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CVS: Deals for the week of March 1-7, 2009

Here are the best deals I see at CVS this week (let me know if you see any mistakes):

******ECB DEALS******

Buy 1 Carnation Instant Breakfast at $4.99, Get $4.99 ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $0.75/1 from the January Issue of the All You Magazine
Free plus overage after coupon and ECBs

Buy 1 ACT Total Care Trial Size at $0.99, Get $0.99 ECBs (Limit 1)
Free after ECBs

Buy 1 Gillette Fusion Gamer at $7.99, Get $4 ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $4/1 Gillette Fusion Razor from the 2/8 P&G insert
Free after coupon and ECBs

Buy 1 Slimquick Energy Shot 2-pack at $4.99, Get $4.99 ECBs (Limit 1)
Free after ECBs

Spend $20 on Lumene products, Get $5 ECBs (Limit 1)
The ad states that prices start at $2.99. There's a $4/1 coupon here (can only be used once per transaction) but it's for Premium Beauty products and I'm not sure what the prices are on those. If you find any great deals using this coupon, please let us know. (Thanks to The Thrifty Mama for letting me know about this coupon.)

Spend $20 on Pampers/Playskool Products, Get $5 ECBs (Limit 1)

Buy 2 Pampers or Easy-Ups Jumbo packs at $10 each
Use 2 $1.50/1 coupons from 2/8 inserts (or on the back of some Cheerio boxes)
Pay $17 out of pocket
Get $5 ECBs
$6 per pack of diapers after coupons and ECBs

******NON-ECB DEALS******

EAS and Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars on sale Buy One, Get One 50% Off–There are reportedly $1/1 coupons coming out for these in the 03/01 inserts. Buy two and use two of those coupons to get these free. Or, you can combine one of those coupons with these B1G1 or B1G3 coupons to get these for more than free.

Glucerna products are on sale B1G1 50% off–Buy 2 and use two $5/1 coupons here to get these for free or more than free.

Hershey Whipps are on sale 2 for $1–Use the $1/2 coupons from the 1/4 SmartSource insert to get these free after the coupon.

******MARCH ECB DEALS******

Buy 1 CVS Pharmacy Vitamin D 400, 100-ct. at $2.99, Get $2.99 ECBs (Limit 1)
Free after ECBs

New to CVS-ing? Don't try to
make heads or tails of this post because it probably won't make a lot
of sense to you. Instead, go
here where I explain the CVS program in
full detail. Want to join in the fun and incredible savings? Then go
here where I share more about how to make
it work for you. 

******Share Your Deals and Scenarios!********

Have your shopping trip planned or did you come up with a great deal
scenario/idea? Just post about it on your blog and leave your link
below. **To make it easy for everyone to navigate quickly through the
links, your link must link directly to your CVS deals post. Links
going to the homepage of your blog or any other part of your blog
besides the direct link to your CVS deals post will be deleted.**

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  1. Corissa says

    The Lumene coupon is for their “Premium Beauty” line (their line for people 50+). All the products I’ve seen in that line are over $20, so I don’t think that scenario will work.

  2. says

    The glucerna coupon “beeped” the other day when I tried to use it, and the cashier said she couldn’t take it.

    Money Saving Mom here: Usually, when a coupon beeps, it’s not because anything is wrong with it, but because it is over the price of the item so they have to adjust it down or push it through. This happens all the time on very legitimate coupons (like this particular one). I just politely ask them to adjust the price down or show them that I purchased the item and they usually push it through.

    Most of the time, it’s the case of a cashier who hasn’t been trained on how to manually adjust coupons down, not that something is wrong with a coupon. As in this case, you can pretty much always know 100% that a coupon is legitimate if you’ve printed it directly off the manufacturer’s website.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Tracy says

    I looked at the ad and I don’t know where everyone keeps seeing the Clean & Clear ECB deal when its only showing as $1 off in my ad. I think it was one of those deals that didn’t make the cut hopefully it ends up being a hidden deal or something. Have you heard anything about this?

  4. Nan says

    Clean & Clear – I tried to do the deal and did not get back ECBs. Where are you seeing the Clean & Clear, spend 10, get $5 back? I looked thru the Monthly and the Ad twice.. wondering where I missed it.

  5. says

    Clair, the Clean and Clear deal…I was in a hurry and had previously printed the C&C coupons. I grabbed my favorite cleanser ($3.99 each x 3 = $11.97) and headed for the check out. I also got diapers and the only extra bucks that printed were for the diapers. I went back and checked the ad, all the Clean and Clear was $1 off but no ECB deal. :(

  6. says

    My ad is also only showing Clean&Clear as 1.00 off not an ECB deal.

    I also got a great deal on Playskool Diapers. I received a 3.00 off coupon, and a $5.00 off your $20.00 CVS brand coupon. I bought two packs, used both coupons and 10.00 ECBS. Paid 4.28 oop and got 5.00 in ECBS back.

  7. Nicole says

    I did the Clean and Clear Deal… I bought 4 items at $3.99/each. I didn’t get any ECB’s. I was looking forward to the $5 ECBS! :( I also forget to get my ACT, so I guess when I go back to ask them about the Clean and Clear ECB’s, I’ll pick up the ACT…

    Did anyone else do the Clean and Clear deal?

  8. Lee says

    yes I could also not find the clean and clear deal, what a shame as my husband uses this stuff so much! I still used the coupons and get them free with ECB’s.

  9. Ruth says

    Hi, I’ve got a question about the Clean and Clear deal or deals like that – where you have to spend a certain amount of a certain product to get ECBs. At my big CVS that I went to a couple of weeks ago, I tried to do the Buy $6 worth of Suave to get ECBs deal; they were on sale that week for $2 and I had coupons. So I took 3 Suave body washes to the counter, with my coupon, but I did not get ECBs. Is that because with my coupons, I spent less than $6 – therefore not reaching the $6 to get the ECBs? Or does it depend on your CVS. I wasn’t sure whether I should fight for the ECBs or if I was just not doing it correctly. Thanks for your help – I’m a newbie to CVS!

  10. Angela says

    You can save even more money on the Glucerna deal by submitting a rebate form and your receipt to thecaregiversmarketplace.com. You can get back $1.00 per item. I have used this service for other items and it worked great. Simple and easy!

  11. Katherine says

    I was wondering about the Clean and Clear deal, too. I don’t see it in my circular, but was wondering if it’s something special. Also, if you only have to spend $10, wouldn’t you only need to buy 3 products at $3.99? Just curious! Thanks for posting these deals!!!

  12. Mary says

    There is no $5 ECB for $15 Clean and Clear. I tried it today, only the $1 off in store and $2 coupons!

  13. says

    Has anyone seen the Gillette Fusion Gamer razors in their stores? This is the third week in a row that deal has been advertised, and none of the 4 CVS’s I’ve been to in our area carry these. It would be a good deal if it exists!

  14. Ruth says

    Hello, I have a question about the deals where you have to spend $x to get ECBs. I tried to get ECBs by Suave a few weeks ago – they were $2 and I had coupons. The deal was spend $6 get some ECBs. So I took 3 Suave products and my coupons, ending up spending less than $6 out of pocket and expected to get ECBs at the end of my transaction. But I didn’t! Should I have fought for those ECBs, or does it just depend on the CVS how they interpret it? I’m a newbie, so thank you.

  15. Maureen says

    I finally found the Gillette Gamer at one of my CVS’s last Friday. They had it in on an end-cap near the razors, but didn’t have any stock on the razor aisle. Hope that helps.

  16. Heather says

    Michelle: I saw the Slimshots coupon too but then I realized it’s slimQUICK on sale at CVS. Too bad.

    SJ: Most of our stores have been out of the Gamer razors since the beginning of February. Every once in a while I will find one in a display in an odd place in a store, but often even those are empty. Maybe the warehouses ran out too.

  17. says

    mcayr and SJ,

    You’re ecb’s should have printed. The amount is before coupons, so if your total was $6 before using the coupons, you should have gotten the ecb’s. I did this same deal last week and it worked. One thing I did notice though, was that even though the tags on the shelves for the suave bodywashes said $2, I scanned them at the price scanner first and they rang up at only 1.99, so I got the shampoo instead since it scanned at $2 so I could get the deal.

    Also, there have been several times that my ecb’s didn’t print on various deals. Some clerks are nicer than others, they usually just force them to print, or if that doesn’t work, I’ve had a store manager just give me a cvs gift card (or even cash, lol.) The amounts should all be before coupons, but when they don’t print, you’ll get varying responses from clerks. I try my best to stick to the cvs’s & clerks I know are experienced and can handle these types of issues, it’s just so much easier. :)

  18. Jill says

    Has anyone had trouble using Loreal coupons? My store’s computer would not accept them even after the cashier tried to manually enter them. Just wondering if it is a glitch in my store or a wide spread problem…

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