CVS: Milk for $0.99 (possible hidden deal)

Megan just emailed me to say she had gone to her CVS this morning to pick up milk since it was on sale for $1.99. She bought three gallons and when she checked out, she received $3 ECBs for buying the milk. There is an Oreos and milk ECB deal running this week so it looks like it might be possible that the ECBs were triggered because of this–only she didn't buy any Oreos!

If you need three gallons of milk and you have a CVS nearby, you might consider stopping in there to buy your milk to see if it generates $3 ECBs, too. I can't guarantee that it will, but it's worth a shot. Megan has more details posted here.

If you try it, let us know if it works for you, too.

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  1. Laura says

    Oreos didn’t have anything to do with deal. There’s a Deans milk rewards program (posted at every CVS I’ve been to). When you buy 5 gallons of Deans milk, your 5th one is free. She must’ve bought 2 gallons of milk already and the $3 ecb should cover the free gallon of milk. A while back, the ecb deal with the milk purchase should’ve counted toward this 5 gallon deal.

  2. Eden says

    i can’t wait to use the 75 cents coupon off any milk on this to make it even BETTER! anyone know the limit on this deal?

  3. says

    Oh yeah! I freeze milk all the time when I can get it on sale or cheap and throw it all in the freezer. I usually defrost it all day (or close to…2 gallons of milk takes quite a while…we keep 2 gallons of milk at a time in our fridge because we go through a lot of milk) in a sink full of hot water and I switch out the water as it cools. If you do it this way instead of defrosting it in your fridge you get 2 benefits. One, it takes hours instead of days to defrost the milk and 2 you don’t get milk that separates on you and you have to shake up before drinking (least in my experience).

    Just remember (doesn’t apply to THIS deal, but still) if you buy reduced milk and defrost it be sure to use it within a couple of days because it will go sour just as quickly as reduced milk does when fresh.

  4. cara says

    My mom lives in michigan and told me that in her ad, she had milk advertised as $2.99 per gallon with $3 ECBs. She did the deal on Sunday and it worked.

    So I bet that’s what happened.

    Where does Megan live?

  5. Amber Clark says

    At the bottom of my recent receipt it said, Buy 5 gallons get one free- DEANS MILK FREE EXTRAS. I bet she needed 3 to fulfill the requirements and the $3 ecb was for a free milk.

  6. says

    My CVS ad says “Buy 1 gallon for $2.69, get $3 ECB’s-it’s better than FREE after Extra care bucks!”. -Limit 1 It’s on the back page right under the Oreo deal. So, everyone can get at least 1 FREE gallon of milk this week :)

  7. Rebecca says

    Here in east TN, there is no ECBs being offered for Oreos, it only lists a sale of 2/$6 with card. There is a box right beside it and it says Got Milk? get it here…no mention of price or rewards or anything.

  8. says

    In CA we have Crystal milk- which has the Real CA Milk label so you can use the .50 off coupons. My store had Cakesters marked at 2/$6 with a $3 ECB when you buy 2 plus a milk. I bought all three items and used (2) $1 cakesters coupons- so the Cakesters were .50 each after coupon and ECB. If you have a $2/10 coupon the deal is even better.

  9. says

    No I know about the buy 5 get 1 free milk deal. That would just print out a ecb for a free milk. I have gotten several milks free over the last few weeks and they never print actual ebs they print a free milk coupon.

    I believe this was a different deal! In my ad (northern Indiana)— It says buy 2 oreos and 1 milk get 3 ecb back. I got the ecb’s buying 3 milks and no oreos. I actually bought nothing else just 3 milks.

    Hope this clarifies for everyone and hope it works for some of you too!!


  10. heidih says

    When I clicked on Megans “here” it took me to her blog but my internet wouldn’t let my open her blog and told me so. I googled it and went to it that way and it still would not let me view her blog. Does anyone know why that would happen? That is the 1st time that has ever happened to me.

  11. says

    In Indiana, the ad states that oreos are 2/$6 and milk is $1.99/gallon. If you buy 2 oreos and one milk you earn $3 extra bucks. Also if you buy 5 gallons of milk you get one gallon free. I am just at 5 gallons so I am assuming the next one I get will be free.

  12. Lacey says

    Yes, when you get the FREE milk, it actually prints an ECB for FREE GALLON OF MILK. I got one a week ago.

  13. says

    When you earn your free milk, it prints a coupon that says “1 free gallon of milk,” not an ECB. The ECB offer in my flyer was listed if you buy 2 Oreos and 1 milk, and when I bought milk this week my receipt said I had bought 1 item toward the deal, needed one more.
    So I’d say the deal will be triggered if you buy any combo of milk and Oreos, as long as you buy 3.
    Our ad also had that misleading, “better than free” thing by the milk. But I did NOT get $3ECBs for just buying milk.

  14. says

    I my West-Centeral Indiana Ad it says this:

    Buy [2] Oreo’s OR Cakesters at 2/$6
    Buy [1] Deans gallon milk at $1.99

    Get $3 back in ECB’s. Plus use [2] $1 off coupon for cakesters in the 6/14 instert. So it would look like this:

    $8.00 total
    -$2.00 in coupons
    -$3.00 back in ECB’s
    = Getting each item for $1!

  15. LORI says

    The $1.99 milk most be a regional thing because this weeks ad says milk $3.39 a gallon here in louisiana.

  16. Angelica says

    I bought 3 milks and it printed the $ 3.00 ECB – this is different than the Buy 5 get 1 Free deal. The milk tallies on both offers – it double dips. It registers for the Oreo/Milk offer AND the B5G1 offer.

  17. says

    In our TX store, the ad says milk is 2.69 and earn 3ECB. I did the deal and made the bucks. It is advertised in our ad right next to the oreo deal, but you do NOT have to buy Oreos.

  18. cheryl says

    i live in northern indiana and i was just at cvs this evening. i hadn’t heard about this possible deal yet but when i bought 2 deans milk my receipt said that i had bought 2 and needed to buy 1 more to receive $3 eb. the wording makes it look like you have to do the oreo deal but i hadn’t bought any oreos, only deans milk. so i went back in and asked the cashier about it and she said that it looked like if i were to buy 1 pkg of oreos i might get the $3 eb. we tried it and it didn’t work but she was so kind as to give me the $3 eb anyway because of the confusion. so i’m thinking that this is true that if you buy 3 deans in one transaction you can get $3 eb! that would explain why it said that i had bought 2 and needed to buy 1 more. i’d say, if you need the milk this week anyway, try it!

  19. says

    Worked for me here in Indianapolis!! I bought 3 gallons of milk and, at checkout, got $3ECB. It does say “Here are your ECB for having purchased Oreos and Milk” though, so I’m assuming it’s just a mistake that will soon be fixed.

    I also got a printout coupon from the scanner machine when I came in for a free gallon of milk. We purchased 5 gallons and got a free one. I saw a sign on the milk case that said that promotion was going on through July 25th.

    P.S. Our milk is always $1.99 here.

  20. says

    Me again.

    I see now that I’m looking at my receipt that it says

    This Week’s Extra Buck Offers:

    Milk/Oreo, Buy 3, Get 3 ECB
    *Offer Limit Reached

    So perhaps it is just a buy 3 in any combination, get 3 ecb?

  21. stacey says

    milk here in NC is $3.29 and gave no ECB’s. oh, well. still got some to freeze after i tried the deal.

  22. says

    i freeze milk all the time, just make sure to take about 1/4-1/8 of the gallon out of the jug so it doesn’t overflow in your freezer or explode the jug. you can freeze your displaced milk in another container if you like.

  23. says

    It worked here in Chicago, IL on 7/1/09. I got the $3 ECB and the bottom of my receipt says I reached the limit for the Oreo/Milk deal.

  24. says

    I tried to do the milk deal this morning & am very disappointed that this doesn’t seem to be a national sale. Not only is it not on sale in Middle TN but I also didn’t get the ECBs. Poo! I just seem to be missing deals left & right. I went ahead & bought the milk because I was there with my 2 kids & didn’t feel like going to another store where I know it’s $.40 less per gallon. I decided it wasn’t worth the time & gas money. I don’t like our CVS. Every time I go in there they don’t have what’s on sale.

  25. Charity English says

    My CVS has had a sign on the freezer case saying that if you purchase 5 gallons of milk between May and July, then you’ll recive a free gallon of milk.

  26. Anne says

    I tried this deal this morning, bought 3 gallons of milk and no ECBs. I’m in NW PA. Oh well, it was worth a try and we go through that much milk in a week anyways!

  27. Carolyn says

    My CVS in Plano, TX told me it was the cookies plus the milk that generated the $3 EB’s. The ad is deceiving beacause it lists milk at $2.69 with $3 EB’s :(

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