$1 off a 5-lb box of Cuties printable coupon

If you like Cuties, here’s a way to sweeten a sale on them: print a coupon for $1 off a 5-lb. box of Cuties or $0.55 off 1 bag of Cuties here.

Thanks, Erika!

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  1. says

    Here’s my dumb coupon question of the day: Is it possible to print these in black and white? Am I just missing something on the settings? I hate to go through color ink on these…


    • says

      I think every computer is a little different, but….for my Dell once I am in the Printers and Faxes folder I right click and select printing preferences. I select fast quality and greyscale printing and it uses less ink and prints in black and white. HTHs!

    • says

      @Megan, I have found that if I go into MS Word and act as though I am going to print a document: Click Print. Click the properties tab and then select the black and white box there. Click “Apply” and then close word (you don’t actually have to print anything.) For me this works to make all my coupons print in black and white when a lot of the other things I tried did not and it is a quick and easy thing to do!

  2. lynn says

    I wonder the same thing. More printale coupons have additional text. I don’t want to use color ink for extra text.

  3. Megan says

    Megan, unless this automatically prints (in which case I don’t know how to make it print in B&W only!) you should be able to hit “ctrl-p” on your keyboard and when the print box comes up, click on “properties” and under properties there should be an option for B&W only or “grayscale” printing. I hope that helps!

    Also, the cuties 3lb bags are on sale at my Kroger this week for $3.88!

  4. Alison Arnold says

    My Safeway had the 5 lb. box on sale for 4.99 so I got it for 3.99 after this coupon ($.80/lb.). I thought it was an okay deal. I love these!

  5. Del says

    I buy these frequently to use as snack and/or lunch items, so this coupon is GREAT! Thanks.