1. catherine says

    said there was a problem with website. didn’t go through for me either! :(

  2. Lady Di says

    Took a lil while for the 2 different pages to load and then I rec’d a script error page when I finished inputting all my info. Hmmm…. I hit refresh and saw “thank you for your interest in our product with huge OK on the page. Hope it went through.

  3. Kelly says

    Worked for me in IE only with the dashes for phone number. It said “Thanks for your interest in our product.”

  4. Susan says

    I didn’t use dashes in the phone number. The first time it wouldn’t go through, but I tried again and it worked…

  5. Judith Mendez says

    just thought Id mention..I went to Walmart yesterday and found Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator 22 oz with a peelie on them for a free didnt say anything about buying something else so I took them up to the register and the cashier pulled off peelie coupon and I got it free..there were tons of them but i dont need them all..I hope some of your readers do..