Luvs diapers less than $0.10 each! has quite a few different Pampers and Luvs diapers and wipes priced at 30% off right now when you choose the Subscribe & Save option.

::Go to the Baby section on Amazon and click on the “Special Offer” link at the top to see all products which qualify for the 30% off discount.

::Choose the diapers, wipes, and/or baby products you’d like to purchase.

::Add them to your cart using the Subscribe & Save feature and they should show up at 30% off plus you can get free Super Saver Shipping when you order over $25 worth.

One of the best deals I saw were the Luvs Premium Stretch Diapers, Size 1 (8-14 Lbs) box of 264 Diapers — for only $25 after the discount! This makes the size 1 diapers less than $0.10 each shipped. This is a great deal on diapers, especially if you’ve not been able to take advantage of some of the smoking hot Huggies deals which were available not too long ago.

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  1. says

    Yeah! I just ordered a box of Huggies Overnights for under $12! This saves me a trip to the store, plus far more savings than I can ever get with sales and coupons. Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. Jenna says

    Does anyone like luvs?
    I tried them once with my first child several years ago and they were so leak-prone that I didn’t waste my time finishing the package- it wasn’t worth the mess! Since then I have steered away from them… but maybe I should try them again? Are they anyone’s top choice?

    • says

      @Jenna, I use them for my older kids on occasion (when Huggies and Pampers are too expensive). They leak a bit more than those two, but I like them much better than any of the store brands. Haven’t tried them on newborns though.

    • Jenny says


    • says

      @Jenna, I am a new mom so have tried the gamut of diapers and so far, while I like Luvs, I’ll take any old diaper. I think the bottom line (no pun intended!) is that each baby will fit each brand of diapers a little bit differently and that’s why every mother seems to swear by a different brand. What fits your baby’s bum and doesn’t leak is the best choice!

    • nana cindy says

      @Jenna, Luv’s r the only diaper my daughter has ever used on her son. He was born at 26 wks. was so tiny all other diapers leaked on him. She would not use anything else. Even w/all the Huggies coupons out there she says it’s not worth the expense of the extra clothes he would mess up. have a good day

    • Andrea says


      When my little girl was newborn, I only used Pampers Swaddlers. I have tried other diapers, including Huggies and various store brands. Pampers would probably still be my favorites, and I do use the overnight ones still (she’s two now), but Luvs would be my second choice. They “function” very much like Pampers in that they swell up and just get “squishy” feeling when they’re wet. Store brands (and Huggies, for that matter) end up feeling hard and lumpy when they’re wet.

    • Mary in Ohio says

      I use them when I have no other choice and change them extra often to avoid leaks (which really is saving me nothing) I much prefer Pampers first then Huggies then the Giant Eagle store brand then Luvs. They do not seem to absorb as well as the others esp overnight. I can generally find Pampers and Huggies cheap enough to avoid Luvs.

  3. says

    Luv’s was never my first choice for diapers, but if cheap enough I will use almost anything. I tend to use the cheaper diapers during the day when I’m not worrying so much about leakage. For naps and overnight, I’ve always found Pampers the best. Of course – they are the most expensive! LOL

  4. Christy says

    To agree with the previous posters, Luvs is not my first choice for diapers, but I am stockpiling for baby #4 who’s due in about 8 weeks. And less than 10 cents a diaper is my goal. They go through diaper changes so fast at the size 1 stage I don’t think it gives much time for leakage, unless it’s from poop, and most of the time, no diaper can stop that! Sorry if that’s TMI! :)

  5. Whitney says

    I ordered Luvs from the deal for my son (size 4) without having ever used them. Meanwhile, I received a package as part of a consumer test group. The very first diaper I put on him leaked and I was kicking myself for having just purchased a box of almost 200! However, not a single diaper leaked after that, including those I’d just purchased. I definitely agree that it’s all about the best fit for your child. My kids are skinny-minnies but Huggies just don’t seem to cover their bum from side to side as well as most others and that’s where we get the leaks.

  6. Anna says

    Thank you!! I have been using Luvs on my 3rd and I love them! I didn’t like them for my boys but with my little girl they work great. I was getting ready to run out of diapers and now I get a good deal and I don’t have to load up all 3 of the kids to go get them!!

  7. Crystal says

    I have to disagree. We LOVED luvs. Before I started using coupons it was all I bought because they are affordable, and still MUCH better quality than the store brands.

    If you have a Rite Aid, you can get size 1 luvs for around $.6 each.
    But, for those of you with a Rite Aid,

    Luvs Box: $15.99
    Luvs coupon (mailer or insert) -$2.00/-$2.50

    Total: $12.50-$13.00
    Get back: $2 SCR
    Get Back: $6 +UP rewards
    Total Net Cost: $4.50

    Which means that for size 1 diapers, you’re paying about $.03 per diaper. Even without the coupon it’s a great deal, but there is a coupon in a recent insert.

  8. says

    Thanks for this post!! I stocked up on Luvs for sizes 3-4. I use Swaddlers for until size 2 but I find Luvs are just fine for the older sizes:-)

  9. karla says

    Thanks for this post! Just ordered a box of Luvs for my daughter (size 4)!
    pampers are my favorite but I also like Luvs almost as much. I’ve used them with both my son and daughter and never had any problems. I’ll admit that i will use almost any diaper if it’s a good deal but Luvs are def up there on my list. been using huggies lately because of deals but not loving them so much. they leak for me. so happy to get a good deal on Luvs!!! Thanks again!!!

  10. Erin says

    I LOVE Luvs!! Pampers and Luvs are made by the same company so they are pretty much the same thing, but Luvs are a lot cheaper!

  11. Mary Ellen says

    Hmmm. I’m indecisive on this one. I’d hate to buy 225 diapers only to have my baby get a rash and it would be difficult to take them back I think. I’m not due until 10/1. I know Target will take back their diapers, even unopened boxes, but not put them back on the shelves.

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