Kroger: $25 credit with prescription transfer


Transfer any prescription to Kroger pharmacy by March 31, 2009 and you'll automatically get a $25 credit on your Kroger Plus Card. (I assume this $25 would come off your next shopping order.)

As always, I'd recommend making sure your store is participating in this promotion before transferring a prescription.

Thanks, Coupon Cravings!

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  1. Anna-Marie says

    Just a tip, check first with the manager of your local Kroger pharmacy. According to the pharmacy manager, our local Kroger (Memphis, TN) was told by their corporate office that the customer must have the coupon that has been mailed out in order to receive this promotion.

    Needless to say, I was quite dissapointed!

  2. alice says

    i called my local Kroger, and they said that it was with a special coupon that was mailed out; It wouldn’t just automatically give it to you on your card if you transferred.


  3. says

    Nice! I love getting this one because it helps to pay for groceries that you can’t use coupons on! I just got one using a Rite Aid coupon yesterday. They take competitor’s coupon for gift card when you transfer a prescription. I would’ve saved it, but it was expiring the same time anyways!

    They *should* ask you if you want to use your Rx discount but make sure they do if you want to use it. I’ve had difficulty only when I did NOT want to use it and it automatically came off (my mom’s cards are connected to mine because we originally signed up under the same address and I use the gas discount since we have the stations and she doesn’t, so I want to stay connected!)

    Although yesterday I did have trouble because she didn’t use it and had to cancel and re-ring my order!

    You don’t have to use it all at once either which is nice! It keeps track of it on your card!

  4. says

    You need to know this if you plan to transfer a prescription for the $25 credit…

    The $25 is put on your Kroger Card. The next time you go shopping you more than likely will have coupons to use. If you do you will want to follow these steps very carefully.

    1. Scan Kroger Card
    2. Let the cashier know that you DO NOT want to use the credit (see a later step as to why). The register will prompt them to push a button to use the credit. LET them know that you will use the credit after you use your coupons (it will prompt them again). Make sure that they know you will use it at the end.
    3. Scan all items purchase
    4. Hand over the coupons. Make sure that the cashier doesn’t use your credit until after they scan your coupons.
    5. Once they scan your coupons and hit total again, the register will prompt them to accept the credit (for a second time). At this point let them know you DO want to use the credit!

    Reason for rules: Say that you are purchasing $25 worth of items. Say that you have coupons worth $10 on those items. If you allow the cashier to accept the credit the very first time the register prompts them to do so…you will not be allowed to use the coupons, therefore missing out on your $10 coupons savings. If you follow the steps above then you will still have $10 worth of credit left on your Kroger Card from the coupons!

    For this weeks Kroger Match-Ups Click on my name! Southeastern Region

    Money Saving Mom here: Just a note–if your order total is already going to be $25 *after* coupons, then you don’t need to worry about the above scenario.

  5. Beth says

    At my Kroger in MI, they are running a sale on Quaker cereal and granola bars. If you buy 4 boxes of cereal or granola bars which are on sale at 4 for $10, you get 3 gallons of milk free. It is a great deal even before the coupons that I used :)

  6. says

    I did this a couple weeks ago and it worked great.

    I did want to warn you to make sure you are going to spend the full $25. in one trans. if you are using coupons.
    The $25. comes off before they take off your coupons. at least that’s how it worked for me!

    When I did it my total came up to $4x.xx so the $25. came off. no problems right. wrong, when they started taking off my coupons, I ended up in a negative total. which caused all kinds of problems of course.

    So make sure you are going to spent the full $25. after coupons to avoid a major headache!
    sorry I wrote a book!!!

  7. says

    Sometimes I’ll make separate transactions, one where I don’t want to use any coupons and use my presc transfer credit and one where I do use coupons and won’t use my presc transfer credit. The credit is available to use any time and accrues if you do more than one prescription. It can be a little of a pain (the cashiers don’t know what the prompt means) but is worth it if you have prescriptions.

    Usually with U-scan the clerk can push “back” and it will re-prompt to use the presc credit if you’re not sure at the time. :)

  8. says

    In my area, Southern Illinois, they didn’t send out coupons in the mail. In the beginning of the month the Kroger flier had an ad on the front page about the $25 gift card and said to see a Pharmacy Assoc. for more details. I went in week before last and transferred a prescription and got the $25 added to my card. I had a great shopping day, between all my coupons, the $25 off and the Mega Sale I saved $118 and spent $54! :)


  9. says

    Thanks for posting! I almost transfered a Rx to Kmart for a piddly $10! I just called my Dillons store and asked if they have a transfer rx promo going on and they told me about this one – nothing about a coupon. I guess I’ll find out for sure when I go to pick it up!

  10. Jen says

    I just called Kroger customer service, 866-221-4141, and they put me on hold, called my store and verified that I don’t need a coupon. Thanks for the tip. I have a prescription to refil so this is perfect timing!

  11. says

    i just called my store (ann arbor, mi area) and they said you had to have the coupon mailed to you. do you think i should call customer service?

  12. Andrea says

    I find these coupons all the time for various stores. I make about $75/month by transferring three $4 generic prescriptions from store to store. And when we get a one time prescription for an antibiotic or whatever, I have the doctor call it into a random pharmacy, never fill it there, and then have it transferred to one that I have a coupon for. Most places give straight gift cards too.

  13. Shannon says

    I’m a Kroger pharmacist, and just be sure to have the coupon/ad with you, or you cannot take advantage of this deal. Also, it’s only one per household. But it’s free groceries. Wish I could take advantage of this deal myself…

  14. says

    I also forgot to mention that many of the Kroger stores will accept a competitor coupon for the gift cards with a transfer!

    My local Kroger will accept CVS and Rite Aid coupons!

    Check with your local stores! Make sure that you ask to speak to a pharmacist. They are the ones that have the say-so!

    Hope this helps!

  15. says

    My Kroger here in TX said I needed a coupon for the $25 gift card, but they take COMPETITOR’S coupons. I was told any pharmacy is cosidered a competitor, not just supermarket pharmacies. This was news (wonderful news!) to me!

  16. says

    Andrea (or anyone else who might have an answer): Just curious. How do you get a pharmacy to not fill a prescription a dr. calls in? I tried that once with a Target pharmacy, but they refused to transfer it b/c they had already filled it after the dr.’s call. It seems like a fantastic idea, and I’d love to know how to get it to work!


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