Hallmark.com: Another free personalized card

Did you order your free personalized card from Hallmark.com yet? I'm excited to share that there's another free code out for another entirely free card which comes with free shipping. Use this to order a Mother's Day card or a card for another special occasion or send one to someone just because.

Here are the instructions on how to snag your free card from Freebies 4 Mom:

1. Select your Hallmark paper folded 5×7 card
(I selected the "Top Reasons Photos" card because I could put 7 photos
on the front, remember that you can select any paper or photo card, not
just the ones featured)

2. Personalize the text/photos on the front, inside, and back of the card

3. Sign-in to your Hallmark account (or create one for free)

3. Mail it
directly to your recipient so that Hallmark pays for that stamp if
you'd be mailing it anyways. Select "I want Hallmark to mail this card
for me" and enter your recipient's address.

Choose your arrival date (soonest is May 6) and then add the card to your shopping basket.

5. Enter Code: APRILCARD. The code is not case-sensitive. The total cost without the promotion card would have been $3.91
. The entire $3.91 will be deducted on the order screen. Your cost – FREE!

6. Check out and "Submit Order Now". You will not be asked for any billing information because your total was $0.00.

Thanks so much for sharing another great freebie, Freebies 4 Mom!

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  1. says

    You’re welcome – hope everyone can get another card from Hallmark! I’m guessing this code is only for the month of April so be sure to make your card and order it today!

    Freebies 4 Mom

  2. says

    In order to get the free card it is saying i have to be qualified. Any ideas on that?? I would really love to get the card i made. :) I was careful and only selected the 5 by 7 folded card so i am not sure what happened.

  3. Jessica says

    Thanks for this! Can I use the code more than once (on different orders?)

    Money Saving Mom here: I believe the codes are only good for one per customer.

  4. Kim says

    You can also use the code card4mom . I just ordered 2 cards for free! Thanks for the freebie!

  5. Melodie says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for posting this! I made one for my mom and one for my MIL!

    Now I only have to get a couple for the great gramma’s!

  6. Marcy says

    I needed to send two cards (1 to each Grandma!) and the code APRILCARD only works for the 1st one. I started searching for promo codes and found that CARD4MOM worked for other one. I think it does need to be ordered by May 1 so act quickly!

    Hope this helps others in this situation!

  7. says

    Thank you. I always have a hard time justifying the purchase of $20 worth of cards for Mother’s/Father’s Day but what a chump I’d be if I didn’t buy them one, kwim? (I’m too busy to hand make them like I used to.) So this was absolutely perfect. Two personalized photo cards for free?!? I’m pumped! Thanks!

  8. Alisha Hughes says

    sWEET. I already had my mom covered with the last code, so I used this one to create a card to my husband from the kids and ordered it to be sent the Friday before Father’s day. Feels good to be working ahead on something. :)

  9. kathy says


  10. says

    Hooray! I just ordered with both codes. (Don’t put a space in AprilCard – I made that mistake because it looks like there is one and it didn’t take it, tried again w/o the space and it worked). THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  11. says

    If you want to give your cards the personal touch and sign them yourself, you can have Hallmark send the card to you. They can address the envelope, or leave it blank for you to fill out. After you choose and customize your card it will give you the choice. Great for if you want to get a couple of free cards just to have on hand.

  12. Chrissy says

    Did anyone get a confirmation email for the card you made with APRILCARD? I made a card with both codes but I only got a confirmation email for the Card4mom one. Anyone know how I can check if the first one went through?

  13. says

    I just used the April one today and it worked. Also, I did get confirmation email from both code orders. Thanks!!

  14. Elizabeth says

    These codes both worked for me today!! card4mom and aprilcard. Just enough for each mom in our family. the projected arrival date is 5/11 (late), but hopefully they will get there sooner.

  15. Natalie says

    So like usual I’m behind…but I used the aprilcard code and it still worked. Projected date of arrival 5/11. I’m sure my mom is used to it by now.

  16. Honey says

    I signed up for the first card offered a month ago for mother’s day. My mom never got her card:(
    I contacted Hallmark, but have not heard back yet. In the future I will try to have a back-up plan and if she gets two cards in the mail it will be better than no card.