New Stores We’re Covering: Fresh & Easy and Food 4 Less

Have you joined the tens of thousands of others who are using our Store Deals Page yet?

Thanks to my sister’s diligent efforts and the help of bloggers from all over the country, we have deal lists and coupon match-ups available for just about every regional store in the country.

Best of all? You can sign up to have the deal match-ups for your area stores emailed to you every week as soon as they are posted! And it’s FREE!

See the full list of stores we cover every week here. And we just added two new stores to our line-up:

Food 4 Less :: subscribe via RSS or Email

Fresh & Easy :: subscribe via RSS or Email

Never Miss Another Big Box or Drug Store Deal Again!

We just added some new features to our Big Box and Drug Store Deal subscriptions. Now, you’ll not only get a list of weekly deals delivered to your inbox or RSS reader, but you’ll also be notified of all extra hot deals that pop up at that store throughout the week!

CVS ::  subscribe via RSS or Email

Rite Aid :: subscribe via RSS or Email

Target :: subscribe via RSS or Email

Walgreens :: subscribe via RSS or Email

Walmart :: subscribe via RSS or Email

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  1. Christy Mitchell says

    Hey Crystal! LOVE this and can’t WAIT to check it out, but all the links in your post say that the page can’t be found. I’ll check back in a little while and try it again.

  2. Lynn says

    Have you also considered Mineyard’s? It is a Dallas/ Fort Worth based company. They have really great deals. Also since Walmart price matches on everything could you start including that on Walmart’s list? Thanks!

  3. Lisa says

    Hello! I love this idea, and I signed up for the grocery store deals, but I haven’t received anything yet. I probably signed up 4 weeks ago. Should I try again?

  4. Jennifer Calabro says

    I would love it if you would consider a guide for QFC. I just moved to Seattle from Florida and I am going crazy with how high the cost of groceries is here. My best options are QFC and Safeway, but I can never find guides similiar to what I was used to for Publix. :-(


    I absolutely love your blog and the match ups are just an added extra bonus. I check them all the time, escpecially if i’m going some place new or not on my usual route. Thanks for all the hard work..

  6. says

    I just came to say the same thing as the others–Fresh N Easy does not take manufactuer’s coupons. They told me it cost them too much to pay someone to mail the coupons in. Of course, they don’t pay anyone to be a checker or a bagger (it’s ALL self-check), and the store is always empty of employees, so I guess they figure the less people they employ, the more money they save.

      • says

        @Andrea Q, There’s an email list that sends out these coupons (not on any regular schedule that I’ve noticed), and the markdowns are great. I’ve had staff help me either break my shopping into two transactions, to use coupons, or even use two on the same order. You need to shop differently here than you do at other grocery stores, but you can get really good deals, and the locations around me tend to be really friendly.

  7. Kristy says

    Have you considered adding Quality Food Centers? (QFC) We just moved to a new state and this listing of deals makes me feel so on top of things! Thank you!

  8. June says

    The match ups are great so far, but maybe a little suggestion? So far for my stores, you only have one site for the match ups and lots of times, they miss some crucial deals that other great sites will post. I tried to stick with the one site for my main store, but her list was just too long and she seemed to miss deals that I really needed, so I ended up just making my own match ups anyway. For example, I’m a ShopRite shopper, but the lady that does the deals does a long list but not enough stockpile deals(or misses the deals and has her readers point them out to her all week). Maybe if we had the option of a few sites, that might help us a bit? Just a thought.

  9. Carrie P. says

    I live in the Traverse City area in Michigan. We do not have many big name stores. Walmart. Target, and the major drug stores we do. The rest do not apply. Food is expensive here, too-especially after being military and living on an Air Force Base for so long and getting the best deals ever at the BX and Comissary. Wow-what a difference and a huge hit to the grocery bill especially now that we have kids! We do have regional one-Tom’s, Glen’s (known as Spartan stores) and some other small Spartan stores. Is anyoone doing Tom’s yet?