*Hot!* $2/1 Oscar Mayer lunch meat coupon

Enter to win a ride on the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and you’ll be able to print a coupon for $2/1 Oscar Mayer lunch meat. That’s a very hot and high-value coupon which will almost surely result in free or very inexpensive lunch meat.

I just tried to enter and print my coupon and couldn’t get it to work. But others are saying it’s working for them, so hopefully you have better success!

Thanks, My Dallas Mommy!

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  1. Lisa says

    I was going to do this, but you have to give them access to your friends’ profiles to enter the contest and get the coupon. I’m just not comfortable with that kind of marketing.

  2. Amy says

    Thats the nature of facebook sharing and apps. Just allow access and the instant you print your coupons delete the app from your profile and they won’t be able to access anything.

    • Allison says

      @Amy, Also, you can set your own FB settings to not allow access to any of your own info. The only thing anybody can see on mine, if they are not a friend, is enough info to search and friend request me. That’s it. No pics, no wall, no nothin’.

  3. Andrea says

    You can request they mail you one. Look on the print troubleshooting guide.

  4. Katie says

    I couldn’t get it to work on Firefox, but it was fine on IE- maybe a browser issue?

  5. Emily says

    If it didn’t work for you, maybe try leaving the “more information” box at the bottom of the registration page checked? The one that allows them to fill your inbox with garbage :) I’ve noticed that sometimes, companies won’t let you have the coupon unless you leave these kinds of boxes checked. I have no idea if this’ll help or not – just an idea.

  6. loan nguyen says

    worked for me, but didn’t realize you could print 2!!! i’d also loooove a ride in the hot dog car :)

  7. Robert says

    At first the screen went blank after I “liked” their post but then I refreshed it and things went smoothly from there.

    @ Katie – I use Firefox and only had that one bump in the road. Try using IE and see if that works.

  8. cwaltz says

    I had trouble printing mine this AM but after a couple of tries was able to print 2.

  9. kara says

    As far as facebook privacy- If you have a second email account (I set one up for freebies and deals) then you can use it to set up another facebook account. Then only use the new account for these kinds of deals and keep it separate from your real friends.

  10. jenny says

    i tried this afternoon and it didn’t work for me and I just tried again and it worked. So for those of you it didn’t work for, try and try again.