Prescription eye glasses for less than $10 shipped!

Ebates has some sweet deals and coupon codes available right now on prescription eye glasses from Coastal Contacts. Here’s how to take advantage of them:

::Log in or register at Ebates.

::Search for Coastal Contacts and click through to the Coastal Contacts website.

::Click on the $6.95 banner that is in the middle of the page, then click on “Shop Eyeglasses $10 or less.”

::Choose one of the pairs of $6.95 and $9.95 glasses. If you are a new customer to Coastal Contacts, use code EBATESFRAMES for 25% off plus free priority shipping (if you are not a new customer, use one of the coupon codes on the Ebates Coastal Contacts page.)

You’ll end up paying under $10 for a pair of prescription eye glasses shipped! Plus, you’ll get 8% cashback from ebates! What a deal!

We usually order our prescription eye glasses online and have had incredible success with doing so–and we’ve saved hundreds of dollars, too!

Thanks, The Thrifty Mama!

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  1. Carole says

    anyone know how long this will last? I don’t have a prescription, but i need glasses!
    does it include bifocals or progressives??

  2. Nicki says

    The only good pair of women’s is already sold out. Bust. I could really go for a new throw-away pair. I am always sucked in to the really fashionable ones and never think about doing things like painting with them on.

  3. says

    Thanks Crystal! I just ordered a pair. They ended up being $16 shipped but that sure beats the $100+ I usually pay. Now, hopefully they fit me! :)

  4. Amanda says

    I don’t see any good lenses for me for under $10, but I did find some for $19.95. Still an excellent deal!

  5. Holly says

    I did this the last time the deal was available and was very unhappy. First, the glasses were damaged and missing one of the nose pieces. Not a huge deal except it cost me another $4 to get the missing piece. Also, the glasses are weirdly shaped. I thought at first it might just be my face, but I had several people try them on and they looked bizzare on all of them. Not much of a bargain when I have never (and probably will never) worn them.

  6. Another Holly says

    I also ordered from Coastal Contacts before and was very happy. I wear contacts during the day and only usually wear my glasses around the house or at night, so I don’t need a super fashionable pair of glasses. Just before I had ordered from Coastal Contacts I had broken my glasses. My glasses arrived quickly and fit great (I was very skeptical!). They also came with a case, a cleaning wipe, a cloth pouch and a small screwdriver. I thought all the accessories were a great deal since I spent less than $10 on the glasses! If you just need an extra pair of glasses it is a great deal!

  7. says

    Try they have several styles of frames for 8.95, flat rate $5 shipping, and a great staff that you can contact with questions or concerns. I’ve ordered like 4 pairs from there including prescription sunglasses and if you have a cafeteria plan at work, you can use that debit card directly on their site!

  8. Pris says

    Do you know how long this offer is good for?

    I haven’t had an exam in forever, and the soonest appointment they have is for Thursday..

  9. CHANTALE says

    Thanks Chrystal just ordered me an extra “just in case” pair $20 sure beats the $150 i paid for those im wearing now.

  10. Chasity says

    I ordered the day you posted this………I received my glasses today!!! They are sooo nice. With my glasses, I received a hard shell case, cloth bag for the glasses, tool kit, and cleaning cloth. The glasses had a tag on them that said $94.00…….I got them for $17 shipped. I also ordered my dd some….should be here tomorrow. I have previously ordered from zennioptical, which has always worked well. These were a better deal due to no shipping cost on the ones I got. Zennioptical had simular glasses, but with shipping would have been higher. I have 2 sites now to compare. Thanks again for everything you do!!!!!!!!