CVS-brand diapers for $0.37!

The diaper deals just keep a’comin’! And I have an even better deal than the 75% off Huggies deal I shared yesterday.

Many CVS stores have clearanced the CVS diapers to 75% off — making them only $2.37 per package. Plus, there’s an ECB deal running this week where you get a $2 ECB when you purchase one package of CVS-brand diapers.

So if you’re heading to CVS this week, be sure to scan the CVS diapers at the price scanner. If they are reduced at your store, you’ll get a package for $0.37 after the clearance price and ECB!

Thanks, Common Sense with Money!

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  1. Julia says

    Yep! I just got in from a run to (Aldi and) CVS – sure enough was able to get three mega packs of Huggies Little Movers for $1.49 each (clearance $4.49, then $3 off Q) and picked up one pack of CVS diapers on clearance for $2.37 – delighted to get the $2 EBC back. If only it was good for more than one pack. Ah well, very thankful for over a months worth of diapers for about $8 (including tax).

  2. Lisa says

    Just be sure to get the right CVS dipes. Only one generate the ECBs; I think it’s the mega pack (jumbo will NOT generate it). Whichever one is advertised in their ad.

  3. Amy says

    I went this morning to see if mine had any Huggies left (they didn’t, unfortunately), but I also noticed some Huggies and Aveeno baby wash on clearance 75%. I almost bought some Aveeno, but was fairly certain there’s a coupon out there, so I can home and checked. Sure enough! A printable (found linked at and another in the 4/25/2010 SS Insert. Hopefully, it will still be there when I go back later so I can get some for under 50 cents!

  4. rebecca says

    Well, I did this deal, but got a mega pack and it did not generate the EB. Not complaining, cause it’s still a good deal, but wanted to let people know! I think it’s only on the Jumbos.

  5. Lea says

    I AM DIAPERED OUT!!!! Between Rite Aid and CVS I’ve purchased 15 216ct wipe pkgs ($1.76e), 4 mega huggies ($1.49e) and 24 jumbo huggies ($1.98e) GREAT DEALS, but all that printing, driving and shopping is KILLING me!!!

    • Jen says

      @Lea, Lol.. I’m getting close there myself. I already have a couple pkgs of size 4’s and 5’s in advance for my youngest. Still, I have *2* in diapers, so they won’t go to waste.

  6. says

    I just wanted to note that I learned at my CVS store yesterday that anything that is on clearance is not eligible for EBC deals. I tried to meet the Pampers/Similac EBC deal with some clearanced out Pampers wipes and when I asked why my EBC’s hadn’t printed, she said that it does work on clearance items. That is still a great price for diapers, but it is not probably going to print EBC’s.

    • Bekki says

      @Erica, That’s strange. Was your order total over $25? I was able to get my 5 ECBs and I purchased the Pampers clearance wipes. I bought 2 packs that were clearanced 50% off plus the diapers that were $21.99 for a total of $25.47. ECBs printed out no problem.

    • Amber says

      @Erica, we just bought some clearanced Pampers diapers and wipes and they counted towards our ECB count on the bottom of my receipt (where it says purchase 24.98 get 5 ECB).

    • Teresa says

      @Erica, Agreed–at my CVS’s clearanced items don’t generate ECB’s (I haven’t tried on the diapers, but I’ve done it with other things). I think it has to do with how the item is labeled in the system. Many times clearanced items at my CVS just come up on the receipt as “taxable item.”

  7. Amy says

    I was at CVS this morning and they only have their Ultra Thin variety marked at 75% off. The EB deal is on all other CVS diapers. Still, paying $3.49 for a package of diapers wasn’t bad!

  8. bec says

    THANK YOU!! these diaper deals are just amazing. thanks for the info…. now its just a matter of getting there ahead of other msm readers in my area!!! lol.

  9. Kimberly says

    Worked for me! I bought a jumbo pack of Size 4, Ultra Thins this morning. It rang up for $2.37 and generated my ECBs! I wasn’t sure if it would, but it worked. I was thrilled – usually I stay away from store brand diapers, but for 37 cents, they’re worth a shot!

  10. nicole says

    Just got back from my local CVS. Found some CVS brand wipes (scented-144 ct) 75% off. They had several other baby items 50-75% off.

  11. Jen says

    Lol.. I guess I need to make my rounds back through the CVS’ in the area, because none of them had “life changing” deals… and I took a bunch of stuff up to the scanner and scanned it (specifically things you guys are mentioning).
    All I got was the normal sale/ECB and they had the ultrathins on clearance, but for maybe $6.99 a package. I live in the Bay Area. Someone even mentioned deals as close as the East Bay, but I haven’t found anything on my side of the bay yet.

  12. Stacey says

    My CVS had the diapers marked at 50% off, but I scanned them and they came up at the 75% off price. Scan, scan, scan!

  13. Sara says

    Caution on the Huggies mega pack clearance diapers… I noticed that one store in my area had them marked only to 25% clearance (even though I had just bought the EXACT SAME PACKAGE at another store for 75% clearance). I thought surely the tag was wrong. Thankfully, I price checked it before checking out because the tag was accurate. I’m not sure why, but I thought I’d give everyone a heads up to check the price before heading to the register.

    I also wanted to mention that my stores were accepting the $3 off manufacturer coupons with the Target logo on them. I was expecting to have to argue with the cashier but they scanned right in and nobody said anything. =)

  14. lori says

    I just got back from cvs, I live in connecticut. The huggies were only 25 percent off (i scanned to be sure). The cvs diapers were 75 percent off, so I got a few of those. My big deal was triple paste for 75 percent off. They were only 8 dollars each. That is an awemsome deal. One of my twins, when she gets a diaper rash it is the only thing that works!!!

  15. Julie G says

    Does anyone have any idea why they are clearancing the mega Huggies & not the jumbo packs? I know someone had mentioned that they were changing the packaging so I would assume they would have to change the packaging for the jumbo packs too. Do you think those will be going too? Hummm. .. I wonder. I am going bananas for diaper deals!!!

    • Amber says

      @Julie G, I don’t think it’s the packaging that’s changing – or if it is, it’s not the only reason. They seem to be trying to get rid of the odd sizes (NB and 4-6s) and the bigger packs, maybe to free up some space on the shelf. My cashier told me CVS is “re-mapping” their layout so that’s why they’re clearing out their baby stuff – so they can rearrange the store I guess.

    • Emily says

      @Julie G, The thing I noticed about all the Huggies on clearance at my store is that it is only the old Huggies Supreme mega packs, NOT their newer Huggies Supreme Little Snugglers or Little Movers mega packs. I think Huggies basically just re-named and re-packaged their Supreme line of diapers, now calling them Little Snugglers or Little Movers (instead of just plain ol’ supremes), and now charging more for them since they come a few less diapers in them. CVS may just be trying to get rid of the old ones.

  16. Emily says

    I took a trip to CVS last night. The ECBS were limited to one pack of the CVS brand diapers, not pertaining to the clearance Ultrathins. Still, they were all great deals. I also found some other items 75% off like Playtex no-spill sippy cups for $1.41 that were regularly $6.99. I scanned the cups to check the price and it showed the $6.99 price. I put it back, but then, when I checked out, the man mentioned he saw me scanning the cups and said that they were on sale too. He said he would override the price! So when in doubt, ask!

  17. Raven Tran says

    I did the same trip, multiple CVS stores. Some stores were less % off, but with my recipt the other store price matched my recipt. I was able to get more diapers this way becuase the store were it was posted at 25% off honored my 75% and had a larger stock of this sale. as well as 5.99 aveno on 75% off to $1.42!! and JJ bath buddies for .36 cents! I had a $1 off coupon making the first 3 free and the other 3 only 1.16 total OOP.

    I spent 109$ on 5 packs of size 1 swaddles 66ct( reg 18.99 clearenced to 4.48), 2 packs of 60 ct size 2 swaddlers (also 18.99 marked 75% off), 2 packs of newborn gentle natural fit 34ct for 1.48! each, two packs of the fesh baby huggies wipes jumbo packs 3.64 (50%off) each ( not great but better then target), 5 bottles of aveno baby lotions,washes and creamy soothing wash at 1.42-1.87 each,1 simalac advance formula on to go 15ct pack for 5.80 (75% off), 6 JJ easy grip bath buddies 1.16 for all ( saved 1.05 on each and a $1 off coupon), 3 bottles of suave kds shampoo buy 3 get @ ECB totalling 4.00, and then I purchased my clean and clear while it was on sal enad i had coupons BoGo 50% off and two $2 off coupons made all four CC items 8$. Total saved 162.19! 60% total savings.. I have a 4 off 20$ coupon i will take in today to get that back, and i still have $2 ECB in the end..
    watch out rite aid your next!

    (diaper stock piling for number 2)


  18. Jenny says

    Thanks so much for posting this – I live in an area with 6 CVS stores in reasonable driving distance – was able to score 19 packs of diapers and 3 baby washes for only about $70 : (And still leave lots on the shelves for others! :)

    • Teresa says

      @Jenny, Thanks for being considerate of others. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it’s rude to “clear the shelves” unless there are only one or two items left.

  19. Amber says

    I’m in Ann Arbor Michigan and ALL the mega packs are gone from the four stores I’ve visited. I’m super annoyed:<
    How are people scoring tens of packs of diapers and I can't even find one??

  20. Melissa says

    I went to 2 stores today and was able to score 2 packs of the jumbo ultra thins (sz 5) @2.24 a piece. I also got a $2 ECB for the first pack which I rolled to get the other pack for .24! The first store I went to had them clearanced as well but for $4.49 (I price checked too)! I’m happy with 60 diapers for less than $2.50! Thanks for posting about this!

    I also picked up a couple of Aveeno baby washes @ 75% off so they were $1.24 (I believe) – and I got a Nuby sippy cup for $1.49. I also picked up a package of Pampers wipes clearanced to around $1.76 or so. I received this coming Sundays P&G insert in a city paper this week and there is a -$2 off pampers wipes coupon. The cashier adjusted it down, and I got the wipes free! I would have got more but that was the last pack they had!

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