Wal-Mart: Free Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches

At Wal-Mart, single-size ice cream sandwiches are priced at $1. Join the iScream Team and take a quick survey on the Blue Bunny web site and you'll get a $1/1 printable coupon
for Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches. Use this on the single-serve ice cream sandwich for a free and delicious frozen treat.

Thanks, Coupon Cravings!

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  1. christine says

    if you refresh after you print your first one you can print another so you can get 2 boxes for free.

  2. eduardo says

    i try to get my free $1 dollar blue bunny ice cream sandwich in wal-mart using the $1 dollar coupon….i could not…they said you have to buy the box for get a $1 dollar off…:-(

  3. Sarah says

    My coupon was for the triple chocolate or birthday ice cream sandwiches and my walmart didn’t have any of those…just plain and strawberry :(

  4. Maya Andrews says

    Can anyone tell me where you found these?
    I looked in the ice cream novelties section of frozen foods. There were only large boxes of popscicle type stuff.

  5. Michelle says

    Just an FYI: You can print several of these as it appears on a regular “print” page, and you can select to print as many as you want, however, it is only good on the “triple chocolate”, and the “birthday party” flavors. I don’t know if these are sold individually at walmart.

  6. thankful says

    is this advertised? do you know if all Super Walmarts carrry this? I do not remember seeing the single serve Blue bunnies. Do you know where they are at Walmart?

  7. jennifer says

    I was able to print as many coupons as I wanted, it pulled up which printer I wanted to use screen and how many copies. I printed off 12 coupons. I love freebies.

  8. Jana says

    The coupon states novelty FEATURING b-day party or triple choc. I’ve never had a problem using them on any “novelty item”. fudge bars, popsicles, ice cream…

  9. christine says

    when they send you the first email. it also contains a coupon for 1$ off any blue bunny frozen item.

  10. Holly says

    I am having a problem with the actual coupon printing. It just prints “the save $1.00 off any one Blue Bunny Novelty is printing…” Blue Bunny emailed me a coupon a couple of weeks ago and the same thing happened. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?


  11. Lady Di says

    FYI – The Welcome email contains a coupon for “ANY 1 (one) Blue Bunny Frozen item”. The website has the other $1 off coupon for select flavors.

  12. Holly in OK says

    There’s usually an end cap freezer at our Walmarts, and it has individual sized ice creams. Check for one of those. The individual things are usually down at the bottom of the freezer, with a special above them.

  13. Michelle says

    It is NOT only good on the triple chocolate and birthday party flavors- those are just the advertised flavors! The coupon says ANY Blue Bunny. It worked for me for the big single serve ice cream bar, regular vanilla $1. I thought the single serve ice cream bars would be by the registers in a little frozen tote, but in my Walmart they were back with the ice cream in the novelty section.

    Also, I was able to print FOUR coupons. I got 2 off their website when I joined, and then the coupon got emailed to me, so I printed 2 more!

  14. Kit says

    The wording on the coupon is a little tricky but it does say it’s good for “any” Blue Bunny novelty. It does not specify that it has to be the “triple chocolate” or the “birthday party” flavors. It also doesn’t say it has to be a whole box. I found the single ice cream sandwiches at the end of the aisle with other single serving ice cream novelties and successfully used the coupon for a vanilla ice cream sandwich this afternoon.

  15. amy says

    My coupon was also for the triple chocolate or birthday and it was for the box of Blue Bunny sandwiches…

  16. Bridget says

    After you sign in to the Blue Bunny site, there is another $1 coupon good on any Blue Bunny item. I found individual ice cream sandwiches on the very end of the ice cream isle at Wal-mart. It was a great treat for the kidson a hot Saturday afternoon.

  17. Katherine says

    I think it depends on the cashier that you get. I used 10 of them at Walmart yesterday with no problem. We got 10 singles: regular ice cream sanwiches, strawberry and the big cookie ice cream sandwiches. The coupons scanned with no problem. I think the confusion comes because there is a picture of the box on the coupon but there is nothing on the coupon that says it has to be a box!

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