Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls


After many flopped attempts, I was so excited last week to finally find a delicious recipe for Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls. Not only were they simple to do–they probably took me a total of 20 minutes of effort to pull off (which is much less than my by-hand recipe!)–but they were a huge hit at our house.

I will most definitely be making these over and over again. In fact, I don’t think my husband would mind at all if I made them everyday. But seeing as I doubt we really need that many calories, we’re going to save them for our Saturday breakfasts.

Here’s the yummy recipe so you can try making them, too:

We baked both pans, ate one pan, and froze the other. We were planning to use the second pan for this Saturday’s breakfast. But, ahem, it lasted all of one day in the freezer. I promise I wasn’t the sole one responsible for that, though. :)

Many thanks to reader, Sarah, who emailed this recipe to me. It’s a keeper!

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  1. Stacy says

    I would love to give these as a gift for teachers to take home and bake. Do you think the best way is to go ahead and bake and ice them and just let them warm them up? Or is there a better way? Thanks so much for the great recipe!

  2. says

    I used to make Miserly Mom’s cinnamon rolls by hand until I got my bread machine. Now I use the same recipe but in the bread machine and it made it so much easier. Now I don’t dread making them and they are sooooooo good.

    Your cinnamon rolls look delicious! Yummy!!!!!

  3. Caroline says

    I love your blog. Can you give some insight in to the best way to reheat after it is frozen?

    Thanks so much and blessings to you!

  4. Heather Anne says

    I can not wait to try these. My daughter is having a sleepover Friday and this would be perfect for our Saturday morning breakfast! Thank you for sharing! I’ve avoided cinnamon rolls because of all the prep work and time in rising and such… Yum!

  5. JennyLeigh says

    Your cinnamon rolls look so beautiful in this picture that I can almost smell and taste them! I can’t wait to try the recipe! Thanks for sharing. And I really like the new look around here.

  6. Kristen says

    Can anyone tell me, what is bread machine yeast? I have only a little experience with a bread machine and I don’t remember using special yeast. Thank you!

  7. Ellen says

    Looks very yummy but not sure if my hips will thank you for it. :) My kids would devour these – I’d probably have to make a triple batch.

    • Stacia says

      @Maria, Yea, you can. I would use the mild or light olive oil, not extra virgin. I use mild in all my recipes and they turn out great. Extra virgin has too strong of a taste for my liking.
      Hope that helps!

  8. Cristina says

    I made these tonight and they were so good! Definitely a keeper recipe! I followed your lead and made some extra filling and I’m glad I did. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  9. Michelle says

    You should try the cinnabun knockoff recipe on It starts off in the bread machine too. I made mine in my kitchenaid, because, don’t scream… I don’t like my bread machine! They came out fantastic! I sent them to work eith my husband, and the were devoured in minutes! It uses cream cheese frosting, and many comments discussed the necessity of bread flour. I was going to sub reg flour, but read that bread flour makes them softer. My husband said they were better than cinnabun! Wow! What a compliment!

    • Melanie says

      @Michelle, I also use a Cinnabon copy-cat recipe from Robbie’s Recipes and love it! The cream cheese frosting is killer! I never thought about making the dough in the bread machine (and I am a very regular bread machine user), so hooray for this post! I’d like to try both in the machine!

  10. says

    I just have to say I am loving your blog lately! I have been on a money saving kick and your site is great! Also just this morning I was thinking about making cinnamon rolls in the bread machine but didn’t have any recipes so thanks!!!

  11. Tara says

    Can someone tell me do you have to bake before freezing or can I put one pan in the freezer tonight then let thaw/rise before I am ready to bake? I would love to make batches of these ahead of time.


  12. says

    Yum- these look delicious! I’ve only made regular breads in my machine, so I’ll have to try these out sometime. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  13. D says

    Just a quick one :o) Does it make 8 cinn rolls then? It sounded like it but I would hate to not have enough for all – if it made eight that would be one per person in our house, and they all love cinn rolls!!! I don’t think that would be enough :o)

  14. Jen says

    Oh yum… I’m going to get this prepped tonight and surprise the hubby and kids with homemade cinnamon rolls in the morning! What a nice treat, thanks for sharing!

  15. Alecia says

    We don’t have a bread machine any longer (can’t ever seem to get them to work right) – can some one help us translate this so we can make it by hand?

    I guess we need to knwo what happens on the dough seeting se we can recreate it.


    • Sarah says

      @Alecia, here’s what I’d do…

      Let the yeast dissolve in the milk, add all but the flour and stir. Then add flour until you have a good consistency to knead. Turn it onto a lightly floured surface and knead for a good 5-10 min- adding flour as needed to keep it from sticking to you. Cover and let rise till doubled. Punch down. roll out and finish as directed above.

      Hope it works out for you!!

  16. Brooke says

    Does this recipe need a second rise after you place the rolls in the pan? I haven’t ever seen a recipe that goes straight from the bread machine to the oven without a second rise! That would be nice and quick. This looks yummy.

  17. says

    Ok, tried to make these today with my inherited bread machine from my mother. One should make sure all the parts are there before putting in all the ingreds. in the machine. Like a kneading blade might be one necessary item when making bread. I have a bum bread machine and a bowl full of ingreds that can’t be used. Any ideas how I can salvege it and still get dough?? I hate to waste it all but I am not a breadmaker so this is all new to me.

    Email me ASAP if anyone can help me.

  18. Jennifer says

    Just made these this morning. Pretty easy and very yummy! I did use canned frosting as I have a ton that I got free. Doubled the filling as you did and I was so glad. My kids think I’m Mom of the Year. Thanks for an easy recipe. Loved that I could just stick it in the bread machine and that I didn’t have to wait for a second rise; they really grew in the oven!

  19. Debi Rohr says

    I made these last night, my hubby said they were even better than Yoder Cinnamon Rolls! Thanks for sharing your recipes and life with us Crystal, you are a source of light and inspiration to me. God Bless you!

  20. D says

    I’ve made them and they are rising in the oven right now! Can’t wait to eat them when they are all done!!! They look really good!!!

    Make sure you add PLENTY of extra flour. I’m so glad I did!! I think I added an extra 1 1/2+ cups!!!!!!!!

  21. Holli says

    I have the dough in the breadmaker right now! Planning to store them in the fridge overnight and have fresh rolls in the morning :) Yum! Hope they turn out, the dough looked really sticky so I added some extra flour…probably almost a cup! It still looked sticky but I figured I’ll see what happens.

  22. Angela says

    We had these for breakfast this morning. I added some chopped pecans to the filling – they were wonderful! I’m looking forward to having them again next weekend. Thanks so much for sharing and thank you Sarah for emailing the recipe to Crystal!!

  23. Natalie says

    These cinnamon rolls are yummy! I used whole wheat flour and rolled the dough a little thinner. My four kiddos ate them up! And, they are MUCH easier than our usual cinnamon roll recipe that takes at least 2-3 hours. Thanks!

  24. says

    These are in the bread machine right now! Speaking of good deals, I scored my Breadman bread machine for under $20 (even less after my gift card!) a few years ago. It was at Kohl’s, in case anyone is looking for one.

  25. Lynn says

    What is the best way to freeze these cinnamon rolls? I made them this morning (dough, rolled them, and sliced them). They are currently sitting in the cake pans in the fridge. There are only 2 of us and I’d like to bake 2 at a time. Would it be best to cook the all then freeze them or freeze the unbaked rolls and pull them out the night before I want them? THANK YOU!

  26. says

    Made these last night and baked this morning.
    Intended to freeze the second pan but they never made it to the freezer! I will be halfing the recipe next time! soooo good!!

  27. says

    I made these today! It was way too many cin. rolls for just me and the hubs, so I decided to try half of the dough as dinner rolls and half as cinn. rolls, and although my cinn. rolls didn’t look so great (the icing didn’t melt very well), they tasted delish! My husband who said he didn’t want any because he wasn’t hungry ended up eating two, I ate one and then and I tasted one of the dinner rolls with butter and both were great! I froze the dinner rolls for later in the week. Awesome recipe, thanks to you and to Sarah for sending it to you to post!

  28. Christine M says

    These were the best cinnamon rolls ever! Who needs Cinnabon when you can make these. When I took the dough out and felt how soft and fluffy it felt I just knew these were gonna be good. I think the next time I make them I won’t double the filling =). Thank you so much for sharing this recipe (although the scale and my clothes aren’t as appreciative as I am =)).

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