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Target: Deals and freebies for this week

The deals are a-hoppin' at Target this week and a big thanks goes to Marcy over at Stretching a Buck for her help in compiling these:

Get a $5 Gift Card when you purchase 5 Edy's Ice Cream (1.5 qt), Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream (14 oz.), or Nestle Drumstick Treats (4 count)–$2.50 each

*Deal Idea*
Buy 5 Edy's Ice Cream (1.5 quart) at $2.50 each
Use 5 $1/1 coupons in the 8/23 RedPlum insert
Stack with 5 $1/1 Target coupons here
Free plus overage after coupons and gift card

(If you don't have 5 $1/1 coupons, it's still only $0.50 per carton of ice cream after the Target coupons and the gift card!)

Buy 4 select Special K products, Get a $5 Target gift card

*Deal Idea*
Buy 4 boxes of Special K Cereal (11-13 oz.) at $2.39 each
Use 4 $1/1 Special K Blueberry here (or use $1/2 in 8/2 Kellogg's insert)
$0.14 each after coupons and gift card

*Deal Idea #2*
Buy 4 Special K Bars (6 count) at $2.39 each
Use $0.75/1 Special K Chocolatey Pretzel Bars here (or use $1/2 Special K Bars here or in 7/12 RedPlum insert)
Stack with 4 $0.50/1 Kellogg's Fruit/Grain Snacks Target coupon here (some stores only allow 1 per transaction)
Free after coupons and gift card

Schick Razors (Intuition Plus, Quattro for Women, or Quattro Titanium)–$6.99
Use $4/1 coupon in the 8/23 SmartSource insert
Stack with $4/1 Target coupon in the 8/30 SmartSource insert (if you received it)

Free after coupons 

Vaseline Aloe Fresh lotion (travel size)–$0.99
Use $1/1 coupon here
Free after coupon

Joint Juice (single bottle)–$1.00
Use $1/1 coupon here
Free after coupon

Kotex Liners (48 count)–$2.94
Use $2/1 Target coupon in 7/26 SmartSource insert
Plus, use $1/1 coupon in the 7/26 RedPlum insert
Free after coupons

Rayovac Batteries (2-4 count)–$1 (in the $1 spot)
Use $1/1 in 6/21 SmartSource insert
Free after coupon

Cottonelle Travel Size Wipes–$0.97
Use $1/1 in 6/7 SmartSource insert
Free after coupon

All Laundry Detergent (travel size)–$1
Use $1/1 when you sign up here
Free after coupon

Mars candy bars–$0.75 each
Buy 2 and use $1/2 manufacturer's coupon from the 7/26 RedPlum insert
Stack with $1/2 Target coupon from the 8/2 RedPlum insert
Free after coupons

Head and Shoulders Shampoo (travel size)–$1.00
Use $1/1 coupon from the 8/2 Proctor & Gamble insert
Free after coupon

Tide Detergent (travel size)–$1.00
Use $1/1 coupon from the 8/2 Proctor & Gamble insert
Free after coupon

Skittles Crazy Cores–$0.52 (in the checkout lanes)
Use $1/1 Target coupon here
Free plus possible overage

Gerber Baby Bottles (singles, BPA free!)–$0.99
Use $1/1 Target coupon here
Free after coupon
*Note: Not all stores will adjust the price down for this product

Johnson's Buddies Soap–$0.97
Use $1/1 Target coupon here
Free after coupon
*Note: Not all stores will adjust the price down for this product

General Mills Cereal Cups–$0.99
Use $1/1 Target coupon here
Free after coupon

Market Pantry String Cheese–$0.50
Buy 2 and use $1/2 Target coupon
Free after coupon

Chef Michael's Dry Dog Food–$4.49
Use $3/1 coupon in the 8/23 RedPlum insert
Stack with $1.50/1 Target coupon here
Free after coupons

Chef Michael's Canine Creations Dog Food (cans)–$0.89/ea
Buy 2 and use B1G1 coupon in 8/23 RedPlum insert
Stack with B1G1 Target coupon here
Free after coupons

Artisan Mini Loaves of Bread–$0.99
Use $1/1 Target coupon here
Free after coupon

A-1 Steak Sauce (small bottle at Super Target)–$2.09
Use $2/1 coupon from the 8/16 SmartSource insert
$0.09 after coupon

Rimmel Mascara–$2.24-2.99
Use $2/1 here or in the 8/23 RedPlum insert
$0.24-0.99 after coupon

Kellogg's Cinnabon Bars–$1.75-$2 (price varies at some Target stores)

Use $0.50/1 Kellogg's Grain Snacks coupon

Stack with $1/1 manufacturer's coupon here

$0.25-$0.50 after coupons

Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant–$3.29
Use $2/1 coupon here
Stack with $1/1 Target coupon
$0.29 after coupons

SoBe Lifewater (20 oz.)–$1
Buy 2 and use B1G1 coupon (IE or FF)
$0.50 each after coupon

Earth's Best Snacks–$1.77-$2.29 each
Buy 2 and use 2 $0.75/1 Target coupons here
Stack with $1/2 here
$0.52-$1.04 each

Kellogg's Yogos–$1.75

Use $0.50/1 Target Kellogg's Fruit Snacks coupon here

Stack with $0.50/1 manufacturer's coupon here

$0.75 after coupons

Cheerios (12 oz.)–$2.44
Buy 2 boxes and use $1/2 coupon here or from the 8/2, 8/16, or 8/30 SmartSource insert
Stack with 2 $1/1 Target coupons here
$0.94 per box after coupons (Thanks, Theresa!)

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers–$8.99
Use $1.50/1 Target coupon here
Stack with $1.50/1 here or here or in the 8/16 SmartSource insert
$5.99 after coupons

Huggies Pull-Ups Jumbo Pack Training Pants–$8.99/ea
Use $2/1 here or in the 8/16 SmartSource insert
$6.99 after coupon

See more deals at Target this week here.

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  1. Denise says

    Has anyone had any problems with buying the razor? I bought two on Sunday no problems, but today I went and they told me they could not let me use both coupons since it was more then the product itself. (I had a few filler items to compensate). I’m gonna try again tomorrow..but wanted to see how everyone’s experience was. Frist time I bought Women’s..second time I bought men’s.

  2. says

    My Super Target will not let you use a combination of coupons if the total is more than the actual price. They also will not let you use the $1 off bread coupon on the $.99 loaves. And–even though the text on Target coupons is not specific (and in some cases, non-existent), our Target will only let you use them on the same item as the picture.

    These strict rules make it hard to get the great deals locally.

  3. says

    If you look at Target’s coupon policy they are supposed to adjust the value of the coupon so that it won’t exceed the price.

    My question is, can we use more than one Target Web Coupon in a single transaction? Most cashiers do not enforce this but I have had some that do. I looked at the fine print and it clearly states only one offer per transaction.

  4. Stephanie says

    How is it possible to stack coupons? They usually say 1 per item or whatnot. I’d love to be able to stack so let me know! This goes for any retailer, not just TARGET.

    Money Saving Mom here: If a store offers store coupons (put out by the store and only available for use at that store), you can use these in addition to manufacturer’s coupons at that store–making for much better deals!

    Hope that helps!

  5. backtesttry says

    Can you buy 10 cereals in one transaction and get $10 target gift card, and also qualified for “fuel back to school” rebate?

  6. Amanda says

    I don’t see why the Fuel for School rebate wouldn’t work here. I haven’t actually mailed in the rebate, but if all goes well, I got a ton of food for free this afternoon. Here’s my scenario:

    2 boxes Nutri-grain cereal bars ($2.39 each)
    1/2 gal Market Pantry OJ (free with cereal bars)
    8 boxes Special K Cereal bars ($2.39 each)

    Use 10 .50/1 Kellogg’s grain snacks coupons from Target (depends on your store/cashier whether they’ll use them all)
    Use $1/2 Special K bars from coupons.com
    Pay $17.90 oop (before tax)
    Get two $5 Target giftcards
    Submit Kelloggs Fuel for school $10 rebate

    Net: make about $2 and take home a bunch of granola bars.

    They were out of the cereal I had coupons for and a couple other things, and I didn’t have much in the way of non-Target coupons anyway, so you could do a lot better….though I have no complaints!

  7. sar says

    just wanted to let everyone know that special k crackers are also included in the buy 4, get $5 GC deal.

    as for using more than one identical target coupon in a transaction, it all depends on the cashier. if you ARE going to use multiples of the same one, i’ve found that it works best with a coupon that won’t beep in the first place (e.g., $1 off a 99-cent Gerber bottle WILL beep, and the cashier will get flustered, call management over, then management will discover you’re trying to use 3 of them, and it’s all downhill from there). i did the special k deal today with 1 cereal and 3 bars, and my 3 50-cent off kellogg’s grain snacks Target coupons went through with no problem. it’s all about keeping a low profile!!

  8. Kimberly from Arkansas says

    I guess I got lucky cause I went to Target and got the Eddy’s Ice Cream, Dove Deodorant, Rimmel Mascara, Dog Food (Which I wish was larger, I mean you could get the larger size and save money on it however to get it free you have to the the pound and half size. Only saying I want it bigger cause my PICKY picky Shitzu LOVES IT!!!) I had never tried that brand cause of price but he loves it…. I had to buy a few things that were not on sale but I saved $15…. I am all smiles :)

  9. Kristy says

    I have a ? can you still print off target coupons at the store thanks for all the work you do i have saved a bunch through this site.

  10. Patti says

    I just got back from Target. I purchased 4 of the razors and 4 of the bags of dog food. My coupons exceeded my balance so I was unable to use the second coupon in on each item. The customer service manager got involved and claimed they did not adjust prices down.

  11. Kelly says

    What a blessing this post was! Can hardly believe all the amazing goodies I got…some needed & some just for fun. Thanks a bunch!

  12. Kimberly says

    Kristy – if you to to the kiosks by customer service (where you cna print off a wedding registry) you can access target.com’s website. Scroll down to the bottom, click on grocery coupons, and print, just like at home! This only works on the coupons that are currently on target.com – older coupons need to be printed from a website like afullcup.com. Hope this helps! I just learned this myself and was thrilled to save myself some ink!

  13. anoo says

    Simply Superb!!!
    Your site is truly wonderful. I’ve reduced my grocery bill from 480 to 150 per month. Thanks a ton Crystal.
    Today i did the Edy’s deal and all worked well. However, they did not accept the $1 coupon for the General mills cups and the String Cheese..only because the picture on the coupon was that of a box..i guess it depends on the cashier…hard luck!!!

  14. Priscilla says

    I’m not seeing the printable coupon for Huggies when I checked out the different links. Are they no longer on coupons.com ?

  15. Liz says

    After being repeatedly turned away by different Target cashiers’ personal policies, I finally called Guest Relations who had me call in from the store. The cashier called over her manager and then I called Guest relations who instructed the cashier and manager on how to mark down items to allow for coupons and what the corporate policy is. They also emailed me a copy to take with me and told me to call from the store if I experienced more problems. I normally wouldn’t complain, but I’d been to 5 Targets and couldn’t get them to take their own Target coupons.

  16. Jill says

    I personally find it too stressful to get free items at Target. The coupons always beep, and I never know how the cashier is going to react. I much prefer deals like the A1 sauce that are nearly free, because I know it won’t beep.

  17. Shelley Lard says

    My last trip to Target left me so frustrated that I left, after discussing the coupons with the cashier and store manager for over 15 minutes, with no groceries at all. They refused my coupons for sample sizes and ones that were not pictured on the coupon, even if they stated ANY size. Then they refused to stack coupons, saying that they can only take 1 coupon per item. Any advise??

  18. Melanie says

    I just got back from Target…I bought the razors and used both coupons. I didn’t realize it until I got home it only took one off but the cashier didn’t tell me that the second didn’t but kept the coupon. Any suggestions on what I can do if there is something I can do.

  19. liz says

    To those that Used the $1.00 target coupons alson with 1.00 manufact. for the edies icecreams…..you claim neither coupon did not beep. Did you give the target first or the manufacturers first???

    I want to maintain a low profile like the above reader wrote and don’t want anything beeping.

  20. Sarah says

    I have also had numerous issues at my Target including not being able to combine a manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon and also not letting you use more than one of the same Target coupon per transaction…however, it does seem to totally depend on your cashier. I would, as others have recommended, try to keep a low profile-don’t try to push through too many coupons at one time (even though it is our right to do so!) After speaking with the head of the Guest Relations at my store she instructed me that if I have any issues with coupons to just pay what I owe, bring my receipt and coupons to Guest Relations and they will give me cash out of the register-no problem. She also informed me that Target is getting new systems 9/1 that should alleviate some of the coupon issues such as adjusting the price down on $1 coupon for a $0.99 product. Fingers crossed!

  21. Amber says

    I have a question..I wanted to do the Special K cereal deal but was wondering if you get to use the 5.00 gift card during your transaction??? I am so new to this..thanks!

  22. deseray says

    Just got back from Target-had a great cashier who pushed all my coupons through and did not adjust them down. However, some manager came over, obviously suspicious. Kept saying things to her like, don’t give any money back, and watch what the coupons are for. All in all, I got 4 bags of dog food, 8 cans of dog food, a razor, pound of bananas, 5 bottles, 2 loaves of artisan bread, and 4 cheese sticks- $0 total, and $.92 taX!

  23. deseray says

    Shelly-they definitely take both manufactures and store coupons for the same item, stacked. I good luck at my Target today, but I think it depends who you get. Someone may look at the gerber accessories Q and say that its for utensils, not bottles. I’d call Customer Service, and explain to them the situation. Also, when I called, the man told me that they are definitely supposed to adjust the price of the coupon if its more than the price the item. That means: not refusing to take it.

  24. Joy says

    Another deal that I haven’t seen posted anywhere are the free or nearly free bananas. There is a target coupon for .50/1 lb. or more. Last week bananas were .48/lb. at my store. I just bought the bananas in 1 lb. increments (3 or 4 bananas). Just another tip . . .

  25. Cathy says

    I had the same issue at our target. I went there hoping to get the free trial sizes ($1.00 coupons for $0.97 product costs) and I was unable to do so (including the cheerios cups). The cashier and the manager both said that they could not take coupons for more than the product costs and that they could not adjust the coupon down. I was nice and just said forget it to those items since there was a line forming behind me. So – I got my other items and left. I wish Target would educate their cashiers better according to their policy.

  26. JuileVW says

    My target would not take the cereal cups or the cheese. The register beeped and the cashier INSISTED that the picture on the coupon (not the text) was what mattered. I had her void the transaction and hope to try again at another target this weekend.

  27. Mollie says

    I was super super happy with my Target purchase. This was the first time ever that I printed off all the coupons and the mark down sheet and did my shopping. My husband was thrilled when he saw at the bottom of the sheet savings of 29.00. I still can’t believe that I got 5 cartons of icecream for just $5.00. Edy’s at that. Upset though that they wouldn’t let me use the gift cards that I recieved.

  28. tracy says

    we got 7 razors and 5 refills 4-count packs and 3 bags of dog dood for 3.00. i dont know why u all had problems with it, it went fine at ours. hope you all can do the same.

  29. denise says

    Update: Went to SuperTarget today and was able to use both $4.00 Quattro coupon and both $1.00 Dove Chocolate coupon. No beeps on quattro (womens)..but the dove beeped only because I bought Almond Flavor instead of Peanut Butter..but the cashier but it through. 😉 Me happy!!

  30. kim says

    Thanks so much for all you do.

    I bought
    5 Cartons of Edy’s (Had an ice cream social at church)
    4 Boxes of Special K Bars
    4 Boxes of Special K Cereal

    I used lots of coupons and paid 15.67. I received $15 in gift cards.

    Couldn’t have done it without you!

  31. says

    My cashier actuallly would not accept the Skittlez coupson (I’ve used a ton before at this store) my cashier claimed she did not know why they were beeping but she couldn’t take them (probably because they were priced at .67 cents) She actually suggestions my coupons looked a little “faded” (Which they were not at all) and might not be authentic. It’s a shame our Target trips depend so much on which cashier line you go through.

  32. Danielle says

    Is there a copy of the Target coupon policy available that I can print out and bring with me to the store? I tried to get the women’s quatro razor ($6.94 BC $4 MQ and $4 TQ) today as well as the Johnson’s Buddies soap ($0.97 BC $1 TQ) and they would not adjust my coupons. I thought I had read somewhere that it was their corporate policy to adjust the value of the coupons. TIA.

  33. Jenny says

    the edys deal – coupons say only 1 per transaction, so is it wrong to try and use 5 of the target coupons to get the gift card? just wondering??

    Money Saving Mom here: Since it’s a store coupon, it is up to the individual stores to make their own rules concerning it. Our stores don’t limit the number you can use in a transaction, but some Target stores do.

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