megas, are 17.99.

    • chante says

      Don’t know how close you are but my girlfriend in Columbus caught the deal……..I was trying to reach her to get the exact one she went to, but keep trying.

  10. Amber says

    My CVS (Ann Arbor) didn’t have them on clearance. Pampers and other various items were discounted. I’m going to check another store today:(

  11. says

    one CVS (a new one) didn’t have them even on sale 50% off. BUT they do have the Similac Organic on sale 75% off. I have rebate checks for $5 and $4 off, so I might go back (of course I didn’t bring it with me). I’m gonna check out another one later.

  12. sarah c says

    Between all of my CVS coupons and Huggies coupons, I was able to get $126 worth of diapers for $8!

  13. Caroline says

    Before I go on and stock up on diapers my daughter will never wear, approximately how many size 4,5 and 6 did your little ones go through?

    • Kimberly says

      @Caroline, Caroline, my daughter is pretty slender, but she has been in size 4 for a LONG time – since before Christmas. I think she will be potty trained well before she hits a size six. We might not even use fives since size four goes up to 37 pounds. That’s just us, but I hope that helps a little.

      • Tara says

        I don’t know if this will help but my son was also in 4s for a very long time. He was actually potty trained at 20 months (amen!) so we never went beyond a size 4 either. My daughter is 8 months and she’s in a size 3 and has been for a while too. I find that Huggies stretches a bit more so if the size is a little off you can get away with it. Hope that helps!

    • Jerilyn says

      @Caroline, We switched my son over to size 4 right before he potty trained- but he’s on the smaller sizes (17.3 at 1 year). I wouldn’t stock up too high.

    • Juanita says

      I have 2 boys and one is in size 4 now. I never used a size 5 with my first and really don’t think I will have to with my 2nd child either. Size 4 goes a long way.

      • Caroline says

        Thank you for the replies! Got 4 size 4 megas, but holding off from the bigger sizes. Very happy!

  14. Sarah says

    every store is different I have 4 store less than 5 min away. Went to two this morning got 2 packs for 1.49 each and one for 5.99. I am going to check the other stores this afternoon plus get more coupons also had nb swaddlers pampers 75% off I think keep eyes peeled seems like all old style packages are going bye bye. Awesome deal. Got 150 diapers for 9 bucks!

  15. Courtney says

    I went to 5 CVS stores yesterday. All had the Huggies Little Movers MEGA packs (reg. priced $17.99) on clearance. Four stores had the packs marked down to 50% off ($8.99) but the packs scanned and rang up at 75% off ($4.49). One store did not have the packs marked down at all, but sizes 3, 4, and 5 scanned and rang up at 75% off ($4.49) and the size 6 at 50% off ($8.99). I was able to get 13 packs for just under $40!!!

    I didn’t think to scan any other baby items to see if they were on clearance. I may have to swing by CVS during my lunch break!

  16. Sarah says

    every store is different I have 4 store less than 5 min away. Went to two this morning got 2 packs for 1.49 each and one for 5.99. nb swaddlers pampers 75% off also. Got 150 diapers for 9 bucks!

  17. chante says

    The 1 CVS I tried didnt have the sale. I have a question though, is this a hidden item or are they marked?

  18. Stephanie says

    Caroline, I have had 4 children in diapers at various times and find that they are in size 4 – 5 longer than any other size. You really can’t get too many of those. I have never had one of my children wear a size 6. They were out of diapers before they needed that size.

  19. Julie G says

    I agree that size 4-5 will be used longer than any other sizes. However, I did use 6’s with my son. He was very big for his age (plus he refused to potty train and refused to wear pull ups) So he actually was in number 7’s for a while (yes pampers makes 7’s and there are no deals and they are hard to find). Even so when he was potty trained I would use any left over diapers as overnight diapers just in case he had an overnight accident.

    These diaper deals are crazy. I have a 7 month old and have been stocking up. He is only in size 3 right now. I bought a few #6 and if they are not used I will donate that size or any other sizes that he doesn’t use to the local pregnancy resource center. At these prices I am going to go and buy some to donate anyway. I even know of a couple families from church that would really appreciate some diapers. It is a really good opportunity to help those in need.

  20. Courtney S says

    I’m looking for this deal in my area (jackson, ms), and I haven’t found any yet! My friend did find 50 percent off at her store, but I’m hoping they will scan to 75 off. Mine only had them at 25 off (boo.), and the big boxes were still regular price.

  21. Mollie says

    I just got back from my CVS (alabama) and got 5 Mega packs that were marked 75% off to $4.49 and used a $3 off for each, and got them for $1.49 each. I got to talking to the manager and was only going to buy 2 packs and leave the others for someone else, then she pulled out a buggy full of the mega packs in all sizes!! So, I got 5 but she told me that they had been given a heads up to look for more on their trucks as Huggies was clearing them out. It may be worth checking your store when they re-stock!

  22. Crystal DuBois says

    Anyone know if there are any Rebates out there?

    We found 13 packs of Huggies today ( I couldn’t believe it!) at 75% off! Paired with the $3, and the $4/$20, and a rebate….that would be a potential profit!

    Just a tip…I went to 3 local CVS store this morning…one store had them 75% off, the other 2 were still 50% off. It might be worth a trip for you, if you have the option to go.

  23. Rosie T says

    Agh! I so want to go… but I’m watching my friend’s 2 kids today (which makes 4 kinds 3 and under at my house!) and the closest CVS to me is 20 miles. This deal, however, is beyond worth the trip. Hopefully I can make a run after DH gets back from work…

  24. chante says

    The word must be spreading fast because the shelves are pretty bare. However, the 1st CVS I stopped at I was able to get two packs of Huggies & it was the cashier that informed me that the wipes are 75% off as well….so I bought all the wipes they had left. The 2nd CVS was still ringing @ 50% off but I told the cashier that they should 75% off and she did a price adjustment. I was on such a high over this deal!!!! Too bad I was on my lunch break……Thanks a bunch!

  25. says

    I checked out our local CVS again today here in Brookfield/Waukesha, WI and they had restocked the shelves. It’s a brand new CVS, with a grand-opening next weekend so I was hopeful. The cashier told me that this particular store will restock and gets a new truck on Tuesdays, so Tuesday and Weds. are best days to find the shelves fully stocked. She predicted that Huggies and Pampers will both send plenty more. Everything from diapers, wipes, formula, Aveeno and Johnson and Johnson baby bath (some baby bath is ringing up for less than 50 cents a bottle), lotion, oil, powder, etc. are all really clearanced and super worth the trip to the stores! I am stocking up for baby #3 due in about 4 weeks, but also for the local food shelter/pantry and baby gifts.
    This CVS in our area is the first and I am thrilled. I am finding such great deals, as well. Really going to enjoy shopping there and supporting them!

  26. shelly says

    We had 3 different CVS stores in our area. 1 store had them marked 75% off. When I hit the second store I scanned them to make sure they were 75% and they were! BUT, when I got to the checkout they were marked back up to only 50% off. The shift supervisor was super nice and marked them back down for me. The 3rd store had some 75% off but several were still only 50% off. You just never know how it’s going to come out!!!

  27. Trinity says

    found the huggies mega packs regular $17.99 for $4.49 then they also had the cvs brand for 75% and also some others for 50% off in Jacksonville, Florida. Didnt get to check any of the other items but I only am really using diapers anyway. They said they have been marked down for a while and were surprised I found any at all.

  28. krystal and kaylene says

    does anyone know if the cvs’s in san antonio,Tx have them? I went the other day and the one I went to didn’t have them. Please if someone lives here let me know. thank you.

  29. Melissa says

    GOODNITES at 75% off!! And I had 4 $2.50 coupons. Got them for .64 a pack! We have an older son with special night time nees so these are a blessing! I will be checking other stores tomorrow. I will be sure to scan if they are only markes 50%…Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  30. Kristen P says

    One store here in Lafayette had them at 75% off but others still 50%. I found that if you ask the manager nicely to match the 75% that he will…he just needed to check that it was a discontinued item (which of course it is).

  31. Chante says

    I would like to thank Crystal for this amazing post. I was able to snag 6 packs of Huggies (with 4 $3/1 coupons & 1 $4/2 coupon) for a grand total of $10.94. I also purchased 5 tubs of Pampers Wipes @ $0.87 each (only had $1 off coupon) total spent on wipes $3.35. Then I found the J&J baby lotion @ $0.82 each, J&J bedtime moisture wash @ $1.49 (used 5 $1/1 coupon) spending $1.11 for 5! The Pedialyte 4 pack apple flavor reduced to $2.99 ($1.50/1 coupon) spent $1.49 then the bottle of Pedialyte Bubblegum flavor reduced to $1.37 ($1.50/1) $0.13 overrage!!!

    Can I say amazing deals!!!!

  32. Donna says

    Found them @ 50% off in So. Cal, but only bought two because I left the rest of my coupons at home. Will venture out tomorrow to see if there are any left on the shelves.

  33. Kelly says

    I went to 3 stores in the Las Vegas area. No luck with Huggies markdowns, but a lot of other items were on clearance. A lot of it is marked 25 and 50 percent off, but is actually 75 percent off. Wish Huggies were on sale.

  34. says

    I had some luck finding Huggies diapers but the deal for me was Papmers wipes…75% off! I stocked up on those! Thanks for the tips!

  35. says

    I went to 3 CVSs in Northern Virginia today and I was lucky enough to find a total of 4 size 6 Mega packs 75% off and and other store 2 size 6 Mega packs 50% off. The rest of the Mega packs were sold out and none of the Jumbo packs are on discount. I even checked the large boxes and none of the stores had them on discount. Plus, most of these stores didn’t even have the prices marked down on the shelf so it was surprising how people snatched them so quick. The word got out fast!

    I did score some other great deals like Aveeno Baby Shampoo 75% off that came out to $.60+ after using the IP Aveeno coupon. CVS brand Desitin in the jar for $3.62 each and that was 75% off and Triple Paste large tub was also 75% off so that was $7+ normally $22!

    On one of my receipts after using a handful of ECBs I saved $131!
    I love CVS!

  36. Caroline says

    HU that the megas at my store that stubbornly have scanned at 8.99 finally was down to 4.49 at my store today.

  37. Jen says

    Ugh.. I’m going to have to run back through all 3 of our local CVS’. I went over there today and scanned a bunch of stuff, but *none* of the diapers were coming up clearance anymore (and I had bought a couple pkgs of the ultrathins on clearance before). They had an unmarked box of pampers wipes on clearance for $0.87, but I figured I’d hold off on those because I can actually get them $0.50 cheaper somewhere else. Lol.. I know, $0.50 right? I’ve found that the CVS within 2 minutes of my house is more expensive than the ones further away.

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